Unbound and unbroken: Fun ideas to use Unbound lists in a casual game

List 1: Deathwatch Army

a) The Inquisitor’s investigation team

1+ Ordo Xenos Inquisitor or Inquisitor Valeria: because the Deathwatch work for the Ordo Xenos

1+ Inquisitorial Retinue: Every inquisitor needs some assistants.

1+ Tempestus Scions Platoon: Represents Inquisitorial Stormtroopers to lend some muscle to the inquisitor’s party.

b) The Deathwatch

Pedro Kantor counts-as: The Watchmaster. A grizzled veteran with access to the most exotic wargear. Hates all Xenos, but particularly Orks.

2+ units of Sternguard Veterans: Deathwatch kill-teams. The Watchmaster gives them Objective Secured, because they are his Troops equivalent.

0-x Vanguard Veterans: Because some Marines in the Deathwatch might be more prone to assaulting than shooting.

0-x specialists (Librarians, Techmarines, maybe even a Chaplain as even the Deathwatch has some of those apparently)

List 2: Da Red Gobbo’s Gretchin Rebellion

Lots and lots of Gretchin: replace Runtherds with Banna Wava or other Gretchin leaders

Grot Tank Squads

More Gretchin

Killa Kans

Big Gunz

More Gretchin

Additional ideas: If you play Warhammer Orks (or used to), you could get hold of Squig units and use them as Stormboys.


List 3: Tycho on Armaggedon

Brother-Captain Tycho in his Death Company Version

As many Death Company units and dreadnoughts as possible.



List 4: Guardians of the Tomb

A Necron list based on the constructs used to defend their stasis tombs.

Canoptek Wraiths

Canoptek Tomb Spyders

Canoptek Scarab Swarms

Maybe a couple of Crypteks who have been woken up to do repairs.

Maybe some Triarch Praetorians or Stalkers, as the fluff states that the Triarch units did not take part in the Great Sleep, but travelled the stars to protect the stasis crypts the Necrons slept in.


List 5: Creator Rex’s Carnival of Daemon Engines

1+ Warp Smiths, maybe using the rules for the Palanquin of Nurgle to give one +2 wounds to represent the Master of the Daemon Forge (great conversion opportunity, maybe with tracks instead of legs or mechanical spider legs)




Heldrakes (not too many of those)




List 6: The big four

Divide your available points by four. Spent that many points on units from each of the following 4 books:

Codex: Dark Angels

Codex: Blood Angels

Codex: Space Wolves

Codex: Space Marines

See which chapter manages to score the largest amount of kill points and victory points.



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