Weekly update: Suffer the Emperor’s Wrath!

I finally got round to paint some models again this week after not really mustering the enthusiasm for the last couple of weeks. In fact, I think I have actually put off painting stuff to do my taxes instead! Nevertheless, I managed to get some models started this week and even completed one, this Terminator Chaplain for my Veteran Company project.

I was always a bit unhappy by the fact that Librarians and Chaplains in Terminator Armour are unable to get a second melee weapon as they have a Storm Bolter which they can only swap for a Combi-Bolter. Fortunately, the new Blood Angels codex features several Relics that can replace either a ranged or melee weapon, so that would work. First, I wanted to give him Baal’s Fury, a master-crafted, non-overheating Plasma Pistol, which sounded great in theory. I even found a cool looking Plasma Pistol on the Sanguinary Guard sprue I had in my bitsbox. However, when I glued it on the arm, I noticed that Terminators have really thick arms so the Plasma Pistol looked tiny by comparison. I then tried a Plasma Gun instead, but that looked too big to be a pistol. So it was back to the drawing board. With Baal’s Fury out, I had a look at the remaining Relics and found Valour’s Edge, a Power Sword with AP2. Looking at the Sanguinary Guard sprue, I had one Glaive Encarmine left as I gave one guy a Power Fist and it was one of the one-handed ones to boot! Off went the Chaplain’s hand and on went the Glaive Encarmine! While I was working on that, I also got hold of a few extra purity seals and a winged blood drop brooch I put on his tabard. So there you go.




In the game, he can switch between either having 4 S4 AP2 or 4 S6 AP4 attacks, depending on whether he is fighting Marines/Terminators or vehicles/light infantry. I am not too happy about S4 attacks per se, in the case of Blood Angels they are OK though, as they have Furious Charge, so S5 on the charge. As a Chaplain, he also gives the important re-rolls in round 1 of each combat for maximum rock´n´roll. He was originally intended for Apocalypse, but I might give him a go with some Assault Terminators in a Redeemer or Crusader, even if Terminators and Land Raiders are still overcosted in my opinion.

I had five games with my Blood Angels this week, four over the weekend in Nommern and one yesterday. I ran my Blood Angels list from this article with some slight modifications in Nommern, mainly I dropped a Scout and some Meltabombs to add the Battle of Sarosh Legacy of Glory upgrade to the Sicaran, giving it Tank Hunter, Interceptor, Skyfire and Night Vision for a turn, which was great because it accounted for a Flyer (or at least a Drop Pod) each game with that combination. It costs 185 points though, so it is rather fairly costed in my opinion. I won all 4 games there, but they were all nailbiters in which I ended up with barely any survivors in the end.

In one game against Ice’s Necrons, I ended up ahead on victory points as we played the mission in which you could only ever have as many Maelstrom cards as objectives you controlled, which meant that he was unable to draw cards as I had him boxed in in his deployment zone. This did cost me most of my army though, so in the end I had the Sicaran left in a ruin with Stealth (Ruins) thanks to my Warlord trait and a lone Scout standing next to it. As this kept me from being tabled, I won 7-2.

Likewise, I lost most of my army against Yann’s Space Wolves, despite massacring most of his army early on. His forces were ground down to two Iron Priests with 4 Iron Wolves each and a unit of Thunderwolves with all Stormshields, but I just bounced off their saves for 3 straight rounds, then Murderface dropped in and started rolling up my army as they were all locked in melee. In the end, it was Murderface and 2 empty Drop Pods versus Lemartes with 2 Death Company and 2 empty Drop Pods, so I jumped away from Murderfang until the game ended, winning on Maelstrom points.

In the third game, I lucked out against Patrick’s Chaos Marines when my Flamer unit boiled 4 Terminators in one go and Lemartes single-handedly tanked 7 Heldrake wounds. He was also using a Flying Daemon Prince for the first time and wanted to test Tzeentch psychic powers, so he had an expensive model that did not really contribute to the battle before being caught in a crossfire between the Sicaran and Baal.

The final game in Nommern was against Dominic’s Tyranids with a Hierodule and I ended up killing all of them apart from the Hierodule, which murdered a unit per turn, but couldn’t reach the people hiding on the roofs of buildings, netting me another Maelstrom points win.

My game yesterday was against Baso’ Necron army and of course he had a Decurion detachment too. Seriously, two games in and I hate that thing already. Sure, there are some issues with having to buy certain units in weird combinations as formations, but having a general 4+ Resurrection Protocol for everything, including Wraiths and Spyders is just dumb. In a continuation of my last games, I ended up being reduced to a few scattered survivors and more Maelstrom points than my opponent. I did however make two really really dumb tactical mistakes, one being that I moved my Sanguinary Guard forward too far, letting them be charged by the Wraiths who proceded to lock them in combat for six turns and killing most of them. I failed to kill the Spyder for three turns running with 12 Krak greandes per turn, which meant that the Wraiths had access to Resurrection Protcol for far longer than they should have, but if I had shown some restraint, I could have shot then combi-charged the Wraiths to wipe them out faster. The second mistake was to swing the Death Company round to charge two Tomb Blades that had flown behind my army, rather than charging into the Warriors ahead. This put them out of position and let Baso put a Monolith blast right into them, killing 6. Speaking of Monoliths, he had two of them and my army decided to have a fail day in terms of melta shots, needing 10 close range shots to kill the first one and a whopping 13 on the second one. I also Seized the Initiative that game and am not sure I would have won without that, even if I failed to kill the Monoliths early on.

I will post my thoughts on my list and how to evolve it later this week.


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