The Plague Riders ride out for the first time

I ran a slightly modified version of my MWNL list against Ulf, the intrepid manager of GW Trier yesterday.  This was what I ran:

Ogedei Khan, Huntmaster of Nurgle, Chaos Lord of Nurgle: Chaos Bike, Blight Grenades, Veteran of the Long War, Sigil of Corruption, Power Fist, Lightning Claw

Shakura, Stormseer of Nurgle: Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle: Chaos Bike, Spell Familiar, Mastery Level 3

Plague Riders of Nurgle: 6 Chaos Bikers of Nurgle: 2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion with Power Fist, Veterans of the Long War

The Grim Brotherhood: 7 Plaguemarines: Rhino, Veterans of the Long War, 2 Meltaguns, Aspiring Champion with Power Fist and Combi-Melta

The Servant of Decay: 10 Cultists of Nurgle

Inquisitor Gamoray and Retinue (remains): 5 Spawn of Nurgle

Blight: Heldrake: Baleflamer

Famine: Maulerfiend

Plague: Forgefiend

Xo’gnar’oth the Corpulent, 77th Servant of Nurgle: Great Unclean One, Mastery Level 3,

Plaguescribes: 10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle

Miasma: 3 Plaguedrones

So for those you are keeping track, I dropped the 2 Rewards from the Great Unclean One because I didn’t want the Grimoire or the Portalglyph (as I had no extra Nurgle daemons and didn’t want to use other daemons as it would be unfluffy), so I dropped the Rewards and saved 50 points.

As most of the criticism against the army had been leveled against it being too fast to handle for less experienced guys, I took out the second Maulerfiend and replaced it with a Forgefiend (as I hadn’t built the model it was easy to do). Originally, I just wanted to give it a try and hadn’t glued on the guns to be able to put on the Power fists if it disappointed. But by turn 3 it had killed two Razorbacks and a combat squad of Marines, so I glued them on. Not only does it make the army a tad slower and thus more casual, but its ability to murderdeathkill transports and flyers make it invaluable.

We rolled up the Relic and I was lucky that I could give my Cultists and Plaguebearers Infiltrate to deploy in a crater near the Relic. I am not going into details of the battle, because I was lucky to roll up that Warlord Trait and get the Relic quickly. Ulf was also plagued by his legendary bad luck and failed to kill the Forgefiend first with a drop-podding Ironclad missing with its melta and then having the Hunter-Killer Missiles bounce of its armour, then having a regular Dreadnought dropping on the other side of it, hitting and penetrating with its Multi-Melta and then rolling a 3 (1+2 bonus) on the Penetration Chart that it ignored. The Ironclad got dropped by a lucky Vector Strike by the Heldrake, though in fairness, I had 2 meltaguns in short range in its back too and the regular Dread got then shot in the back too.

These are just some of my impressions of how my guys performed:

– The Plague Drones failed to do much, only glancing a Razorback to death, but they soaked fire like champs and kept some Marines busy far from the Relic. Decent performance.

– The Plaguebearers grapped the objective in turn 2, then hid 3 rounds in a crater for a 2+ cover save. A solid performance that won the game.

– My psychic powers were disappointing, the Great Unclean One had Warp Speed, which rocked, and Smite and Life Leech, both of which did nothing as he was in combat most of the time and only has BS3 to start with. The Sorcerer rolled up Nurgle’s Rot, Terrify and Mental Fortitude, none of which had a great influence on the game. Granted Terrify sent 4 Marines running off the field in turn 5, but by then I had them surrounded and would probably have taken them out anyways. Still, it is good to know that even rolling up weak powers is not a big issue, unlike my Eldar that lose a lot if they don’t get Fortune.

– The Forgefiend did well as said above.

– The Cultists did their job catching bullets and even letting me Slingshot Engage the Chaos Lord and Sorcerers into combat with a Land Speeder that would have otherwise been out of their range. Solid performance.

– The Maulerfiend got blown up by a Meltabomb, but that happens. It has a great terror value nonetheless.

– The Lord rode around, absorbed hits for the Bikers, helped them destroy a Drop Pod (the Dread they wanted to charge had been vector-struck to death before they could do so), then rode over to the Cultists to unpin them, punched a Land Speeder and then a Hunter. He did his job but I put him on the wrong flank I guess.

– The Sorcerer was the Lord’s sidekick. His powers were too bad this game.

– The Great Unclean One held the centre like the big blob it is. It killed a combat squad in two turns, using a challenge on the sergeant to keep them locked the first round and thereby shielded the Plaguebearers from a charge. Then it mauled the Centurions and finally smashed the Chapter Master flat. Solid troubleshooter.

– The Spawn were murdered by a Chapter Master with Burning Sword, but kept him busy for some time and forced him away from the Plaguebearers with the Relic, so I guess they did their job too.

– The Nurgle Bikers used their new Meltaguns instead of Plasmaguns to kill a Dreadnought and a Drop Pod, but got mauled by a unit of Centurions who gravgunned them to death, apart from one Melta guy who spent rest of the game sniping tanks. Teaches me to kill Centurions sooner.

– The Plague Marines and their Rhino got also killed by the Centurions and some Tactical Squads and their Razorbacks, but being in cover and using their grenades to gain Stealth, they took a lot of killing before they dropped. My mistake that they got wasted.

– The Heldrake: I think it is grossly overpowered and this game confirmed that. I might get another 5 Nurgle Bikers with 2 Meltaguns instead. They would also help me against Knights that seem to pop up like daisies in the spring.

Overall, I was very happy with how the army performed, but with the caveat that Ulf was really unlucky.


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