You play 700 points and I play 1750? Seems fair, doesn’t it?

So I finally got round to my first game of seventh edition yesterday and as the local GW is running a 700 points tournament next weekend, I decided to write a tournament level list for that event. Also, as I was not convinced by the Internet’s doom-mongering about Daemonology, I thought I’d give that a trial run.

I ran:

Herald of Tzeentch: Mastery Level 3

Herald of Tzeentch: Mastery Level 3

Herald of Tzeentch: Mastery Level 3

Herald of Tzeentch: Mastery Level 3, Disk of Tzeentch (I had no other model I could use as a Herald of Tzeentch)

11 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch: Icon of Tzeentch

10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

10 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch

As you can see, a fair and balanced Battleforged army with one HQ and 3 Troops choices.  All units swapped one power for Summoning (I could not get it automatically as each unit already had the Tzeentch Primary power), 3 Heralds could summon new ones, 2 had Cursed Earth to give +1 Invulnerable saves and no scattering in 12 inches and I also had Incursion to create Elite Daemons and Possession to create a Greater Daemon.


I was facing off against an Unbound army, so the new boogeyman of 40k:

Chaos Lord: Power fist, Combi-Melta, Sigil of Corruption

12 Chaso Space Marines: 2 Meltaguns, Combi-Melta and Power fist





We decided to play a Maelstrom of War mission, rolling up number 4, where both players can claim each other’s ´Secure Objective X´cards at the end of the turn, so if your opponent has a ´Secure Objective 3´card and you sit on objective 3, you can claim it at the end of your turn and he draws a new one at the beginning of his turn. This played a huge role in the outcome of the game. Ulf got first turn but I stole the initiative.



2014-06-06 11.30.052014-06-06 11.30.08

Ulf’s unit of Space Marines with the Chaos Lord and the Maulerfiend. The Basilisk and Wyvern were hidden in the building on the left.

2014-06-06 11.33.372014-06-06 11.33.352014-06-06 11.33.32

My deployment. I tried to space out as much as possible to avoid his blast templates.


2014-06-06 11.51.172014-06-06 11.51.22

End of my turn 1 psychic phase. I had Cursed Earth on two Heralds, dropped a Keeper of Secrets in front of his Maulerfiend and Marines to hold them up. Also note the unit of Bloodletters with white bases in the crater, claiming an objective.  I finished my psychic phase by re-casting the Herald who had died to create the Keeper, though I did not get another Possession spell.

The Keeper got shot up by the Chaos Space Marines and dropped to one wound, he/she then charged them and got killed by the Chaos Lord, though not before wounding him once (I rolled extremely poor on my 7 hit on 3 and wound on 2 attacks and he passed 2 out of 3 saves). But it held them up for a round. In hindsight, it should have run behind them to threaten the Wyvern. This would have forced Ulf to move backwards or lose its Wyvern early in the game. Well, hindsight is 20:20.


2014-06-06 11.51.26

Those Horrors and the Warlord Herald with the book got hammered by his artillery and all but one Horror and the Herald on Disk died, so he got Slay the Warlord, First Blood and the Kingslayer card for 4 Victory Points. That hurt. The Wyvern was the hard counter for my army it seems.

2014-06-06 12.14.04

I summoned a unit of Bloodcrushers to deal with the artillery. The Maulerfiend tried to dislodge the Bloodletters from their objective. It would spend the rest of the game there, killing about one Bloodletter per phase and tying with their icon, so I never had to test for Instability.

2014-06-06 12.14.092014-06-06 12.14.10

These Horrors sepnd the entire game hopping between objective 4 and 5, depending on the cards we drew that turn.

2014-06-06 12.46.462014-06-06 12.46.48

The Bloodcrushers are hammered by the artillery, but the lone survivor killed the Basilisk in turn 3, then the Wyvern in the fourth turn. My horror unit on the flank got wiped out, but the Heralds survived and held on to the objectives.


2014-06-06 12.46.502014-06-06 12.46.51

I dropped some new Horrors ahead of the Chaos Marines, then they summoned some Plaguebearers on their flank. Both units got wiped out, but it took him long enough for me to let the Horrors summon a new unit behind the Marines (using their free icon to let them hit without scattering) so they could claim objective 6. The Marines were also within 3 inches, but as his army was not Battleforged, they could not contest. This let me play the Domination objective card (d3+3 cards if you control all 6 objectives).

At that point I stopped taking pictures, but the end result was 22:4 in terms of Victory points, I wiped out his unit of Marines by having all my Heralds leave their units, then dropping 10 instances of Pink Fire of Tzeentch on the unit and the Lord who had split up from them over the course of two rounds, so he was left with a Maulerfiend in combat with the last three Bloodletters, a unit of Daemonettes and another one of Plaguebearers.


During the game I summoned:

2 Heralds of Tzeentch: Mastery Level 2 thanks to the free upgrade I got from the spell: 140 points

1 Keeper of Secrets: 170 points

2 units of 10 Plaguebearers with Plagueridden: 190 points

3 Bloodcrushers: 135 points

1 unit of Horrors with Icon: 100 points

1 unit of Horrors: 90 points

1 unit of Daemonettes with Icon, Alluress and Musician: 115 points

1 unit of Bloodletters with Icon, Bloodreaper and Musician: 125 points

for a total of 1065 points.


Granted, the units arrived piecemeal and could thus be dealt with one after the other and his Wyvern was reaping a fearsome tally, but the fact that I could just claim objectives at will and drop units wherever I wanted confirmed to me that Daemonology is definitely very powerful and even too powerful.  In addition, I played against an experienced player using hard counters like his Basilisk and Wyvern and I could still dominate large parts of the battlefield at will. I will give it a spin on Saturday, but I suspect results to be equally bloody.




5 thoughts on “You play 700 points and I play 1750? Seems fair, doesn’t it?

  1. hagan33Marco says:


    If I’m not mistaken, you cannot summon new units with a unit that has just been summoned!

    Rule book page 26: Conjuration; “…the new unit cannot attempt to manifest conjuration powers on the same turn it was itself conjured.”

    Just as an information 😉

    • Good catch. Well, that’s first games for you. Still had another Horror unit in range that could have done the summoning instead, so it was not that much of a mistake. In fact, at that stage I still had 6 summoning units on the table so I was still well in the game.

      • Allright, from your text I understood that it happened in the same psychic turn from the summoned unit!

        Don’t you think that if your opponent had a more mobile army, he could get his points easier? To me it seems that Maelstrom missions favor a fast army?

        Well I only played one game so far with 7th edition, so I can only guess…

      • You were right, but as I had spare units I could have worked around it. Godd catch, nevertheless. Better in a practice game then in a tournament game.

        700 points are very tight and there are choices to be made. Buying a Rhino gives you more mobility, but it either costs you a meltagun and drops your unit to nine plus Lord or the Lord has to walk alone and die alone. As double special weapons are the only thing that is good about regular Chaos Marines, I would never give the second one up. Also there is a case that could be made that the Maulerfiend’s 12 inch movement plus Fleet on the charge give you a highly mobile unit and your double artillery give you sufficient firepower to table most 700 points armies, so mobile scorers are secondary. As I said, 700 is not much and people can get tabled pretty quickly if they wasted points.

  2. hagan33Marco says:

    Yeah, guess you are right! 700 points can be tabled fast! Did not think about it.

    Good luck at your tournament with your list. Keep the blog updated on it! I’m intrigued how you will do with your army! 🙂

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