Random thoughts of the weekend

Some things 40k related that I have been mulling over:

1) How stupid was the decision to produce only 1.000 void shield generators? They were sold out in only a couple of minutes or so I was told (I looked them up two hours after they were put online and they were already sold out). Given that every army can field them and how good they are to shield your most important stuff at the bargain price at 100 points for a fully-charged generator with 3 void shields, I would have imagined that the potential sales would be significantly higher and how much cash could they have made? Now GW is facing a terrible choice, as they stand to lose regardless of what they do. If they produce more, some people who have bought them will complain about being misled with the ´Limited release´ label, whereas if they don’t, they will piss off potential buyers and inspire third-party modelmakers to produce their own, because not even GW will be dumb enought to try to sue someone for theft of IP on shield generators. How can a company that somehow manages to sell 6000 copies of ‘Limited Edition’ Space Marine codicies despite them having 0 chances of becoming more valuable drop the ball and only sell 1.000 of an item that every single army can play? Heck, even Black Library Limited Edition novels come in batches of 5.000 and more despite there definitely being more gamers than people reading BL novels (they are not that great if you are not already into the hobby).

2) I got Vengeful Spirit, the new Horus Heresy novel, two months ahead of release thanks to someone bagging 10 copies at the BL Weekender and selling me one, even with Graham McNeill’s signature. It is quite a cracking read, finally using Horus as a narrating character, not just as someone seen through someone else’s eyes like before. He travels to a planet the Emperor visited before becoming the Emperor and that might have a connection to the Primarch Project too, adding some dramatic revelations to  an otherwise rather standard HH story, though the action is as well-written as usual with McNeill or Abnett. I am genuinely curious as to how it is going to end. However, it seems to be a weird ‘coincidence’ (ie GW marketing ploy) that the planet he invades is defended by dozens of Knight Households and every battle scene includes at least one Knight almost managing to kill Horus or single-handedly killing a Marine company or at least a Baneblade.

3) I used the Crimson Slaughter list yesterday in a 4-player game and it worked out well enough. Despite facing Guard, nobody failed a Fear check, but it might have one of those days. On the other hand, my Warlord rolled Shrouded and Shrouded Bikes are great. not to forget the Sorcerer rolling up two Divination powers and handing out re-rolls like candy. Definitely a step up from the Chaos Space Marines Codex, but I am still convinced that 26 Euros is a bit steep for two pages of rules and some background Mat Ward chewed out in one hour or so.

4) Vengeance Batteries are just as bad as I thought. My ally used two in the game, one with the Punisher Gatling Gun and one with the Battle Cannon Turret and the final result was that they spent 4 rounds shelling 5 Ratlings behind a Aegis Line before dropping a Large Blast on top of my bikers (thank god they had a 2+ cover save at that stage. Not being able to choose the target is just a tremendous disadvantage. Our opponents could have easily rendered the Punisher one useless by moving a Leman Russ just slightly closer as it is only S5 and thus would waste all its shooting, come to think of it even the Battle Cannon would have had difficulties with AV14. Maybe if my ally had listened to me and put them on the flanks to enfilade the enemy army, they might have had more of an impact, but I am less than impressed with them so far. I am still going to paint mine to be ready for MWNL, but I intend to use them as terrain rather than include them as fortifications.


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