This is the second batch of Necrons I have painted, 3 of the 6 Canoptek Wraiths to go with the Destroyer Lord.

‘6? Didn’t you sat 5?’, I hear you say. Well, as you see, I have managed to salvage the one whose lower body/serpent’s tail I have used for the Destroyer Lord by glueing it to a piece of ruins from the Arcane ruins set, with a liberal helping of Green Stuff. It is meant to look as if it was materialising out of a piece of rock to pounce on someone and stab them in the ‘nards.



Die, fleshthings!


I am quite proud of this paintjob I have to say.


All 3, as well as a sneak peak on the Crypteks currently being painted.


View from the top.


View from the bottom.


The colour scheme is quite simple, I used black GW spray, followed by a basecoat of Balthasar Gold, Shining Gold, a wash of Seraphim Sepia followed by another layer of Shining Gold.

The blades are Chainmail. I first wanted to wash them with Nuln Oil, but I want to go with a deliberate high-tech look on the Necrons, so their blades shouldn’t tarnish like regular weapons. I also didn’t want to put any blood on them as Wraiths can phase in and out of reality, so I imagine all the blood would fall off when they go ethereal (cool image of blood hanging in the air for a second then dropping down though).

The power generators  and eyes are done in Lothern Blue straight onto the gold, then washed with Nightshade Purple. I kinda like that effect.

I intend to use the same limited palette for all the Necrons, as I believe that it is quite striking due to the gold clashing with the silver and blue. A limited range keeps with the Necron fluff, but it looks nice none the less and is not the usual ‘quick drybrush of Boltgun Metal’ Necron style.


Work in progress: Necrons, part 2: Canoptek Wraiths


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