Work in progress: New Necron Army: The List

As I have posted the first couple of models, I also want to give you a look at the first iteration of the list I intend to run. Of course, this might change as we go along. The general idea is to run a phalanx of warriors shielding some tanks and absorbing hits, while mobile elements go out to engage key targets.

By units, it should look like this:

Necron Overlord Ozymandias IX: Warscythe, Sempiternal Weave, Resurrection Orb

Koszik the Perpetual: Harbinger of Eternity: Aeonstave, Chronometron

The Golden Phalanx: 20 Necron Warriors: Ghost Ark

This is my core unit. The Lord is there to keep them alive and tank wounds on his 2+ armour save. The Cryptek with Chronometron gives a single re-roll per phase, so he can either let the Overlord re-roll his 2+ against shooting or hand-to-hand or allow a roll to wound or penetrate to be re-rolled, as well as increasing speed through terrain. A useful buy I’d say.

Sunkillers: 4 Harbingers of Destruction: Eldritch Lances, 1 Solar Pulse

They will embark on the Ghost Ark (as Crypteks, they can embark on Ghost Arks) and shoot from the flank of the Warrior phalanx. 4 S8 Ap 2 shots are decent to kill transports or hurt monsters. The Pulse is there to hamper enemy shooting as the army is quite short-ranged.


Destroyer Lord Nehek: Sempiternal Weave, Mindshackle Scarabs

The Silent Ones: 6 Canoptek Wraiths

My main counter-assault unit. The Lord takes basic fire and gives Prefered Enemy, the Wraiths take heavy weapon fire on their 3++ invulnerable.


The Guardians: 10 Warriors

Objective grabbers. Might split them into 2 5-men units.


The Brotherhood: 10 Immortals: Tesla Carbines

To protect the Phalanx’s flank and because exploding 6s are fun.


The Unforeseen Doom: 10 Immortals: Gauss Blasters, Night Scythe

I originally wanted to give them Tesla Carbines too and walk them on the field, but I thought a single flyer might be fun (i.e. not the Cron-Air kind of flyer spam) and in that case, Blasters might be better as they will be in rapid-fire range sooner. Also this lets them kill a transport and then have the flyer unload its Tesla Destructor into the passengers to fry them.


The Bringers of Destruction: 2 Annihilation Barges

Because exploding dice are still fun and these guys can electrocute things quite well.


The Tomb Sentinel: Sentry Pylon with Focused Death Ray

A Forgeworld unit. Basically crewless Artillery with 3 wounds for 160 points. The weapon is a range 24″ death ray that deals 2 hits per model under the line, so everything is doubled compared to a regular Death Ray. Can create an exclusion zone to protect my army’s flanks.

Overall, this definitely doesn’t feel like it has the power level of my Eldar, but it sounds fun and a nice change to zooming over the field at 48 inches a turn.




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