Bargain Bob’s Basement Boothsale: Or, flogging stuff

As I am involved in several forums and facebook groups, I thought I post all my sales here and then drop links there to avoid having to post all of it multiple times.


Old School Dreadnought with Plasma Cannon and Scourge €10

1 Eversor Assassin €10

Unpainted or on sprue

Dark Vengeance Terminator Squad €10
Dark Vengeance Captain €5
Dark Vengeance Helbrutes (2) €10 each

Dark Vengeance Chosen: 10 random ones €10

Necron Ghost Barge / Annihilation Barge €20
10 Necron Warriors (no Scarabs on sprues) €10



Imperial Knight Titan with Rapid-Fire Battlecannon €180

The model has working LEDs in its eyes and was part of an army that won Best Knight Army at the last UK Throne of Skulls and placed amongst the top 8 in the painting ranking.


7 Ravenwing Bikers, 5 Deathwing plus a Captain €30


12 Berserkers and Kharn €20


10 Chosen €10.                                                                     3 Obliterators €30


5 Terminators plus Lord €20                                          2 Rhinos plus 1 Helbrute €35 or 15 each

 Khador bits

Butcher painted

Juggernaught painted

Devastator based red

6 Iron Fang Pikemen without shields unpainted

4 Widowmakers built and based black







2 thoughts on “Bargain Bob’s Basement Boothsale: Or, flogging stuff

  1. Dom says:

    Hey buddy,

    Is the annihilation barge / catacomb command barge still for sale ? If so what’s your price for postage to the uk ? 🙂


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