Idle Musings: Dakkadakka, we got all the Gunz!

As I am whiling away the last day of summer break and the first days of the new term, where most of the time is spent enrolling students and doing training workshops, I thought I should make sure I have my trusty notebook with me to scribble down some new armylists whenever I get a minute. As usual, I will probably discard 80% of the ideas I have and rarely follow up on those meanderings of my mind, but sometimes something clicks and I can come up with a new and interesting armylist. List-building has always been one of my favourite aspects of wargaming and I probably spend as much time with a book and a calculator writing lists than painting and building miniatures and definitely more time than I actually spend playing. However, I do think that trying to write a list or five for a new book gives you a better idea how it works and thus might improve your game, because even if you never intend to play that army, you might face it one of these days. Thanks to modern technology, I always have a copy of a codex within reach and I just love jotting down ideas for unit compositions, combinations of units or even entire armies, going from cutthroat tournament lists to themed lists and back.

Ever since Codex Orks was released, I have been thinking about what to do with it, but I could never find the time and patience to have a real sit-down with it and see how I would build an Ork list. I am still not convinced that a pure close combat list or even a melee-focused list is the way to go, as melee is much worse than shooting these days. But on the other hand, it seems difficult to expect a purely shooting based Ork army to work well given their appalling BS. However, they have access to a lot of hard-hitting weaponry at a low cost due to that low BS, so maybe it would be possible to run a list that contains melee elements such as boyz mobs backed up by shooting units to overwhelm your opponent with massive firepower backed up by a ton of Orkz with axes. I want to use the new Ork Horde detachment from Codex:Orks that allows you to use up to 3 HQ choices and let’s each unit cause Hammer of Wrath hits if you charge more than 10 inches. Actually, part two is optional, but I really would like to have that third HQ choice. Is it worth giving up Objective Secured for? Time will tell. Of course, if I play with multiple detachments, I could just use two Combined Arms detachments and be done with it. But Waaagh! wants what Waaagh! wants.

So here goes:

Warboss: Warlord, Da Finkin’ Kap, Power Klaw, Kombi-Weapon with Rokkit Launcha, Attack Squig: 115 points

–> Gives you Power of the Waagh and two Warlord traits, one from the Ork list and one from the Strategist list. With a master-crafted Power Fist thanks to the Attack Squig, he can punch quite hard.

Mek: Rokkit Launcha: 20 points

30 Ork Boys: Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole, Kombi-Weapon with Rokkit Launcha, 3 Rokkit Launchas: 240

Painboy: Grot Orderly: 55 points

Mek: Rokkit Launcha: 20 points

30 Ork Boys: Nob with Power Klaw, Bosspole, Kombi-Weapon with Rokkit Launcha, 3 Rokkit Launchas: 240

Painboy: Grot Orderly: 55 points

Mek: Rokkit Launcha: 20 points

20 Ork Boys: Nob with Bosspole and Kombi-Weapon with Rokkit Launcha, 2 Rokkit Launchas: 150

10 Gretchin: Runtherd: 35

10 Gretchin: Runtherd. 35

10 Tankbustas: 130

10 Tankbustas: 130

5 Kommandos: 2 Burnas:  80

1 Dakka Jet: 3 Supa Shootas: 130

1 Dakka Jet: 3 Supa Shootas: 130

3 Buggies: Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas: 75

10 Lootas: 140

5 Kannons: 4 Ammo Runts: 102

5 Lobbas: 2 Ammo Runts: 96

That gives you over 100 Orks charging forward, wielding 11 Rokkit Launchas and 4 one-shot Rokkit Launchas in the three Boys units and another 20 Rokkits in the Tankbusta units. The Buggies add another 3 Rokkits with re-rolls and the Kannons are also Missile Launchers that can either fire Krak or Frag missiles with a one-off reroll thanks to their Ammo Runts. The Lobbas add more templates and only need a few Ammo Runts as only one of them gets to use the re-roll anyway, for the first shot of the volley. At this stage, the Lootas and Dakka Jets might feel slightly left out. Admittedly, all that firepower is rather fragile, with only two units having Feel No Pain and the rest relying on their numbers and toughness.

So, what do you think?


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