What I did this week: Some ramblings

This week was a decent week gaming-wise. I had one game on Labour Day with my Vampire Counts army against Roland’s Dark Elves. He was preparing for a tournament this weekend (where he placed second, well done) and I wanted to see if I could fire up some enthusiasm for Warhammer. I forgot to make pictures and don’t want to do a complete battle report as I didn’t ask him in advance if he agreed (and I feel it is cheating asking after the fact). We rolled up the Watchtower, the dreaded sixth scenario, and his army was significantly disadvantaged as his two main units (Witch Elves and Executioners) were each set up to include an Altar of Khaine or a Medusa on her Shrine respectively , so he had to choose between either including the altar and being unable to charge into the watchtower or leaving the altar behind and thus losing a lot of punch. He decided to leave the Executioners without the Medusa Shrine to charge the building. He only managed to kill 8 Zombies in the Tower and 6 more on Combat Resolution, then made the one crucial mistake of trying to soften them up instead of charging again in the second turn. That let my Hexwraith Cavalry that had slaughtered 2 Reaper Bolt Throwers to reform and charge into the rear of the Executioners, slowly grinding them down until they broke in turn 5. This meant that I could get the Zombies out of the tower in round 3 and get my Grave Guard horde (38 plus level 4 Vempire Lord and Vampire Battle Standard Bearer) into the Watchtower. Even if he could get the Witch Elves in position in time, there was no way for him to kill that many guys in time against 4 casters with Invocation of Nehek to recycle them. Nevertheless, it was a very challenging game and maybe I should give Warhammer another go.

On the painting front, I have finished the Space Wolves allies detachment and got started on a Land Raider and Vindicator for my Nurgle forces. Yes, I know that Chaos Land Raiders are rubbish, but I had it standing around and it was either flogging it or repainting it, so repainting it was. I have tried out a new technique applying lots and lots of Agrellan Earth on the model, then spraying it White once the Agrellan Earth has dried sufficiently. Agrellan Earth produces a nice cracked earth effect, meaning that if applied to the long, smooth lines of a tank, it looks as if parts of the armour are breaking apart or rusting. The next steps are to apply lots of washes to make it look rotten like the rest of my Nurgle army. If it works out, I will do the same for the Vindicator. I might also get started on some Plaguebearers next week. The aim is to get the Nurgle force to 2.500 or even 3.000 points. I also ordered a Blight Drone flyer to go with that army.

Finally, I have picked up (actually downloaded) the Wood Elves Armies book and it looks quite nice. I think I can still resist the lure of running a Wood Elves army, but I like what GW has done with them. Giving them both Dark and High Magic truly makes them feel like the neutral side of the Elves, mixing both good and evil. GW  tried to make the Wood Elves more evil the last book already instead of them being a greener version of High Elves, portraying them as truly determined defenders of their sylvan realm who will employ any means to do so and killing anyone for trespassing, be it a noble paladin or a corrupted Chaos knight. I think that some of the new background elements and units really convey that point rather well. I am not too fond of the Knights on deers school of models, but I guess they work as an army. Let’s hope they are finally a force to be reckoned again instead of Warhammer’s pushover.



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