Warhammer weekend in Nommern

Last weekend saw the fourth edition of Make War Not Love in Nommern and much fun was had by all. I have some pictures I might upload later next week, but as I am fresh off the plane from London, I shan’t be doing that today. As always, it was a fun event, though the number of players dropped a bit this year. A lot of people turned up without army or left after only a couple of games, which I found weird as the atmosphere was very relaxed and there were always people willing to have a game at hand, so why leave so soon? Granted, some people had work commitments, but so many?

Nevertheless, I felt that it was a great event once again, the number of silly comments was high as usual, miniatures got yelled at and called names and all the other good stuff that makes our hobby so great. I was especially surprised to see Thierry bring some of his friends from Austria along, so yes, people are driving 1000 km just to play with toy soldiers on a camping site.

So what about my games then? I found them all enjoyable and it was right to switch from Khorne Daemons to Nurgle Daemons. They were tough and pulled their weight, but weren’t as overpowered as their Khorne equivalents. It made games more balanced and thus more enjoyable for both sides. I never felt that I was clubbing a seal, so I hope I can keep people interested in playing me.

The Necrons got two games in, one where my opponent had the most horrid luck and ended up losing 5 Terminators and a Chapter Master to about 20 Gauss Flayer (AP5) shots. He still tore my centre apart and only the fact that Terminators can’t sweep kept my Overlord and the last remnants of his phalanx alive. In another incident, he unloaded 10 bolt pistol shots into 5 Immortals, then charged them for another 20-odd attacks and didn’t manage to kill off a single one. He was pessimistic about his chances, but if he had rolled about average, he would have had me on the ropes by turn 3. In their second game, they faced an Ork Horde list (I had offered not to run Necrons as they are the hard counter for light infantry lists, but he insisted on playing them). Game ended as I had thought beforehand, I dropped the Solar Pulse in round 1 to rob him of his cover saves for Night Fighting, then unleashed a hail of Gauss fire that dropped Orks by the bucketload. I sent in the Destroyer Lord and Wraiths and even though they all died being sandwiched between two mobs after wiping out a third one, it meant that the Ork push was delayed (basically most of them were still in their deployment Zone by turn 3) and both units ended up in the open in front an Annihilation Barge, a Ghost Ark with Crypteks and 30 Necron Warriors in short range, so I wiped out one unit plus sent the Warboss running whilst crippling the other unit. To add insult to injury, the Destroyer Lord got back up and charged the leftovers of that mob.



My Chaos army fought 3 battles, one against Orks and two against Chaos. Yes, for some weird reason there were hardly any Imperial armies present and only one guy brought Tau and he only turned up on Sunday. The first game was the Relic against Thierry’s Slaaneshi Marines plus Nurgle Obliterators. He had made an amazing looking board with a central factory with detachable roof, in the middle of which the Relic lay. He had first turn but could not reach the Relic, so I managed to put the Plague Rhino between him and the Relic, then block his main unit with the Maulerfiend to keep them away from it. The Plague Marines got out in turn 2, grabbed the Relic and handed it over to the Plaguebearers who ran with it. Meanwhile the Fiend, Nurgle Bikers with Lord and Sorcerer and the Great Unclean One began tying up all enemies getting close to them. He threw in a Contemptor to get rid of the Maulerfiend, but managed to whiff spectacularly and it stayed put until the reinforcements arrived.

In the second game, I played the Scouring (fast attack scores) against Yann’s Orks on his custom city table. My Spawn and Bikers ripped the heart of his army and kept him tied far from the objectives, whilst my Cultists and Plaguebearers had a lovely chat on two objectives. I did lose all of my fast units in the end, but he could not contest any objectives by then, let alone hold them. The highlight for me was the Great Unclean One powering up with Warp Speed, then jumping off a ramp on top of a Battle Wagon to wreck it.



In the final game, I faced off against Adi from Austria and his Alpha Legion (my heart bled in this one). He had a Helbrute, a Contemptor, a Lord of Khorne with Axe of Blind Fury and Terminators of Khorne bodyguard (deep-striking), a unit of Havocs with 4 Autocannons, 2 units in Rhinos and one without with a Special and a Heavy weapon, a Forgefiend, a Vindicator and some Melta Raptor. We played Emperor’s Will with 3 objectives, one in each zone and one centrally. He got first turn but couldn’t do to much because of  Night Fighting. For some reason he pushed his Havocs into a ruin in No Man’s Land about 17 inches from my Maulerfiend, with my Bikers and Great Unclean One also close by. On the other flank, he moved his Raptors aggressively towards my Plague Drones and Spawn. I was luckily to roll up Shrouded for my Warlord Trait, so the Bikers had a 2+ cover save when they got Vindicatored. In my turn, I charged the Maulerfiend into the last few havocs, though the other two units fail their charge. The Plague Marines drive on top on the last objective and the Plague Drones and Spawn wipe out the Raptors to consolidate into a ruin. In the next couple of turn, the Maulerfiend in cover punches the Helbrute to death when it is charged, the Bikers go on a rampage to kill a Rhino, its passengers and the Vindicator whilst the Great Unclean One flattens the Lord and his bodyguard. The Plague Drones tie up the Forge Fiend and the Spawn intercept the last Rhino’s passengers, letting my Plaguebearers sit on their objective in peace and quiet. The Heldrake only gets in by turn 3, but still kills that Rhino before flaming the last Chaos Space Marine unit off their objective.

Looking back, I can say the following about my army’s performance:

The Chaos Lord: did his job, killing things in challenges. He didn’t really need his power fist, but if more Marines had been around, it would have come in handy. He might have struggled against Biker Chapter Masters (Thierry got owned by one) but he never met one. I am considering trying the Daemonheart (2+ save plus It Will Not Die) on him to have him tank wounds for the biker unit.

The Sorcerer: If I wasn’t so keen on being fluffy, I would have dropped the Mark of Nurgle in a heartbeat. Having to take one Nurgle spell made him great instead of excellent. I am still not tired of saying that Divination is bonkers and this confirmed it. Bikers with twin-linked Meltaguns and Ignore Cover are just insane, as is a Sorcerer with re-rolls on everything that can’t be randomly instant-killed by S8 weapons. Job well done, sir.

The Great Unclean One: Managed to roll up Warp Speed in every game to be a Fleet, Slow and Purposeful model. Being unable to run is a shame as he never did anything in turn one anyways, but he still managed to be in combat by turn  in every game and boy did he rock there. Thanks to Warp Speed, he could also do 4-5 S10 Smash attacks per round and thus flattened 2 Chaos Lords and pasted a Battle Wagon before taking out the surviving passengers. He was also insanely tough and 6 wounds make him tremendous against anyone without a high strength Force Weapon.

The Plaguebearers: Took Relics and Objectives and sat on them. I don’t think they actually rolled a single attack in the 3 games, but they did what they were told to do.  90 points of pure value.

The Cultists got my numbers up to 49 and held objectives. In game 1, I also lost the Bikers quite early on to massive fire, so the Cultists had to play meatshield and shield the Lord and Sorcerer from overwatch fire.

The Plague Marines also did their job and meltagunned tanks or soaked fire. I might drop them to 5 and just go with 2 Meltaguns in the future.

The Heldrake: broken as ever.

The Spawn and Plague Drones were mobile and tough. They often died but managed to distract or redirect enemy units long enough for the main guys to do their job. Very good at just sitting there parking in a key enemy unit and dying slowly.

The Fiends: the Maulerfiend got killed in all three games, but still managed to do its job in two. Just the Orks managed to kill it in turn 1, or rather the Gretchin manning the Quad Gun did. The Forgefiend was far better than expected. Being able to cast Prescience on it in turn one to unload on a Rhino or Dreadnought makes it so much easier for this army to at least have a fighting chance of getting First Blood against an opponent who doesn’t advance towards me.

The Bikers also tended to die a lot, but never easily and only after doing their thing. I am considering replacing the Champion with the Power Fist with one with a Combi-Meltagun. I never really needed that Fist and since I have the Lord in the unit, I don’t need him to fight challenges on behalf of the Sorcerer. And if I encounter something too hard that I can’t evade, like a Flyrant, a Power Fist won’t make a difference, but those 15 points will help me upgrade the Lord’s armour. I also ran a second Biker unit instead of the Heldrake against Thierry and they did just as well. Heck, the last survivor managed a suicide run to take out a Contemptor with a close range shot.

All in all, it was a fun weekend and challenging myself to run a fluffy army instead of a powerful one was a refreshing experience.


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