Allied contingent of the Week

Flyers killing you? Psykers mind-fucking your troops? Shooting troops that can’t hit the broadside of a barn?


Have no fear! GW’s amazing 6th Edition provides you with the perfect cure for all your problems…ALLIES!

In this column, I am going to look at different allies detachment for different armies and what they bring to each one of them.

First of, a favourite of mine: Orks


Which armies can ally with Orks?

Battle Brothers: None

Allies of Convenience: Chaos Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Necrons and Tau

Desperate Allies: Chaos Daemons, Dark Angels, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Grey Knights, Space Marines, Space Wolves

Come the Apocalypse: Black Templars, Blood Angels, Sisters of Battle and Tyranids

What’s in it?

HQ: Big Mek: 35 Points

Troops: 10 Gretchin, Runtherd with Squighound: 40 points

Elites: 10 Lootas: 150 points

Fast Attack: Dakka Jet, 3 Supashootas: 120 Points

Heavy Support: 3 Kannons: 60 Points

Total: 405 points

What does this Ork detachment bring to the table as allies?

Orks bring primarily two things to the table; cost efficiency as they have cheap scoring units and cheap minimum requirements to form an allied detachment and  good anti-air. As such, they are ideal for armies that struggle against flyers or armies that pay a lot for their scoring units, such as Chaos Space Marines and Necrons to a lesser extent.

This detachment only pays 75 points to fulfil the minimum requirements and brings significant firepower to the table. The Lootas can generate between 10 and 30 autocannon shots which should bring down most flyers, as well as Rhinos and similar transports. The Dakka Jet can also down flyers and transports quite easily, especially in the turn you call your Waagh! As its guns are S6, they are particularly good against Dark Eldar, where they cancel FNP, and other Toughness 3 armies.

The Gretchin  hug terrain very well, meaning that they can often avoid being seen and thus being shot at. Even if they are fired upon, they can go to ground just like any other unit and Ld7 with a re-roll for the Squighound is reasonably reliable even if they should take casualties.

How can I modify it?

The Big Mek is probably the best place to change options. He can be given a cheap S8 AP2 gun, a Shokk Attack Gun or a Kustom Force Field to give a 5+ cover save to all models (including allies) in 6 inches, which is probably the best choice but a tad expensive at 85 Points.

The Flyer can be taken out if you don’t often face flyers or if your opponents run Quad Guns or other anti-air units with Interceptor. Note that it works well with Vendettas or Heldrakes, as it deals with other targets as they do (with Vendettas, they can go after tanks and flyers and the jet after infantry, whereas Heldrakes benefit from the Dakka Jet shooting at planes or opening up transports so they can flame the passengers) and they draw away AA by presenting more tempting targets.

If you feel the need for more scoring units, another mob of Gretchin will only set you back 40 points.


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