Random thoughts of the weekend: Who would have thought that a blunt instrument requires that much thought?

So, I had another game of Warmachine against Chris’s shooty stealth ninja elves of doom and I managed a narrow win (5-4) after being coached by Chris and everyone else around the table. I used Khador this time and it is such a different feeling from Cygnar that I almost feel like playing a different game. Whereas Cygnar, especially with eCaine is fast, fragile and able to eliminate opponents at range, Khador is just a brick, slow, tough and deadly at short ranges.

I used the army I have outlined before, though I did not get the second mortar I had ordered and therefore decided to drop it (well, not really decided as that implies a choice) and Madelyne Corbeau and instead added in Fenris, a Dragoon Doom Reaver solo. For those of you who are not in the know, a solo is a character working as a unit of one, normally with 5 or more damage boxes, a dragoon is a model on horseback that will first fight on horseback with 10 damage boxes, then continue fighting on foot with another 5 boxes once his horse has been shot (so in essence a dragoon has 15 damage boxes but can’t lose more than 10 in one go as damage from the mounted form doesn’t carry over to the foot version) and a Doom Reaver is a prisoner forced to fight with a daemon blade (or two in Fenris’s case) and driven so mad by the weapon that he has to keep making attacks as long as the last one has killed a model in range, regardless of friend or foe. In the game, he didn’t do much but held a flank of my Winter Guard until they decided that the best way to kill the two Assassins next to him was to fill all three of them with grapeshot. Predictably, he bought it, though one Assassin did too and the other one was dropped to one wound.

As I said on top, I did manage to win, but more due to the fact that Chris pointed out how I could win than anything else. Never the less, I am happy how my Khador guys worked on the battlefield. Dropping 10 Man O´Wars was just like dropping 10 Grey Knight Paladins in a 1000 points game if the opponent doesn’t have access to meltaguns, unsubtle and brutal. Ironically, having so many tough bricks and a pile of expendable bodies in the Winter Guard meant that I was far more aggressive and mobile than with my supposedly mobile Cygnar army where I am still reluctant to advance as I have a hard time assessing threat ranges for enemy units. Here, I just didn’t care that much as I had the armour and damage boxes to wade through most fire and his puny elvish swords bounced off my thick Khadoran steel most of the time.

I love eIrusk and honestly I think it is a sign of good game design that Privateer Press managed to pull off his background as greatest tactician in the world with a couple of extra rules, whereas GW’s greatest tacticians usually grant you nothing but an Outflanking unit or an extra Warlord trait these days. eIrusk’s feat that lets you ignore terrain for a round and stops your opponent from charging or giving orders just captures this idea of him being able to catch any opponent off guard, while his regular ability to let your units in his Command Range charge and shoot through your other guys also highlights his ability to anticipate the enemy’s move and position your guys perfectly. And his spells are an amazing toolbox, though I am still miles away from mastering them correctly and spent most of my focus dropping stealth-ignoring blasts, not that that was bad against an army with 20+ models with stealth.

In conclusion, Warmachine keeps growing on me.

So over to the main 40k attraction for the month, the new Orks. I have sworn to withhold judgement over them for at least a month as I was off the mark (I actually typed mork just there, maybe that is a sign) for the last couple of books. What I see so far is that my Allied Detachment using a Big Mek, 10 Lootas, 3 Kannons, a Dakka Jet and some Gretchin is actually no longer legal as Lootas moved from Elites to Heavy Support, though I guess I can fix that by adding a Mek who is only 15 points these days and then running it as two detachments, whilst still saving a couple of points. The Dakkajet is no longer gaining double shots as I need a Warboss to call a Waagh! but that completely makes sense as I couldn’t really justify my puny Gretchin calling a Waagh! in the first place.

So, Ork players, what do you think of the new book? Give me your input. Yes, I am really desperate for comments at this stage.


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