The other day, I reminisced about the past with my wife, the lovely and understanding Eva, and I realized that I had bought my first copy of White Dwarf exactly 18 years ago. German White Dwarf 7 with a free plastic Skaven Clanrat to be precise. At the time I was 14 and in my second year of high school. I was heavily into World War II and model planes, so a magazine about miniatures and gaming with them sounded too good to be true (wargaming didn’t have a real public in Luxemburg at the time). So I handed over my 200 Francs I had received to buy a magazine before getting my hair cut and that’s how it began. Two weeks later I travelled to the deep industrial south of Luxemburg to the only shop selling Warhammer and bought my second edition 40k boxed set and I never looked back. The fact that White Dwarf is getting replaced exactly 18 years later is particularly bittersweet to me.

How did you start?


My hobby turned 18 this month!


One thought on “My hobby turned 18 this month!

  1. From Phil, but somehow cut by the system:
    My gateway drug to WHFB, WHFRPG, and then WH40K was Tunnels & Trolls. I lived in Cyprus at the time and went to a British military base school and my teacher for the last 2 years of primary school was the excellent Mr Brewerton and he ran some afterschool clubs, one being T & T. That was back in 1987 so I have already sailed past my 25th year of gaming. WHFB was the next game he introduced to the group and then came the Wargaming club invites for our little group. This started in 1988 with me owning small numbers of Empire cavalry and, I believe, Savage Orcs followed by some of the new Space Marines.

    My first White Dwarf was UK 107, bought when we moved back to the UK late in ’88 but by then I had read issues from 1 to 90 via the Wargames club in Cyprus. Rogue Trader and Third edition WHFB rulebooks were my Xmas present that year and for my Birthday I believe the first version of Spacehulk was purchased. That year was a great gaming year for me with some original Space Orks and RTB01 Space Marines darkening my painting/homework/computing (if you consider a Spectrum +2 a computer) table.

    I have been in contact with my original lead pusher via Facebook and both he and his son (who taught and played WHFRPG with us) still play but are more inclined towards Ancients and various other real world miniatures games.

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