New 40k. What is actually new?

I read through the new rulebook this afternoon and it looks a lot like the old one, barring the psychic phase and new missions. In the following, I want to have a quick look at some of the changes beyond those big two.

– Counterattack now works without Ld check, which is good for Termagants in range of a Tervigon.

– Jinking now forces you to snapshot all weapons, but doesn’t stop you from charging. You must also declare it once you are targetted, you can’t even wait to see how often you are hit. But jinking is now 4+ instead of 5+.

– If a unit has multiple weapons, each weapon type’s fire is resolved on its own.

– Focus Fire no longer exists. Shame.

– D-Weapons got slightly weaker, but might now gain more acceptance for normal play.

– Difficult terrain is now just a -2 to the movement.

– Walkers can no longer Death or Glory a ramming tank.

– Challenge wounds can be allocated into the unit once the challenged/ing model is dead. It is also possible to hit a challenged/ing model with other models if there is no other model left in its unit. So a single model can no longer use the enemy sergeant as a shield to avoid being overrun, nor can you take a Bloodthirster out of combat by throwing a sergeant at him.

– Space Marines no longer gain a free 3″ move when regrouping, though they can still do their regular move.

– Flying Monstrous Creatures can no longer charge the round they switch to Gliding, but only need to take a Grounding Test if they are hurt and only one per phase.

– Chariots cannot be immobilised and grant Relentless to their driver. You can also choose to allocate hits to either the chariot or the driver. This makes Necron Command Barges quite good as the Overlord probably has a decent save or invulnerable to absorb hits. Blasts and Templates always hit the chariot.

– All the Stronghold Assault rules got transferred into the main book, but the models and dataslates are not, so you have to buy the book after all.

– You all know about the new Detachment rules, but it is worth noting that you can have a Battleforged army with any number of Primary Detachments, provided all of them meet the minimum requirements of a HQ and two Troops.

– There is a new set of Warlord Traits that you can only use when playing the Maelstrom Missions (I guess you could also play them without them, but as they all revolve around the Maelstrom objectives, they would be rather pointless).

– The Relic’s movement rules got clarified.

– Graviton has become an USR and it has been clarified that vehicles get a cover save against them (it is in the vehicle rules).

– Interceptor no longer cancels out the fact that Skyfire weapons can only snapshot non-flyers/skimmers.

– Poisoned weapons now need to exceed the target’s toughness to gain a re-roll to wound, matching no longer suffices. So no more re-rolls for Plague Marines against Marines.

– Smashing for double strength reduces you to one attack.

– Swarms have a change of who takes the wounds, but I don’t get it right now.

– Flamers can now harm people in building AND in open-topped tanks. Finally you can flame that Trukk and see some Orks burn.

– Vortex is an USR that gives the weapon Destroyer as before and the blast remains in play.

That’s what I have noticed so far.


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