Allies of the month: Come to Chaos!

As my Necrons near completion (only 1 Ghost Ark to go!) and my Blood Angels Veteran Company has been handed over to the able hands of Christian to be painted in the fancy style an Apocalypse formation deserves, I am looking for my next painting and allies project.

One of my too many armies is a Chaos Space Marine army. The core is Alpha Legion, which I ran back in the day when you could infiltrate the entire army. Ah, the glories of the 3.5 codex! Note that this was still tame compared to Iron Warriors running 4 Pie Plates and 9 Obliterators or 300-point Daemon Princes with 6+d3 Attacks, gaining an extra attack per 6 to hit. With the new book, I have added some Nurgle elements, notably 5 Spawn and 6 Bikers, as well as some other fast elements like the Heldrake and a Maulerfiend. The main tactic of the army has shifted from using lots of mobile short-range special weapons to overwhelming the opponent with fast assault elements before the foot elements mop up survivors or picknick on objectives.

To support those fast elements, I have been thinking about adding a Daemon force that can also get there quickly, namely Khorne daemons. In my opinion, Khorne and Nurgle are the gods that get along best of the Fab 4. Khorne hates Slaanesh, but he also has an aversion to Tzeentch’s portfolio, magic and trickery. Tzeentch hates Nurgle and has to accept that Khorne doesn’t like him, while arguing with Slaanesh over who gets the good cultists. Slaanesh probably doesn’t like the fetid smell and poor fashion sense of the average Plague Zombie. But War and Plague seem to go hand in hand.

So I have been thinking about two set-ups, but staying pure Khorne, as I hate mixing gods in one detachment.

The light version is:
Herald of Khorne: Exalted Gift, going for Grimoire of True Names, Juggernaught, Locus of Wrath. Tanks S8+9 hits with his augmented toughness of 5. Gives Hatred to his unit.
15 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
10 Bloodletters
The Bloodletters deepstrike in, while the Herald and Hounds scout to go for that bottom of 1, start of turn 2 charge. The Grimoire gives them a 3++ to survive. The Herald will take on characters while the hounds have 45 rerollable S5 attacks on the charge. With the Spawns pinning hard units in place and the Bikers opening transports, this should really mess up a flank. The ‘Letters clean up.

The ‘Why not throw the kitchen sink at them’ version:
Bloodthirster of Khorne: Greater Gift, Exalted Gift
15 Flesh Hounds of Khorne
10 Bloodletters
When I totalled up the Herald at 155 points, I thought I should also see how much a Daemon Prince was, who came in at over 250 points with the Grimoire. A quick glance to the top left of the page revealed that this was the cost of a bare-bones Bloodthirster. So I just decided to go for it. The Hounds are a bit weaker as they lose Hatred, but you get an amazing deal instead. The Thirster rolls first to see if he gets a 1, in which case he can generate an Ætherblade in addition to the Grimoire. If not, he just takes the book and rolls on the Greater table. Most results are good, but normally, you go for a Greater Ætherblade to have S7 (8 on the charge), an extra attack and a reroll to hit. Against Monsters, you can also give up your reroll for the chance of causing Instant Death on a 6 thanks to his innate Axe of Khorne.


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