So we are getting a new edition less than two years after the last one? What is this? Magic the Gathering? Part two

The first rumours and White Dwarf pages have started circulating, so the Internet experienced a wave of nerdrage as usual.

The big controversies are the new psychic phase and the way people can assemble their armies, choosing either Battle-Forged and use the traditional FOC to get some bonuses, which we don’t know much about just yet, or go Unbound and just bring whatever they want, provided they don’t double Unique characters and stick to the Allies matrix.  Of course, this was too much for a lot of people and the death of 40k was declared for the seventh time this year alone.

I, for once, have decided to stay calm and see the full rules before flying into nerdrage. First of all, we don’t know yet what these bonuses are. If Battle-Forged armies get a bonus to getting first turn or even get it automatically, going Unbound could just result in your most overpowered units getting blown apart and your unbalanced army losing in turn 1 because it can no longer deal enough damage and does not have enough scoring units to win. Even if not, I am still a firm believer that a balanced force has the tools to win most games even against an unbalanced army. The missions seem to stay the same, so going all in on Riptides also means no scoring units and thus no game wins unless you can table the opponent. Secondly, I have Titans, so what do I care if you bring 10 Riptides? See my Revenant paste two a turn with its Pulsars and then kick a third one to death in the assault. Thirdly, the Internet has been bitching about the current armies for the last one and a half years, so how much worse can Unbound armies be? As the ten Riptides seem to be the current favourite, let’s see how they interact with the current power armies. If you run any kind of psychic star army, you can still power up and laugh off most of the fire, even if the new psychic phase might give the opponent a chance to dispel some stuff. Then if you consider Flying Monstrous Creatures such as the ones Tyranids and Daemons field, they can just get airborne and take on the ones with Burst Cannons, then casually fly over the ones with Ion Accelerators all day long. As can Heldrakes and Bela’Kor armies. So really, is it all that worse than one you can do now? I also strongly disbelieve most people will invest that much money to field those models if they will run out of opponents after two games.

So I will take it with a grain of salt and see what’s going to happen.


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