The last 160 points…

As you know, I am currently building a 2.000-2.500 points Necron army, currently at about 1.400 points painted and 1.840 bought and mostly built in total. As the astute reader might deduce from this, or the title, this means I have 160 points left.

I originally planned to include a focused death ray gun for those points, but I have been wondering and come to 4 alternatives:

1) The Focused Death Ray Pylon: It kills Terminators, which might compensate for my otherwise lack of AP2 shooting. It also says ‘Get off my lawn!’ like no other weapon as it can create a 3d6 line of death anywhere in 24 inches. And it is a Death Ray! Even a focused one! How can that be a bad thing? However, it is also expensive pointswise and some people dislike Forgeworld.

2) A Gauss Exterminator Pylon plus Mindshackle Scarabs for the Overlord and 5 Deathmarks instead of 5 Immortals: The Deathmarks might be good as they were in my eBay lot, though I could just run them as Immortals until I can trade some Gauss Blasters to rebuilt them. On the other hand, pumping out 10 Sniper shots in 12 inches can really lay the smack down. The Scarabs would make my Warrior unit harder to kill in melee and improve my odds against (Flying) Monstrous Creatures. The Gauss Pylon, most importantly, would give me a tremendous weapon against flyers (S9 AP2 Heavy 2 Interceptor and Skyfire) or just heavy targets in general.

3) An Annihilation Barge plus Mindshackle Scarabs for the Overlord and 5 Deathmarks instead of 5 Immortals and 50 points to play with: I already have a third Barge (for the 2.500 expansion) so that would be easy to do and free. I could then add some Immortals or Warriors to bulk out my units.

4) Two Canoptek Spyders and 4 Scarab Swarms: a mini Scarab Farm that can add two bases to my swarm each round. The Swarm can stall units under S6 or use its speed to engage tanks and Long Fangs. The Spyders add bases or just use their status as Monstrous Creatures to Smash things in combat. 100 points for 6 T6 wounds and 4 to 6 attacks or 4 Smash attacks is still good value for money, especially against tanks where their low WS is irrelevant.

What do you think?


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