Nurgle Army, a new take: We need guns, lots of guns

I had two games with my Chaos Space Marine army today against a Ravenwing army. I have been tinkering around with my list after Nommern a bit and although I am happy with the list as it is in the context of a mixed list with Marines and Daemons. I wanted to see what I can do with a single codex and without using Daemons as a crutch. So the new idea is to use more Plague Marines in Rhinos to support the faster elements, or rather to change the army to a more short range firepower list with fast assault elements to tidy up the rest or eliminate difficult targets.


The beginning is as usual

Chaos Lord of Nurgle: Bike, Power fist, Lightning Claw, Sigil of Corruption, Daemonheart

Chaos Sorcerer: Mastery Level 3, Bike, Force Stave, Balestar of Mannon

5 Nurgle Bikers: 2 Meltaguns

7 Plague Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Power fist and Combi-Melta, Rhino

Heldrake: Baleflamer

Forgefiend: 2 Hades Autocannons


and the new stuff

7 Plague Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Power axe and Combi-Melta, Rhino

7 Plague Marines: 2 Plasma guns, Power fist and Combi-Plasma, Rhino

Blight Drone


1 Obliterator of Nurgle


As you can see, this list has lost the Daemons, as well the Chaos Spawn and Maulerfiend (both units were too much of an easy option and I am getting bored of them at the moment), instead fielding 3 full units of Plague Marines to shoot out of the fire points or disembarking to unload a full volley. The rest of the changes adds two pie plates with the Vindicator and Blight Drone, as well as the Swiss Army Knife that is the Obliterator.

I am not too happy with the Plasma Plague Marines unit, so I might drop that to 5 and drop the Champion’s equipment to add some more Cultists to give the army a unit that can camp on objectives.


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