The first model my wife ever liked

is a Great Unclean One of all things!

He is going to lead the Nurgle Daemon contingent to replace the Khorne Daemons and make it a pure Nurgle list. He is probably nicer than the Bloodthirster as he can only waddle towards the enemy due to being Slow and Purposeful. On the other hand, he will be difficult to remove due to his 6th wound and permanent Shrouded cover save. I intend to run him with an Exalted Reward (Portalglyph) and a Greater Reward to hopefully get another defensive ability. He will also be a Mastery Level 3 Biomancy Psyker to buff himself or the Bikers of Doom.


The paintjob has turned out to be really nice but extremely simple to do. I undercoated it black first, then based the model white. The areas where the skin is peeled back and the strange tubes on the skin were done in Bleached Bone, whereas the sword and flail were painted with Leadbelcher. Then I washed the whole white areas with a mix of Coelia Green, Biel-Tan Green and Agrax Earthshade. The Bleached Bone areas were done in Seraphim Sepia. The hilt of the sword, horns and fingernails were finished with Chestnut Ink. Then the blade of the sword and the eyes were done in Nurgle’s Rot. And then as a finally touch to emphasize its gooeyness, I used Gloss Varnish as a final seal.









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