Vampire doesn’t count: Giving Warhammer another go

This week is the Whitsun break in Luxembourg, the last holiday before the summer break and as such, the perfect opportunity to get a few games in, especially as the wife is currently working on her university assignments and prefers to have the house alone to work in peace in quiet.

So, killing two birds with one stick, I have to play a game of Warhammer against a Dwarf army tomorrow. I will try to take some pictures and do a proper battle report. Somehow, Warhammer with its fixed battlelines makes it easier to create a coherent report than 40k. And Warmachine is still something I have too little knowledge to do a proper write-up.

This is what I intend to run:

Vampire Lord: Level 4 upgrade, Black Periapt, Talisman of Preservation, Master of the Dark Arts, Additional Handweapon

My go to Lord since the new book came out. Not the greatest fighter, though 6 WS7 S5 attacks are nothing too shabby, even against T5 or 6 Dwarf heroes. He is there to dominate the magic phase and keep the army going. The Talisman should keep him alive until my next magic phase to heal himself back to full wounds again.

Vampire: Heavy Armour, Shield, Dragonhelm, Quickblood, Ironcurse Icon, Book of Arkhan

The General’s bodyguard. I expect lots of Runes of Fire, so a 2+ against Fire is always good. The Ironcurse Icon is a 5 point item that always gets its points back, even in a Vampire Counts army. I can resurrect Wights fast enough, but at least one needs to be alive (to some extent) before I can get started and the Icon helps ensure that. The Book is a good way to get a second chance to cast Danse Macabre, the best spell in the Vampire Lore.

– 38 Grave Guard: Full Command,

The Death Star. They can grind down any unit in the game provided the Vampires can resurrect them often enough. No longer the insane Death Star they were with the Drakenhof Banner but still a brick that smashes just about every opponent and can absorb charges easy enough.


– Vampire: Armour of Silvered Steel, Additional Handweapon, Luckstone, Quickblood

5 S5 WS6 attacks with a re-roll due to Quickblood (ASF with Initiative 6) turn him into an infantry blender. With his armour and talisman, he has a 2+ save he can re-roll once, so he can hold off most infantry assaults well enough.

– 39 Ghouls: Ghast

The second horde. Hits with 39 poisoned attacks, often with a re-roll if under Danse Macabre. Their stats are not that great, but they can just bury people under the weight of poisoned hits they generate.


– Necromancer: Level 2 upgrade, Rod of Flaming Death

He usually carries a Dispel Scroll and leads a unit of Skeletons with Master of the Death to augment their unit size, but I wanted to try out leaving the Skeletons behind for Zombies, so he doesn’t need the Master of the Death upgrade and the Rod is always good to steal dispel dice. A 3+ is easy enough on one dice and even Dwarfs suffer if each model takes a S4 hit, so it can force the opponent to either give up moving a unit or spending dispel dice each turn.

– 32 Zombies: Musician and Standard Bearer

A bunker for the caster and a second line unit to plug gaps in the first line or block flanking attempts. Ideally, I can drop the Necromancer out of the unit before using Danse Macabre to throw them into an enemy they can take out of the battle until a better unit can deal with them.


– 3 times 6 Dire Wolves

Redirectors. I originally wanted 4*5, but I only had 18 models I noticed this morning. Nobody cares if they die but ideally they have kept someone busy long enough for the Grave Guard to flank them.


– 6 Crypt Horrors: Crypt Haunter

My heavy infantry unit to absorb fire, scare people and then deal with small units I can’t be bothered sending the hordes into. Thanks to toughness 5 and Regeneration, they can soak hits and as non-Vampires, I can heal 1+caster level of wounds plus 1 due to the Lore Attribute, so they are much tougher than Vargheists. With Poisoned attacks and stomps, they can deal with most shooting infantry, I just need to keep them away from Warrior blocks or elite infantry.


– 5 Hexwraiths

Because they rock. If there are enough magic cannons, they will die, but if not, they can eat cannons for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


So let’s see tomorrow if it works.




7 thoughts on “Vampire doesn’t count: Giving Warhammer another go

  1. Roland says:

    Good luck, looks like a pretty solid infantry list.
    How many points do you play at? I assume something like 2500? How many fortitude points do you have then if you roll blood & glory? I counted 4 banner with the general included (no bsb?) So in that regard I would say the list wouldn’t be quite balanced (unless of course you don’t play with random scenarios) as your breaking point of 3 would be reached with the loss of a single banner or at least with the death of your general.
    One more useful info: I lately found out killing blows can hurt ethereal units (even if fought with mundane weapons) as the killing blow rule does not cause wounds but kills models outright. Food for thought.
    Another quick tipp: By the end of the month I will participate in a tournament at Saarlouis (2500 pts, Swedish comp with a score of 10, no special characters are about the only restrictions), so if you want to give fantasy a go, maybe this eould be a nice event. Also, I would be available for a test game if you are interested.

    • Ok, that sounds weird. How do you decapitate a ghost?

      It is 2500 points or 2499 to be exact as I have one point left.

      I know that it looks weak to blood and glory, but in that mission I put the Zombies behind the line and pump them to 50+, so they can hold off fast units simply by being too many to kill. The GraveGuardStar will have to look for itself, but if I lose that unit or the General, I am dead anyway.

      • Roland says:

        about killing blow: I know it sounds weird, took me quite by surprise, too. But the wording of the rule “automatically slays his opponent” does not require any real wounds to be dealt, only a 6 diced on the to wound roll. And the ethereal rule only makes ethereal units immune to wounds from mundane attacks. I still remember that unit in my executioner’s back with horror. Seems there are (intended or not) loopholes there.
        As for Blood&Glory: I know the feeling, if my Tomb Guard fall, my army is lost pretty much, too. However, if there was a scdnario where strange outcomes happen, this would be the one 🙂

      • Roland says:

        Still, leaving all chances at victory to the loss of 1 banner (or the general’s death) seems not a good recipe for this scenario, but I guess you are aware of that 🙂 I definitely would love to send my Tomb Guard into your Vampire’s embrace or whatever else I would have at my disposition with killing blow.
        Blood & Glory (and of course watchtower) have a big influence on my armylists because I think especially those two, maybe Dawn Attack in a way, too, work a lot towards making the game balanced. At 2500 points I try (though I don’t always succeed with every army) to never leave base camp without 7 or 6 points of fortitude at least and, of course, you need some kind of infantry to either hold or/and capture the tower.
        Dawn Attack works in a mitigating way, too in the way that I have to think about what parts of my army are able to operate alone and what parts are desperately in need of support. Of course, there are ways to deal with the random deployment of Dawn Attack, but preparing ahead helps. Some armies of course don’t like it in a huge way, so for these armies preparation is the key to victory (I am mainly thinking about tomb kings here where positioning of the key elements and characters is the whole game).

      • The issue with Blood and Glory for Vampires is that they want big units to mitigate the losses they take when losing combat, as one unit of 40 only loses x models, while two of twenty lose 2 x. In addition, infantry Vampire Counts win over attrition most of the time, so you need enough guys to survive until your next magic phase, so units must be big.

        Add to this the fact that Skeletons and Zombies are not that great, so you want Dire Wolves and Ghouls to makeup most of your Core and neither unit can take banners, nor can Hexwraiths or Crypt Horrors, so you are limited in terms of banners.

        I guess I could swap the Vampire in the Grave Guard who bought it in the first round of combat again for a Wight Battle Standard Bearer and a Scroll Caddie Necromancer and split the Zombies into 2 20-Strong units, but then I’d need to buy more Zombies or convert other models as I only have 70-odd Zombies right now.

      • Roland says:

        I hear you, with tomb kings I face similar problems, but they have it a bit easier as they have a few units able to carry banners that can come in handily in short numbers.
        Personally I have never felt overwhelmed with skeletons as they are a good recipe for losing any combat, especially if you throw a monster into the fight. You have a toughness 8 monster? Awwwwwww… Cute… Let me hit then these squishy skeletons and see if your kittycat survives combat resolution (hint: it won’t, and this is with a prince possibly raising their WS to 5+… Vampire count skeletons seem even worse in that regard.)
        However what kind of worked were small blocks (minimum size) of skeletons as roadblocks and redirectors. They die to a man, but in your opponent’s round after he had to charge through them to get at the soft meat in a tomb king’s army, leaving you hopefully in a position to countercharge without giving up combat resolution to some skeletons (or rather skeleton archers as they are more useful to tomb kings) Such small blocks are able to carry fortitude for tomb kings, a similar strategy might work out for VCs with skeletons or zombies? Especially since these guys might be able to march to useful positions, something tomb kings might only dream about.

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