Necrons, 10 games in: What works, what might have to be redone

So, over the weekend, I have finished the first set of 10 games with my Necrons and so far they are undefeated, though a lot more challenging to play than the Eldar. I have so far faced off against mostly Imperial forces or their Chaotic counterparts, with only one game against Orks.

The list can be found here:


The Charnel Swarms: 60 points for 12 Rending attacks with Shred is already amazing, but being able to add more models thanks to the Canoptek Spyders just makes them even more amazing. On the whole, I benefitted from opponents not respecting their charge range and promptly getting shredded to bits. The only thing I need to work  on is keeping them within 6 inches of the Spyders at the end of the turn, so I can add Swarm bases as long as possible. They usually die before the end of the game, but they never fail to take out double or triple their points, even taking the Spyders into account.

The Canoptek Spyders: Even without the synergy with the Swarms, they are an absolute bargain at 50 points a pop. Basically, two of them are cheaper than a Carnifex, but have two extra wounds. On the charge, they can Smash for 4 S10 attacks, otherwise they can dish out enough S6 attacks to take out most tanks. In the worst case, they can even tie up Tactical Marines or even Assault Marines as their toughness and 3+ soak a lot of damage.

The Annihilation Barges: Tesla rocks. I have found that the risky approach of snap-firing with the main guns yields a lot of rewards, as more re-rolls mean more 6s and thus more hits. Sometimes, nothing happens, but that´s the price you have to pay. They have also blown a full flight of Storm Talons, 2 Dakkajets and a Heldrake from the sky, as Tesla doesn’t care about snapfire. Granted, they have benefitted from the Fire from the Heavens Warlord trait that adds +1 to their Strength, but even without it, they are definitely worth their 90 points. An absolute steal.

The Night Scythe: See above. It has also delivered a unit of Immortals behind enemy lines in every game, often letting them get behind cover to shot people in the back.

The Canoptek Wraiths and Destroyer Lord: An amazing mix of durability and hitting power. The Wraiths can absorb everything that is AP1 and 2 and the Lord’s 2+ armour save just takes care of the rest. More often than not, I let them multi-charge several vehicles in one go to cause mass damage before the passengers countercharge them. The Lord and his Mindshackle Scarabs can then take out champions or lower-level heroes while the Wraiths deal with the grunts. Again, they rarely make it to the end of the game, but they can cut their way through enough enemies to get their points back. They also do a good job keeping the enemy busy in his half of the table and thus away from my main force.


Immortals: They produce solid results for their points and do well occupying objectives, but they do nothing marvelous. I guess I can’t complain about them, not everyone can be a superstar I guess.

The 10-man Warrior Phalanx. Usually just sits on an objective and takes potshots. Again, nothing spectacular but someone has to do that job.

Harbingers of Storm: The Solar Pulse is really worth it, as it has prevented a couple of alpha strikes by giving everyone better cover, as well as getting rid of night fighting on two occasions to improve my shooting. If I could somehow fit a second court into the army (which is difficult as the Destroyer Lord is so good), I’d definitely run two Harbingers with Solar Pulse just to mess with people’s shooting phases. For the rest, they have done alright, 4 S8 AP2 shots sound good, but more often than not, they fail to do more than a single glance or penetrating hit per round. On the other Hand, the Pulse alone might be worth the 160 points for the 4 of them.

Ghost Ark: Workmanlike. It absorbs fire and brings back Warriors. Nothing to write home about, but not terrible either.


19 Warriors plus Overlord and Harbinger of Eternity with Chronometron: Somehow, this unit, which was supposed to be the core of the army, has become ist greatest liability and weakness. Maybe I am using them poorly or it is just that my legendary luck is not affecting that unit, but it has ended up getting massacred on the charge or shot to bits more often than the rest of the army. The Lord alone can unfortunately not make up for their lack of melee prowess and in Addition, he spends an inordinate amount of time on the ground after failing three 2+ saves in round 1, despite the Chronometron. I might have to reconsider this unit. Unfortunately, the Overlord is necessary to keep the Crypteks, who are worth their points as pointed out above. Maybe I should put the Overlord and Harbinger into the Cryptek unit and split the Warriors into two Units. That way I’d have 6 scoring units in each game, regardless of mission.

Deathmarks: The biggest letdown so far. Maybe I should just use them as Immortals from now on, because Immortals seem to work for me. Perhaps I am unlucky with reserve rolls and deep strike scatters, but so far they always ended up in an exposed position using their special rule to get off one average volley and then ended up getting overrun. Maybe they are better against Tyranids or other Monstrous Creatures, but right now I am not feeling them.

Something to think about I guess




2 thoughts on “Necrons, 10 games in: What works, what might have to be redone

  1. Christian says:

    Your impression, the Overlord with Warrior entourage, is your most disappointing unit comes as a surprise to me. Necron Warriors are a severe Troop choice with the BS4, Gauss, 4+/4+, low point cost. I like ‘em. Who doesn’t, right?

    But imho, their downside is the size of 19 models: easy to engage in cc and to shot at, since they’re spread in a wide space. Why not have an Overlord +10 and an additional unit of 10? A Leadership 10 does not trigger panic that often – especially with your ridiculous lucky dice rolls. The Overlord’s unit walks behind the unit of 10 in lockstep, so it gets a cover save from a unit with T4 and a 4+/5+ save. Still is nice, isn’t it?

    But then come Charnel Swarms along! The most shocking part of your list. For me, that is. It’s so easy to get overrun by them.

    After an ordinary threat assessment phase at the beginning of the game, those Charnel Swarms are a pure understatement of their destruction capability on 40mm bases. Me as a player does not want to invest a lot of shots or charging vectors on those underpointed scarabs, that come as an extra part on warriors – boxwise. They emanate no direct threat, so they get attention only half-assed. That’s their strong point, I guess. Having them tear my tanks to tatter every game, make my Space Marines a chapter of Sad Pandas.

  2. The issue is exactly that 19-20 are too many, but any less and the Resurrection Orb losses value. Which in turn puts the whole idea of the squad’s design in question. I envisioned them as a damage sponge, with the Lord’s 2+ soaking damage and thus deflecting fire from other units. In addition, they are meant to be the anvil that takes charges and keeps them contained. However, every game they got charged by a serious combat unit, they died.

    Your idea of splitting them in two has merit, but then I also have to redesign the Lord, who I need because the Crypteks are too lose.

    The Swarms seem to get a reputation, people fire on them more often after the first couple of games.

    I have a 2250 game against Guard this afternoon, let’s see how they can cope there. First use of my Triarch Stalker.

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