Army clinic 2, electric boogaloo, or the one where I am utterly clueless

In the previous installment, we endeavoured to fine-tune Eric’s Imperial Guard army. It is still open to suggestions, but I thought this one might be a nice contrast, because this customer is asking for a lot more. As he is a relative beginner, what we do should be relatively fancy-free, so no combos or advanced tactics, but something that  dish out damage and take it. The aim is to create a Chaos list that has good chances of beating Orks or Imperial Guard, using these models:

2 Winged Daemon Princes


A Chaos Lord

10 CSM, one of whom can have a plasmagun or flamer,

7 Plague marines

15 Possessed

20 Terminators

20 Cultists

20 Bloodletters of Khorne

5 havocs with 4 Missile Launchers,

3 Obliterators,

4 bikes,

1 Heldrake,

1 Land Raider

1 predator

1 vindicator

1 rhino

Now as you can see, this is a rather eclectic list I’d say, or not really what I’d play. On the positive side, there seem to be some special or heavy weapons around we can add and at least there are no Khorne Berzerkers or Noise Marines to worry about. Nevertheless, my original reflex was to say ‘Keep the Heldrake, a Prince, the Plague Marines and Rhino and sell the rest on eBay and buy good stuff with the money.’ But let’s see what we can salvage from this.

The units I like and am definitely going to include

The Heldrake

2 Obliterators, maybe a third one if I have a second Support slot left.

1 Vindicator

4 Bikers if we can get hold of some meltaguns or plasma rifles

The Plague Marines if we can get them two special weapons and a Champion. They go in the Rhino

A Daemon Prince because why not

If we want the Plague Marines to help us fill our weak Troops slots and get out of the over-full Elites, we Need a Chaos Lord of Nurgle. I so hope that model doesn’t wear Terminator armour, but I am prepared for anything at this juncture.

10 Chaos Space Marines because with 2 special weapons, they are decent.

20 Cultists because we need those Troops right now

That gives us a total of 1590 and I was told to go for 2000 Points.

What I could be persuaded to include

Some Terminators: Maybe three with Combi-Meltaguns as a suicide Deep Strike unit. Or even a big unit in a Land Raider if we are running out of Options.

The Havocs: They are fine per se, but I prefer 8 just to have a couple of guys to soak bullets before the Heavy weapons take hits.

What I am reluctant to include unless someone gives me a good reason to

The Possessed, because they are too expensive and even the models are terrible.

Abbadon: Because I need the Lord and the Prince is far more mobile than Abbadon. Abe is one of the best damage dealers and takes shots to the face like a porn star, but he is so slow. I would hate to deep strike a 275 points model as that would be a risk of either having him stuck in reserves or mishaping as Chaos has nothing to avoid scatters. I guess I could put him in a Land Raider with 4 Terminators, but then I´d just see the Imperial Land Raider and Terminators and be sad about the rubbish versions Chaos has.  Also, as the possible opponents are Orks and Guard, Abe loses a lot of its appeal as his fixed Warlord Trait (and he must be Warlord) is pointless unless you face Marines.

The Daemons: Because Bloodletters are 10 points each with the toughness of Guardsmen and nothing to attack at range and including them would force me to run another expensive Daemon Prince.

So my first thought for 2000 points is:

Daemon Prince: Mark of Nurgle, Black Mace, Wings, Power Armour, Mastery Level 2 –> this gives you a decent Psyker without being too complex

Lord of Nurgle: Power Fist, Burning Torch of Skalathrax, 4+ Invulnerable Save

3 Terminators: 3 Combi-Meltas

3 Terminators: 3 Combi-Meltas

7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Veterans of the Long War, Champion with Fist and Combi-Plasma, Rhino

10 Chaos Space Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, 9 Chainswords

20 Cultists

4 Bikers: 2 Meltaguns

Heldrake: Baleflamer

1 Vindicator

2 Obliterators of Nurgle

8 Havocs: 4 Missile Launchers

This is about 2000 points

In the long term, I would probably get rid of at least some of the Terminators as they are rather expensive these days. I am also not a big fan of the Daemon Prince as it costs a bucketload of points, but it is an easy to use unit.

I would want to make the Bikers bigger and give them the Mark of Nurgle with a Power Fist Champion and double meltagun.

Also the Chaos Space Marines need a Rhino and double plasma or meltagun.

I am concerned about the lack of mass in the army, as there are very few guys that can actually do something. The Cultists don’t count, their job is just to guard mission objectives.


Another option I thought about this morning is to go all-in on the Terminators and see where that leads you. In that case, you need to get Huron Blackheart to be your Warlord as he can give 1d3 units of Infantry Infiltrate. This would look like this:

Huron Blackheart

Chaos Lord of Nurgle: Burning Brand of Skalathrax, Sigil of Corruption, Power Fist, Veteran of the Long War

7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasmaguns, Veterans of the Long War, Champion with Fist and Combi-Plasma, Rhino

10 Cultists

10 Cultists

2 Obliterators of Nurgle

Heldrake: Baleflamer

4 Bikers: 2 Meltaguns

10 Terminators: Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Heavy Flamers, 1  Power Fist

10 Terminators: Mark of Slaanesh, Icon of Excess, 2 Reaper Autocannon, 1 Power Fist

If you roll a 1 for Huron’s trait, the Terminators with the Flamers Infiltrate, on a two the 2 units of Terminators and on a 3, the 2 units and Huron who joins one unit.

Now over to you: What would you do if you had those models? Can you design a Terminator-heavy army?


3 thoughts on “Army clinic 2, electric boogaloo, or the one where I am utterly clueless

  1. pikshow says:

    Personally I don’t like terminator heavy armys.
    We tried a few “termi-lists” in our gaming group and the main problem is, that they are far to expensive for what you get. Sure a 2+ armor save is fine, but with that mass of meltas, plasmas, tricky eldar weapons, only have a 5+ and thats not great. And with all those rapid fire weapons you also roll 1 or 2 1’s to fail an armor save.

    Honestly, I think it makes more sense to put more regular Marines with special weapons and transporters into play than a few termis.

    But hey… it’s my opinion 🙂

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