Battle Report 2250 points Dark Elves versus Beastmen



I ran my Dark Elves against Beastmen on Wednesday and I just wanted to post my list and a summary of the battle, as it held many surprises and unexpected moments for both of us, but more on that soon.

My list was:


Supreme Sorceress: Lvl 4, Sacrificial Dagger, Talisman of Preservation (Life: Throne of Vines, Regrowth, Dwellers Below, Flesh to Stone)

Battle Standard Bearer: 1+ reroll armour, Sword of Might

28 Dreadspears: Full Command, Banner of Discipline

Death Hag: Ogre Blade, Witchbrew

27 Executioners: Full Command

24 Witch Elves: Full Command

5 Dark Riders: Shields, Repeater Crossbows

5 Dark Riders: Shields, Repeater Crossbows

5 Warlocks

5 Shades


2 Reaper Bolt Throwers


He ran (more or less)

Doombull with rerollable 1+, Sword of Swift Slaying and Ramhorn Helm (+1 Attack for each passed armour save)

Wargor Battle Standard Bearer

a big unit of Bestigor for these two guys

Slugtongue (sorcerer who can cause wounds before the game)

Shaman: Lvl 2

8*5 Ungor Raiders (4 in, 4 outflanked)

30 Gors: Full Command

10 Gors: in ambush

2 Razorgors (deployed individually)

1 Jabberslythe (flying monster that causes wounds on failed Ld check for every unit in 12 inches)



We played Battle for the Pass on a pretty balanced battlefield, some forests in each deployment zone (mine turned out to be a Wild Forest so my Bolt Thrower had to get out of it in round 1), a tower in each zone and the Temple of Skulls in the middle of the battlefield. Yes, pictures would be nice, but I remembered to take some exactly one minute after we had everything packed up.

I deployed  from left to right: Riders – Kharybdiss – RBT – RBT in tower – Executioners in front of the tower – Dreadspears – Warlocks in front of Dreadspears – Witch Elves and Riders before them. Shades behind his army in his deployment zone.

He spread 4 units of Raiders out, with the 30-strong Gor unit in front of my Kharybdiss and the 2 Razorgor in front of his big unit of Bestigor plus Doombull (who had to deploy on the side of the unit due to his base size). Some Ungors garrisoned a building on his flank and the Jabberslythe hid behind the building.

Slugtongue’s special ability kicked in and he rolled average, wounding a Bolt Thrower, killing 3 Warlocks and then on the last roll wiping out the Shades. A nice way to start proceedings.


I go first, the Riders on the left moving forward to threaten the 2 units of Ungors, as I was worried his swarm of skirmishers could redirect or trap my two frenzied units, so I wanted to get rid of them as soon as possible. The Kharydbiss marched up to the Temple of Skulls and the 2 last Warlocks surged forward. The infantry got in behind, cautiously advancing. The Riders on the other flank galloped up to shoot the Ungors next to the building on the extreme right. In the Magic phase, my Sorceress cast Throne, then got Regrowth dispelled. In the shooting phase, I killed a couple of Ungors, but missed the bolt on a Razorgor.

He advanced towards me, with a Razorgor failing a charge on the Warlocks. His ambushers were hampered by the mission (as they couldn’t come in over the flanks of the pass and had to reroll all these results), so two units came in behind his lines and one behind mine, with the others being delayed). The Jabberslythe dropped behind my lines, but nobody failed their Ld-check thanks to Ld 10 and the Battle Standard.  He cast Wissan’s Wildshape on the Gors, but they were nowhere I could harm them anyway. He dispelled Throne of Vines.


My Warlocks charge the Razorgor that wanted to charge them, hoping to do some damage before dying. The Kharybdiss ran into 5 Raiders on top of the Temple. The right Riders charged the building to kill some Ungors.  The left Riders turned around after the Raiders ran past them to shoot them in the back. My main line advanced. In the Magic Phase, I cast Throne, then Regrew all 3 dead Warlocks! Shooting only caused a single wound on the Jabberslythe and dropped some Raiders. In close combat, the Kharybdiss butchered the Raiders, then repositioned to threaten the Bestigors flank. The Riders killed 3 Ungors but the other 2 were stubborn and stayed. In the main fight, the Warlocks dropped the Razorgor and overran in the second one.

My plan here was to trap the Bestigors. They now had the Warlocks right in front of them, offering a flank charge. But if they killed and overran them, they would run into the Dreadspears, with the Executioners and Kharybdiss flanking left and Witch Elves left. The result would have been wholesale slaughter.

In his turn, he saw the trap and passed his test to restrain his unit. The Doombull then charged out to hit the Witch Elves, but failed to reach them. More guys arrived behind my lines and his, but only in small units. The magic and shooting phases were uneventful. The Jabberslythe flanked my Dreadspears and got dropped to one wound for its troubles. But then disaster struck as my Warlocks killed his Razorgor and the no-longer frenzied Bestigors panicked despite re-roll, fleeing 4 inches with the Warlocks reforming 5 inches behind them.


The Warlocks predictably ran down the Bestigor unit, the left Riders killed two units of Raiders on the charge and the right one once more charged the tower. The Witch Elves restrained from charging the Doombull and the Executioners turned to face the Gor herd while the Kharybdiss advanced straight towards them. In the Magic phase, I gave the Witch Elves toughness 7 for the combat with the Bull and regrew some Dreadspears. The Jabberslythe died.

In his round, the Bull charged the Witch Elves, but their toughness 7 and a challenge by the Hag reduced damage, though they lost frenzy. Basically, I had to sacrifice the Champion to avoid putting to many attacks on him, as every passed safe just gave him more attacks. The Gor herd charged the Kharybdiss that only rolled a 1 for its Thunderstomp and thus lost and got overrun for its troubles. The Warlocks killed some more Raiders that had arrived behind his lines.


The left Riders flanked the Gor Herd that had just killed the Kharybdiss, killed 4 and ran down the rest. The Bull got challenged by the Regrown Champion and lost his frenzy and we called it quits there, as his army consisted of a couple of Ungor raider units that fled after charging my bolt throwers, Slugtongue who ended up being sandwiched between the Riders and Executioners and a Bull that I could basically hold indefinitely until it would fail a break test.


A surprising game where my Executioners did exactly nothing and my light cavalry practically wiped out the enemy on their own.


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