Work in progress: Ten Necron Warriors

And another unit down: Ten Necron Warriors, the first half of Ozymandias’s bodyguard.


As they are off eBay, I couldn’t paint them before attaching the green glow sticks to their weapons. Besides, I thought that green would clash with the colours on the remainder of the model, so necessity and aesthetics (100 nerd points if you know what novella/audio book this is an allusion to) want hand in hand and I got this look. The paintjob itself is rather simplistic and again to create a strong visual, not an amazing work of art that I know I couldn’t produce anyway. As the models came in a bronze look off eBay, I could immediately go for a layer of Shining Gold, a wash of Seraphim Sepia, then another layer of Shining Gold. Then Chainmail for the weapons, followed by Lothern Blue and a wash of Drakenhof Nightshade over the entire weapon. Then I quickly cleaned up any mistakes with Shining Gold and there you go.

The bases on all my models are done with a first layer of Astrogranite Texture to get the little grainy bits, then two thick layers of Agrellan Earth, the new technical colour. If you give it a night to dry, it will develop cracks, the more the thicker the colour was applied. Then I applied a layer of Agrax Earthshade to ink the base and really draw attention to the cracks.  





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