Weekly update: Another game and a milestone for the Nurgle army

So, this was another good week hobby-wise, and this despite having to prepare for an exam where our centre was monitored, so I had to spend a lot of time to watch videos and get to the standard required. Luckily, we managed to do well and so we are good for another year or so.

So, besides preparing and teaching my normal lessons, getting reading for Cambridge ESOL and spending some quality time with the wife and the puppies, I managed to squeeze in some painting time to finish my third unit of Plague Marines, 7 of course with double meltaguns and a Champion with Power Axe and Combi-Melta, with their matching Rhino, as well as a unit of 10 Plaguebearers, in addition to finishing off the Blight Drone I got last weekend. This marks a milestone for my Nurgle Army as I now have reached 3.500 points and thus consider the army to be complete or at least on the way there. As 7th edition is coming next week, I will take that army to play the first couple of months until I have got a decent hold on the new rules. At the moment, I feel very comfortable playing Crimson Slaughter only, with a beatstick Nurgle Lord to take on characters and dominate challenges and a Mastery Level 3 Sorcerer to get Divination spells and buff the army. If the new rules are going the direction we have seen so far, I am definitely going to have a look at Daemonology and use the Sorcerer to Summon Daemons and thus use the Daemon part of the army as a free in-game back up.  Once I have a better handle on 7th, I might consider adding some more units to the army, but that remains to be seen.

I also got a game in yesterday, probably my farewell game to 6th edition. It was a four-player game (The Scouring) between my Nurgle forces (dropping 2 Plague Marines and the power fist and combi-plasma of the Champion in the plasma unit and a Forgefiend) and an infantry Ork army played by Dominic, a player I had seen at the GW in Trier but never played with or against on the one side and Benny’s Ravenwing (who I had faced last week) and Armin’s Sentinels of Terra gunline army, each one of us bringing 1.750 points (so 3.500 per side). As you can see from the armies alone, we were definitely on the aggressive side immediately, as we had two close combat or close range armies against a mobile army and a gunline. We were lucky to get first turn and immediately accelerated forward, which probably won us the game right there as we could get in close before being mauled by their superior firepower.


Our fire was pretty lacklustre in turn 1, though we could exploit a little deployment error and kill off two Land Speeders that had scouted forward and thus gain First Blood and a VP for killing a Fast Attack choice. Their return fire killed off all of my Bikers, though the Lord managed to survive on one wound and the Sorcerer survived unscathed. Armin also brought two Thunderfire cannons in addition to his 10 Devastators and 3 Devastator Centurions (Elites in Sentinels of Terra) and they just started blowing up Orks left, right and centre. He had also positioned the Cannons well enough to avoid them being charged in turn 2 and in general in a way that forced us to decide between going after the cannons or the objectives, which was a brilliant trick. Unfortunately, Benni was not that lucky in his attempt to hold off the orks by unleashing a bolter volley with the salvo 2/4 banner in range (giving him 24 shots per unit) and then charging in, as he lost two attack squads to charges against orks. He also exposed his command squad with Sammael on bike and they got murdered by a Battlewagon full of Nobs with a Warboss and a Big Mek, though Sammael actually held up the unit long enough to kill off the Warboss before being overwhelmed in combat in turn 4 or so. Maybe he should have tried to stay further away from the Orks and shot them up some more. As such, Armin was pretty much on his own by the end of the second turn.

My flyers came in and the Heldrake did his usual dirty business, immediately Vector Striking a Dreadnought to death before it could charge the Lootaz raining fire on the enemy right flank (though admittedly they never rolled more than one shot per turn, so they might have benefitted from a bit more pressure to step up their game), then flaming two units of Scouts in one go. Later on, the Drake flamed some Devastators and tried to Vector Strike a Thunderfire Cannon, but it didn’t amount to much. The Blight Drone came in to shoot a unit of Sternguard led by a Librarian and Lysander himself that had drop-podded behind my lines and immediately killed my Vindicator, thinning their numbers. The Drone then actually went into hover mode, which was great as it has shrouded, so once it lands in terrain, it has a 3+ cover save and dropped some wildly inaccurate templates before holding an objective at the end of the game, being a Fast Attack unit.

Lysander, the Librarian and the Sternguard  Sergeant actually managed to wipe out the 5-man Plague Marine unit and then hooved it back into the enemy deployment zone to take on a second unit. They managed to do quite a bit of damage although the Sergeant died to overwatch, but then fate reared its ugly head and when the Plague Champion hacked the Librarian to death with his Power Axe, Nurgle decided to let me roll a 66 and he turned into a Daemon Prince that then pounded the already heavily injured Lysander in the dirt. To add insult to injury, the Chaos Lord who had been down to a wound by the end of turn 1 had then charged the Centurions, killed their Sergeant to get Eternal Warrior, kept the other two locked in combat, then got charged by a tactical squad, killed their Sergeant to get WS7, killed off the rest of them in the next turn, then got charged by 5 Dark Angels Veterans, killing 3 of them while the Sergeant hid away from the challenge, all the while being punched in the face by the Centurions but somehow still making his saves (I must have rolled about 6 2s on his armour saves, so the Daemonheart was definitely a worthy investment). Then, tired after being in combat for 4 straight rounds, he called the Veteran Sergeant out again and this time he accepted, only to be carved up by the Chaos Lord, seconds after the Plague Champion turned into a Daemon Prince and after I managed to scrounge up a Daemon Prince model as I had not brought mine as I never rolled that elusive 65-66. I guess the astute reader knows by now that this can only go one way or the other and you are right, I promptly rolled another double 6 and the Lord too turned into a Daemon Prince. With two Daemon Princes in charge range of the last Imperial Fists, we decided to call it as there was no point continuing. They had 2 points for killing my Bikers and killing the Warboss, but we controlled ten points worth of objectives, had killed both of their Warlords and had Linebreaker and First Blood too.

Although the end result was pretty one-sided, the game was pretty hilarious and there was a lot of trash-talk, as well as some great tactical moves such as the placement of those Thunderfire Cannons, the use of small units by both sides to redirect attackers or shield vital units. In addition, if the Dark Angels had kept their cool and stayed out of charge range instead of getting in there with flying colours, we would have been with our backs against the wall as the Orks were probably too slow to get into combat in meaningful numbers considering how 20 of them died each time the Thunderfires opened up. A great send-off for the sixth edition.


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