Weekly update: YVAN EHT NIOJ

Hello, dear reader! Welcome to another installment of my weekly update, where I talk about painting, gaming and list building.


First of all, let’s start with some news fresh off the press. Apparently, the Blood Angels will get a new Codex next week (or rather the week after, but will be on pre-order next Saturday). I am really looking forward to that, as the Sons of Sanguinius are my second-biggest army and the 40k army I like most. I love the idea of the flawed hero who has to fight his baser urges or end up being shunning by those he wishes to protect. In addition, I love their performance on the board, as they are all about going for the throat and being fast and aggressive on the field. They are fast, bring tons of mid-range firepower from their Assault Cannon tanks, melta-wielding Assault Marines and fast Vindicators. I am not going to make a wishlist or go on about what the codex needs, I just hope the list is not changed too much (Assault Marines as Troops are lovely) and see what we get.

But now to something completely different… stuff that I painted this week and stuff that Christian painted for me. He painted more units for my Convergence army, whereas I followed my plan of doing at least one unit and one character/solo each week. So here goes. Yes, as usual, Christian’s stuff looks much nicer than mine.


These guys are my press gangers, a Privateer Mercenary unit that will be used with eCaine. They are Tough, so have a 5+ if killed, as well as Advance Deployment, so can deploy further ahead.


These two guys are the Lass, the Press Ganger officer, and the guy with the bodybag will become the unit leader should she die. The Lass has Seduction, letting her take control of an enemy model in base-to-base. This lets you move that model into an unfavourable position, then have it wallop a friend too. In addition, the entire unit has Gang, giving them a bonus to hit and wound in melee if another model in the unit is also in reach of the target model. So in essence, once they surround you, they will hurt you. And as the name and the guy with the bag suggest, if they take out a model, they recruit it to another unit of Privateers. While I have no unit to benefit from that, their rule still helps as these models are removed when boxed, so they do not produce any corpse or soul tokens, which some armies rely on. So it is a small blessing. But in essence, they are there to provide 10 Tough, Advance Deployment bodies for 6 points.



This little lady is Cygnar’s named Journeyman Warcaster, Lieutenant Allison Jakes. Unlike the regular Journeyman, she is more melee-oriented with Energiser to move her and her ‘jacks and Sidekick to give her ‘jack and herself (if in base-to-base with the ‘jack) a DEF bonus and immunity to being knocked down, placed or moved. I plan to run her with a Charger for a cheap 7 points package that is high DEF (15+) and can churn out 2 boosted to hit and wound POW12 shots each round.

And now to the nice stuff, i.e. the ones Christian painted. He ‘only’ painted two models, but one of them was rather big.





 Tada! The Prime Axiom! This is the Convergence Colossal and it is the bee’s knees. It rocks a Spike Launcher that can fire up to 6 shots per turn to thin out enemy infantry or kill enemy solos. On its shoulders, it has two harpoon guns that do an automatic point of damage if they hit, but more importantly also drag the target into melee range, then letting the Axiom take a swing with one of his Drill Vice. This is excellent news, as other Colossals are limited to either their melee or shooting attacks each activation. The Axiom however can start with his Accelespiker, then shoot harpoon one, drag somebody in and wallop it, then fire harpoon two (if necessary into the same model), drag and hit again, then spend any remaining focus to buy more attacks with the claws that also automatically hit once the first one has hit. Needless to say, very few things survive being dragged in and hit with such weaponry, but it is possible to work around the drag ability, for example by making sure there is a wall or other model in the way, as models cannot be dragged through others.




And the final model for my army: the Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex. It is a 1-point solo that can be used as an Arc Node if it is within 6″ of a Vector and in the Control Zone of the Warcaster, thus giving you greater flexibility as to where you are going to cast your spells.

I also had two games of Warmachine this week against Khador, rocking my Stryker list against the Butcher Unleashed as promised and then playing Haley versus Koldun Kommander Aleksandra Zerkova, Khador’s resident arcane researcher/spellcaster Warcaster. To make a long story short, I lost both games.

Against the Butcher, I tried to keep out of his range and lay waste to the rest of his army, which I managed to do to some extent, but this meant that he could use the Butcher to dominate the control zone and thus threaten to win the scenario rather quickly. So I was forced to take more risk and try to slay him, but could not remove the last two interfering models, so I had to try to deal more damage to him whilst also whittling down his forces some more. Sadly, this left me exactly within his range and he moved up, cut a swathe through my models with Flashing Blade, letting him attack every model in reach for one measly Focus, then he pulled up Stryker with Impeding Doom and activated his feat for 6 extra Focus, which bought him 6 more attacks at POW16 with 3d6. Yup, Stryker did not make it. I did learn a lot from that game, such as being less defensive, even against a model like the Butcher, as I could have easily taken him out the turn before if I had been more aggressive the first three turns of the game. Also, it gave me a good example on how to run Alexia Ciannor and the Risen, as Geoffrey gave a master class on how to use her to tie up most of my army with annoying Risen. Even though I managed to take her out in turn 2, by then she had done the damage and I had to wade through skeletons instead of being able to use my Forge Guard to smash the enemy Warjack to the ground or try to put pressure on the Butcher, as even he has to worry about POW11 weapon masters.

The second game was cut a bit short as I had to pack up to go to work, so I took an unnecessary risk to kill the enemy early on when I saw what time it was. If I had had more time, I could have tried to play it safe. However, I managed to pull off a few nice tricks that game with my Storm Lances. They ended up being engaged by Kayazy Assassins with an Underboss, who boosts their DEF in melee to 16, making them very difficult to hit for MAT 7 knights. However, they just shrugged and started hitting each other with their lances, as they could not really hurt each other, but each lance hit generates an automatic Electro Leap into the nearest model, so by enthusiastically hitting each other, the Knights managed to kill all the Assassins by the end of the combat, whilst taking only one casualty in return. If I had had more time, that unit could then have tried to turn his flank, riding behind his two jacks to start wailing on Zerkova.

But oh well, lessons were learned and I am eager for another go next week.


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