Work in progress: New Necron Army





This is the first model of my Necron army that has been on the backburner for some time now, but will be moving forward now I hope.

In game, it is going to be a Destroyer Lord with Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave and Mindshackle Scarabs. It will join a unit of 5 Canoptek Wraiths to serve as a counterattack or fast assault unit. In that function, it has 3 Strength 7 AP1 Armourbane attacks with re-rolling all 1s to hit and wound thanks to Prefered Enemy, a rule that it also grants to its bodyguards, who will thus wound Marines on a 2+ re-rolling 1s. Isn’t that lovely?

Modelwise, I didn’t want to use the ‘official’ Destroyer Lord model as it is a) horribly outdated and b) extremely expensive at £19.20. In addition, I intend to include a Royal Court with 5 Crypteks and those are equally overcosted at £9.50 each. So I thought: why not grab a box of Lichguard at £20.50 and a box of Wraiths at £28.50, so £8.20 under the GW price for the Lord and 4 Crypteks and get two Wraiths for free, as well as having cooler-looking models. Especially the Crypteks look much more imposing with Rod of the Covenants as Eldritch Lances, but more on those later when they get on the painting table. And by the way, yes I know that a Destroyer Lord does not allow you to field a Court, but I am going to add an Overlord as soon as I have bought my first Annihilation Barge (including a free Necron Lord if you don’t use it as a Command Barge). In essence, I am going to build this army kiddie-style and start with lots of HQ and Heavy Support models before adding the troops.


Painting-wise, I suck at painting and always have and always will. So I have come to terms with that and decided to go for simple yet flashy paintjobs. With that and the fact that I have never had a golden army, I decided that my army was going to be the Golden Legion. Hence the gold. I am not quite set on how much gold other models with get, the idea being that the Lords and Crypteks are fully golden to denote their high status, but lesser units like Immortals might end up having silver legs or arms whilst Warriors might be almost silver with only some gold. Or I just go full disco and make them all golden.



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