Work in progress: Necron 2000 points finished! And what’s new?

Yesterday, I finally managed to finish painting the Ghost Ark I have been avoiding ever since I started the army. Painting it was simpler than I thought, even though I will probably leave the second one in pieces until it is painted, getting between the individual ribs of the front part was really a pain.

I will take a painting hiatus from the army, as I cannot bear the sight of another golden miniature for the next couple of weeks. When I get back, I still have a Nemesor Zahndrek ready to be painted and 20 Warriors, the second Ghost Ark and the third Annihilation Barge to built, prime and paint. But as I said, right now I have enough of painting Necrons for the time being. I am trying to get another game set up for the weekend though.

On my table, I currently have 10 Flesh Hounds from two eBay auctions, based Mephiston Red and ready to be painted to match my original 5. They will join my Chaos Space Marine Army as Allies, as outlined before. The Bloodletters and the Bloodthirster are already ready to go.

The next things on the table are some Nurgle Bikers, one regular one to bump the unit to 6, a Lord and a Sorcerer. They will be another fast unit in that army.

And then finally, I still have a complete Wall of Martyrs box and a Firestorm Redoubt to paint.

Did I mention the three large boxes full of other unpainted stuff? Oh dear!

At least my Blood Angel Veteran Company project is moving on nicely, my trusty painter has finished the 20 Sternguard and first 10 Vanguard, I have another 10 Vanguards for him to finish and 10 to repaint that I painted ages ago. He has also done a phenomenal job on their Land Raider Redeemer. He painted 15 Tactical and 10 Assault Terminators a while ago, so I only need another 10 Tacticals and 15 Assault Marines to complete the formation. He is going to cry if he reads this, I fear.

So, that’s another quick update from my side. Maybe I will post my thoughts on Nids this weekend. I initially thought they were terrible, but I have come around a bit, at least on some builds or tactics.


2 thoughts on “Work in progress: Necron 2000 points finished! And what’s new?

  1. Brushservitor #1 says:

    Good thing I got myself a new pot of Blood Angels Red yesterday that matches well with the paint I ripped of the label (therefore I don’t know the paint’s name nor the producer anymore) and have used as the base for all of ’em Angels. So the IX Legion shall be completed!
    Also my virgin tears of being overloaded make a good mixing agent 😉

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