Allies of the month: Nobody expected another Inquisition post so soon

As you all know, the Inquisition ‘we are not allies but kind of allies and much better, so we cool?’ mini-codex came out some months ago and I had just published a Coteaz allies list the week before that. As I have been busy with my Necrons over the last two months and actually hope to get them done before the end of January, I was not really that much into looking into the Inquisition list again, but now I want to take a few minutes to talk about it.

First of all, they are Battle Brosifs to all Imperial armies, including their old pals from the Grey Knights chapter, so they can now join all Imperial units and cast Blessings on them, which is HUGE! It still means that they can’t get into allied transports though, which with their lack of jump packs or bikes means that they are not the fastest units and slightly limited in terms of which units they can join.

But let’s look at some builds for units, starting with the Henchmen:

The cheap as chips unit: 3 Warrior Acolytes: Tadda, if your Inquisition is the Primary Detachment or you run Coteaz, you just bought yourself a 12-point scoring unit. Hide them in reserves or behind a wall and make sure to start making that dash for the objective in time.

The Close Combat unit: 2 Ministorum Priests, 5 Crusaders, 5 Death Cult Assassins, Land Raider Crusader: Get Coteaz in and go charge someone! The two Priests are there to guarantee getting the ‘The Emperor Protects’ War Hymn off that gives them a re-roll of all their saves. If the first one passes his Ld 7 test for that or 10 if you include an Inquisitor, you can use the second priest to go for ‘The Righteousness of the Emperor’ and reroll To Wounds too. Add in Coteaz for Prescience and you have a unit that re-rolls everything. Coteaz tanks anything that is not AP2 or S6+ or takes challenges and the Crusaders take all AP2 and S6+ wounds on their shields or get in when Coteaz is wounded. The Assassins bring 4 attacks each on the charge to kill things quickly. If you prefer a Land Raider Redeemer with its flamestorm cannon, drop an Assassin.

The Plasma Death of Doom unit: 6 Psykers, 3 Servitors with Plasma Cannons, 2 Warrior Acolytes, Chimera: For 183 points, you got yourself a Chimera full of AP1 and 2 Blast templates. Add in an Inquisitor to cast Prescience and keep the Servitors from going braindead and you are good. The 2 Warriors are there to soak up wounds when the vehicle explodes.

Now over to the Inquisitors:

The ‘You shall not pass’ built: 2 Inquisitors with 3 Servo Skulls each. Less than 70 points and can completely shut down infiltrate and scouting before the game. The Skulls will die soon enough as the opponent only has to wave at them, but they will have done their job by then. The Inquisitors can just join two units and give them some ablative wounds and Ld10 stubborn, which is nothing to sneeze at; especially at that cost. Can be a game changer against White Scars, Ravenwing or other armies relying on Scout or Infiltrate to get to grips with you. Gunline armies love these Inquisitors.

The Close Combat Xenos Hunter: Ordo Xenos Inquisitor: Lvl 1 Psyker (Divination Primaris), Force Sword, Bolt Pistol, Rad and Psychotroke Grenades, 3 Servo Skulls. 94 points of sheer goodness. He can join any kind of walking close combat unit or an Imperial Guard blob, blocking Scouting, handing out re-rolls and then using his insane grenades to really ruin someone’s day in combat. You can add the Liber Heresius to gain some funky USRs like Hatred or Scout too. Note that the Ordo Xenos Warlord table is quite good too, giving out autopass or autofail morale checks, orbital strikes, Prefered Enemy Xenos or Hatred, all of which are much better than the BRB tables or some Space Marine results. This is nice if you run a named Space Marine character with a crappy fixed Warlord trait like all the Dark Angels ones or the Khan for instance, as you can just nominate the Inquisitor to be your Warlord even if he is not from the Primary detachment (an Inquisitor can overrule just about anyone, even a Space Marine Captain) and all the Inquisition tables contain at least 3 good traits.

The Gunner: Ordo Malleus Inquisitor: Level 1 Psyker (Divination Primaris), Terminator Armour with Psycannon and Nemesis Daemonhammer, 3 Servo Skulls. Ideal to join a unit of Devastators, Centurions or Terminators as he can add his own firepower to theirs and hand out Prescience.

The Augmentors: 2 Ordo Xenos Inquisitors (Ordo Xenos has the best Warlord table thanks to 6 being Hatred): Level 1 Psykers (Divination) with 3 Servo Skulls each. Roll for each one and see if you get Perfect Timing to confer Ignore Cover to a Devastator or Centurion unit. If not, get Prescience. Less than 130 points for two re-roll machines that also cancel out Scout. It is so easy, I feel like Captain Obvious right now.

A last note on the Warlord Trait tables. All three Ordos share the first three results, being auto-pass or -fail morale, improving reserve, outflank and objective rolls and the orbital strike. After that, each one grants Prefered Enemy against their primary opponents (Psykers, Daemons or Xenos, Xenos or Psykers being a lot more prevalent than Daemons, some of whom also are Psykers). The last two are random and here Ordo Xenos wins with a better gun for your Warlord or Hatred for his unit, whereas the others hand out Adamantium Will or a bigger anti-infiltrate bubble (which your servo skulls already give you) or weakening Daemon saves or +1 Warp Charge (useless unless you wish to charge your fragile Inquisitor into combat).

And with that I pass it over to you. Are there any other units or Inquisitor set-ups you run?


One thought on “Allies of the month: Nobody expected another Inquisition post so soon

  1. Nostok says:

    Nice little article Charles. Having never run Inquisitors or faced them in the past it made for an interesting read. I have the Inquisitor codex but this force is so unique I had no idea about running it.

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