I have no impulse control

Yesterday I decided not to buy the new Imperial Knight kit because I couldn’t see which of my armies might need one. The Blood Angels are currently on hold as long as everything is too expensive compared to regular Marines, for instance a Vanguard Veteran squad with Jump Packs is 300 points without upgrades compared to 220 in the vanilla book. The Necrons can’t ally with Imperials to take them, plus it definitely doesn’t fit their fluff. My Chaos list  is too fast for it and shooting blasts becomes risky once you get within assault range (I should know, as getting too close to the enemy is one of my favourite ways of cancelling out their guns). And the Eldar just plain don’t need it as they have two Wraithknights, a Lynx, a Scorpion, a Revenant and a Phantom Titan to choose from, so who needs a silly Imperial Knight?  

Anyways, having resolved to save the cash and not buy one, I got online to my Facebook account and looked at what’s new. Somehow, this resulted in me buying this.


WTS chaos warhound titan with turbo lasers looking for £250 ono or tyrannid bio titan maybe

I probably need adult supervision when I go online.


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