Allied contingent of the week (or rather month)

Flyers killing you? Psykers mind-fucking your troops? Shooting troops that can’t hit the broadside of a barn?


Have no fear! GW’s amazing 6th Edition provides you with the perfect cure for all your problems…ALLIES!

In this column, I am going to look at different allies detachment for different armies and what they bring to each one of them.

Moving on from Orks, we will look at: GREY KNIGHTS


Which armies can ally with Grey Knights?

Battle Brothers: None, except if you allow Forgeworld in which case Red Hunters Space Marines are Battle Brothers if an Inquisitor is present.

Allies of Convenience: all loyalist Space Marines, Imperial Guard, Sisters, Eldar, Necrons and Tau

Desperate Allies: Dark Eldar and Orks

Come the Apocalypse: Tyranids and all forms of Chaos

What’s in it?

HQ: Inquisitor Coteaz: 100 Points

Troops: 3 Warrior Acolytes: 12 points


Fast Attack:

Heavy Support:

Total: 112 points

What does this Grey Knight detachment bring to the table as allies?

As it stands, this detachment brings next to nothing to the table, only a Mastery Level 2 psyker with 2+ armour and an S6 AP2 Force Weapon; as well as a tiny scoring unit. Coteaz gives you cheap access to Divination and thus Prescience re-rolls. However, only Grey Knight units can benefit from his powers due to Grey Knights not being anyone’s Battle Brothers. He also gives a re-roll to your failed and your opponent’s passed Seize the Initiative rolls, so he gives you slightly better odds of seizingfrom 1:6 to 11:36 (or nearly 1/3) and dramatically reduces your opponent’s odds from 1:6 to 1:36. He also allows his unit to create an exclusion zone of 12″ where all deep-strikers and outflankers (or reserves in general if you push him forward, which I wouldn’t) get shot at when arriving. Per FAQ, this is not even limited to once per turn, so you can shoot both the Drop Pod and the unit inside, for example.

But you might still not be convinced by this detachment, so let me convince you.  The beauty of it lies in its customability though. Through the modifications, you can tailor your allies to complement your own force’s needs.


How can I modify it?

How you modify your detachment depends on your needs and models, so here are some options.

– Need cheap AP 1-2 Large Blasts to take out Terminators or just generally ruin someone’s day? Add 6 Psykers to the Henchmen squad. A mere 60 points buy you a S8 AP1 large blast. Granted, it might scatter a bit if not twin-linked and they die as soon as you roll double 1 or  6 on your psychic test, but one hit and they are in the money.

– Need cheap dakka or plasma? Inquisitorial Servitors with Heavy Bolters are 10 points each, ones with Plasma Cannons 20. Add three of them to your Acolyte unit, though Coteaz then needs to join the unit to make sure they can’t get Mind-Locked, as it affects all models, even the non-servitor ones.

If you got both of those in a unit, your Warrior Acolytes and Coteaz can absorb hits while the others shoot enemy infantry to bits. Put them on or near an objective and they will keep it safe whilst giving covering fire to the rest of your army.

– Need to kill tanks or pick off annoying special weapons, icons and sergeants? A Vindicare Assassin is the man for these jobs, easily penetrating any tank in the game with Turbo Penetrator rounds or sniping special models with Hellfire rounds.

– Flyers giving you fits? The options abound here. Both Elites and Heavy Support give you access to Venerable (Elites) or regular Dreadnoughts (Heavy Support) with double Twin-Linked Autocannons with Psybolt ammo for those 4 shots of S8 into the grill of each flyer. Fast Attack gives you the (expensive at 255 with Hurricane Bolters and Psybolt ammo) Storm Raven to shot down enemy flyers or turn infantry to shreds. It can also use its Mindstrike Missiles to take out annoying Psykers or Psyker units.

– Need tough scoring infantry? Grey Knight Terminators provide firepower with Psycannons and S5 Stormbolters, Ini 6 S5 AP3 weapons or Thunderhammers and a decent number of attacks per model with a Brotherhood Banner. They can also take on and kill most Monstrous Creatures before they can strike back.

– Need cheap mobile scoring units with decent firepower? Again, your cheap-as-chips Henchmen come to the rescue at 4 points each or 5 with a bolter. Put them in a Razorback with a psybolted Assault Cannon and you get a good anti-everything gun for a bargain price.


These are just some of the options that Grey Knights give their allies.


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