Weekly update: For coin and country

Welcome everyone to another fabulous episode of ‘What I did this week and what we should all learn from it´. Or something like that.

As a matter of fact, this week was a rather quiet week, as I was slightly under the weather and as such had some trouble getting motivated to do a lot of painting or gaming. I did manage to do a bit of gaming-related reading this week, reading the rulebook for Hordes, the sister game of Warmachine (which is why they are often collectively referred to as WarmaHordes). It was rather interesting as I have played most of my games so far against Trollbloods, who are a Hordes faction and thus behave slightly differently compared to Warmachine armies. The rules are not colossally different, in fact warbeasts differ only slightly from warjacks in so far as they generate their own fury and do not rely on the caster’s, but with the caveat that should they generate more fury than their caster can handle, they might go berserk and end up pummelling one guy right in front of them instead of a target further away or otherwise misbehave. Warlocks are also slightly different from warcasters, as they, as mentioned above, leech fury instead of automatically gaining focus, which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. They also lose the bonus to ARM for unspent focus and instead can redirect damage they take to their beasts, but only if they still have a fury point and the beast can still get a fury point (they have a cap of how much fury they can have). This is a double-edged sword, as it makes them more resistant to high POW assassinations where a flat ARM bonus might help less, but on the other hand it can mean that you will be easy to kill if your beasts are all on full fury or if you have no fury left. In addition, as damage is first done to you, so POW of the strike+dice- warlock’s ARM, then redirected to the warbeast, the warbeast will often take more damage that way as if it were hit directly (where it would use its own, normally higher ARM value instead of the warlock’s weaker one). As a Warmachine player, I had the tendency to think all Hordes armies were more powerful because of how much fury they can generate, but now I feel less intimidated by them, having read the rules in all details.

I also picked up a copy of the Forces of Cryx and Forces of Menoth books, so I am currently working my way through those books to learn more about those two armies. I already have all their cards on War Room, but the paper versions have much more background information and I like reading that too. In fact, I think that this dual system is a great way to satisfy all your customers. The people who are purely interested in gaming and rules only need the cheap cards or War Room, whereas people who also wish to find out more about their army’s background can buy the more expensive books. Furthermore, they even give you the choice between hardcover and soft cover books. Nudge, nudge, GW.

Finally, I went to the SaarCon convention in Saarbrücken (or rather a forest in the vicinity of Saarbruücken as it turned out, where do you people put your universities?) to see the WarmaHordes tournament there and introduce my wife to the wonderous world of gaming. She was a bit worried about the cosplayers running around with gigantic swords, but we explained it to her and now she knows not to talk to them directly, as they are shy creatures that will bolt if spoken to by a woman. The tournament was quite a success for the Trier scene, as Geoffrey made first place with his Khador army (including the Butcher Unleashed, the deadliest caster in the game. Basically, get within 20” of him and you’re dead) and Christian made second place. Maybe our training games helped him. He had one match against eHaley where it definitely paid off. I had also wanted to go there, but I had thought that they had 32 open places and that there was no rush to pre-register. Unfortunately, they only had 18 seats (16, but some people took some time to wire their money, so they ended up with 18 paying players) so I could not register. Of course, 4 people did not turn up, so there were only 14 players in the end. Next time, victory shall be mine. Probably not, but I am going to work on it.

Nevertheless, I did at least some painting, proceeding with my painting schedule of one unit and a character per week. Actually, I managed two characters this week, but I took no pictures as it turns out. I managed to paint Eiryss, Mage Hunter of Ios, the first version of Eiryss, Angel of the Retribution. She is, as the name suggests, a mage hunter, so she specialises in sneaking up on enemy casters, then shooting them to strip them of their remaining focus and stop them from regaining their focus next turn, so she is great when it comes to setting up an assassination. The jury is still out whether Eiryss1 or 2 are better, the second version having better weapons on the whole, but not having the rule that stops warcasters from regaining focus next round. So it depends on how you wish to approach your assassination runs. I also painted Captain Maxwell Finn, Cygnar’s answer to Rambo. He is a Trencher, so he has all the usual Trencher rules like Dig In, Smoke Bombs and Advance Deployment, but more importantly he gives a bonus to hit to all Trenchers who can see him (including Captain Jonas Murdoch, the ranking officer who can join Mercenary units to make them Cygnaran) and also has a special action that gives +2 movement to a Trencher unit (such as the Mercenary unit joined by Captain Jonas Murdoch). He totes a chain gun and is quite handy with a knife, but he is mostly there to let Mercs move faster. And which Mercenaries might benefit the most from a movement bonus? The ones with the shortest legs of course. Which brings us to the unit I painted this week, my Horgenhold Forge Guard. I wanted a break from painting all that blue, so I painted them mostly dark grey, on account of them being Dwarves, then shading it with a generous helping of Drakenhof Nightshade to create a blueish grey effect.


Don’t they have the most adorable little backpacks?

  That´s it for this week. Or rather last week, as all of this happened last week. This week, I am working on a unit of Press Gangers, privateer mercenaries that will join my Caine list and provide him with even more cheap and tough bodies to hide behind. I also intend to paint Lieutenant Allison Jakes, Cygnar’s named Journeyman Warcaster, and maybe take her for a spin on Thursday, when I am going to face Geoffrey’s tournament winning list and try not to get my behind handed to me too much. Wish me luck.


2 thoughts on “Weekly update: For coin and country

  1. Painting Thrall says:

    So, you’re going to Shanghai Soon. Will you take an entire boat of pirates with all of those solos?
    I highly recommend Killingsworth and Greygore’s gang for 20 models with 4+ tough. That some nasty shizzle it is. Maybe even Grogspar, for No Sleeping on the Job? Makes 20 models with 50:50 save and no Knock Down (Heightened Reflexes in those Trollkin).
    He’s on a medium base and can be targeted easily but there’s Killingsworth to heal him every turn. That’ll be 21 points for a self-sustaining, hard as nails meat shield.
    Throw in Blurr and your opponents will feel the hate. (I would do!)

    Soon you can start playing Mercenaries since you only miss a Warcaster and a few ‘Jacks 😉

  2. Actually, I am not really missing a ‘jack or ‘caster, if you count Journeymen…

    I could run the whole package with First Mate Hawk, Bosun Grogspar (who can hide behind a Boomhowler I guess), Killingsworth and Lord Rockbottom, but do I really need that? eCaine’s current list contains the Press Gangers and Rangers for 16 bodies with advance deployment, followed by the Boomhowlers and the Risen, followed by the Forge Guard, followed by Alexia and the Handcannon Brigade. That is what we call a metric fuckton of bubble wrap for young Ali C.

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