Update: Renegades and Heretics army project, Codex Khorne Daemonkin and two games with Legion and

And we’re back!

The last few weeks have been quiet on the gaming front as I said in the last post, given that I spent most of the week looking after the dogs and the house while the wife is writing her Master’s dissertation and I also didn’t really get a lot of things done painting-wise.

However, I did manage to get some models built and have been working on my Renegades and Heretics list for 40k. During the last Make Love Not War event, Thierry and I had a discussion about the army in general and the units that are good in it and he opened my eyes to two units in the list that I hadn’t really paid attention to. The first unit is the Rapier Laser Destroyer platform which is a cool artillery unit that fires a twin-linked ordnance S9 AP2 shot for a sweet 20 points, though you need to add in Militia training for 10 points per unit and some extra troopers at 3 points each just to make the unit more accurate and survivable. And while you’re at it, you probably should also add an Aegis Defence Line to hide them behind. But given how cheap everything is in this list, I guess there is a case to be made to splurge out a few points to get a wall to hide behind.

Speaking of cheap, the other unit he pointed out are Sentinels, which are a cool 20 points per model for the standard Sentinel profile with WS2 and BS2, though you could pay a flat 40 points to give them the standard WS and BS3, but that defeats the purpose of keeping them cheap and easy. You can play 3 to 6 in a unit and they can replace their standard Multi-Lasers for Heavy Flamers, which makes them amazing in my opinion. So for a cool 120 points, you get 6 AV10 Walkers that can rush up to the opponent, hit them with 6 templates, then charge for S5 Hammer of Wrath hits and some nominal attacks, but to be honest, you run them for the dirt-cheap flamers. The other way to run them is to pay 80 points, so making them 200 points for 6, to add Heavy Armour which makes them front armour 12 and reduces Crew Stunned to Crew Shaken, thus letting them keep moving even when hit and more importantly making them really difficult to deal with for Marines and other mid-range units as they can only glance them on a 6 with Krak Grenades in melee. Continuing the trend of them being cheap, I found a sweet deal on the Internet where I basically paid for three and got six, so yay! This probably means that I now have to go through with that army though and not just put it into my ‘cool armies I have talked about but never got round to playing’ folder. Oh well.

If we stay with GW, they released a new Chaos Codex: Khorne Daemonkin, which mixes Chaos Space Marine and Daemon units, though every unit in the army must have the Mark of Khorne or be Daemons of Khorne. At first glance, I not impressed with it because it takes away a lot of the best units from the Chaos list, such as Obliterators and Vindicators. In addition, I would have hoped that the fact that every unit must have the Mark of Khorne would be reason enough to reduce the point cost of that upgrade to a more manageable level, as it is one of the least interesting Marks at the moment, giving Rage and Counterattack, both of which are only relevant in the first round of a combat. Furthermore, you can also clearly see that it was mostly a copy-paste job, for instance the rules for Daemons of Khorne specifically add +1 to the Strength of Hammer of Wrath attacks for Chariots (as it did in 6th edition), but in the transition from 6th to 7th, Walkers also gained Hammer of Wrath, so while the Defiler, Maulerfiend and Forgefiend all gained Daemon of Khorne which is fairly pointless given their S10 melee weapons, they did not gain +1S to Hammer of Wrath where it actually would have been useful.  However, what I find most annoying is the fact that the whole codex is sold around the idea of gaining a free Bloodthirster if you kill enough models or sacrifice enough of your units, which is a fine idea by itself, only that GW screwed up the rules, so the ‘free’ Bloodthirster (as it will probably be summoned after you have sacrificed a lot of your smaller and cheaper stuff, but even Cultists are 58 points for 8, so not really cheap) will deep strike onto the battlefield, which means it will be swooping. So if you summon it on turn 2, which is difficult enough, it can go into glide mode at the beginning of turn 3, then finally charge on the fourth turn, at which stage the game will already be pretty much over, especially after 8 units of yours had to die before the beginning of the second turn.

On the plus side, it makes all Daemons unbreakable and replaces the Instability rule, making Daemons more survivable than in a Chaos Daemons list, which compensates for the loss of the Grimoire of True Names and the Portalglyph. Once you get over the annoyance of not being able to live the dream of dropping multiple Bloodthirsters, you will also find that some of the other options on the Blood Tithe chart that are actually quite powerful, such as being able to spend 3 points to give everyone Feel No Pain or summon either 5 Flesh Hounds for 5 Blood Tithe points or 3 Bloodcrushers for 6, which is a decent deal. Furthermore, they got rid of the restriction that mortals cannot join Daemonic units and vice versa, so you can take a nice large unit of Bloodcrushers and add a Chaos Lord to have a way of dealing with 2+ armour units and a Herald to give everyone Hatred to go toe-to-toe with other people’s deathstar units. There is definitely a way to synergise by combining mortal and daemonic units, so there might be some hidden gems somewhere in the book.

Still overall I think that the fact that Khorne is one of the weakest gods, i.e. not Nurgle, and that you lose access to all non-Khorne units makes this list not very competitive.


But enough of the 40k bits and bobs, let’s look at the two battles I got to play yesterday. In the first one, I ran a variant of my eVayl list, dropping a Ravagore from my infantry list to add a Nephilim Bloodseer and the Blackfrost Shard. The Bloodseer is classed as a light warbeast, but it has ARM18 and 22 damage boxes, which is rather tough for a Legion light, considering that some of their heavies are barely more resilient, such as Angelii with ARM17 and 25 damage boxes, which in essence boils down to the same over 3 attacks. It has Flight, so it counts towards the tier 3 requirements of her theme force and thus has no hidden cost added. Its animus shuts down all enemies from upkeeping spells in 5” and adds +1 to the cost of all enemy spells cast in that area. The main reason to buy it is its Telemetry ability, which adds a +2 bonus to all my magic attack rolls to targets in 5” of the Bloodseer. So Vayl has a ‘virtual’ Fury 10, the Hex Hunters have Magic Ability 8 and the Blackfrost Shard 9. As I plan to run this list as my main anti-infantry list together with Absylonia2 as my brickbreaker, having 13 infantry models with really high attack scores and the option to make multiple attacks per round will help me thin down enemy numbers to avoid being overwhelmed by armies that really outnumber me, which is always the case with the traditional 6 heavies lists Vayl likes to run.

I played against Steve, who used Gatormen, an army I hadn’t faced before. He ran two units of Gatormen Posse, each model having 8 wounds and ARM 16 (18 if engaged), access to re-rolls to hit against living models or a DEF buff each round. They were supported by two Witch Doctors, who can make a unit Tough and Undead each turn, and who moved behind the Posses to buff them. He also had a Bokur with Shamblers, which is the Gatormen version of Alexia1, adding a Shambler zombie to the unit each time a living model dies in 8”, a light Warbeast to give Spiny Growth (+2 ARM and deals damage to Warjacks and Warbeasts punching the model) and a Ironback Spitter, a heavy-armoured Warbeast that drops acid templates. Two Croak Hunters were his solos, they are quite good to kill living models as they add an extra damage dice on their Throwing spear attacks. There was also a Feralgeist to jump into dead Warbeasts and a Swamp Gobbers Bellows team to make clouds. Finally, he had a Sacral Vault, the new Battle Engine which can collect souls, then use them to boost its attacks or cancel offensive spells targeting models in 3” of it. His Warlock was Rask, who I didn’t really see a lot of, but he has a feat that reduces line of sight to friendly models in his control area to 5 inches.

We played Two Fronts, a scenario with two 12-by-6-inch control zones, one closer to me and one closer to the enemy. Controlling the enemy one or dominating the friendly one gives you 1 point, dominating the enemy one gives you 2. In each zone there is an objective (yours in your zone, the enemy’s in his) and that objective contests the zone for the enemy until it dies. The enemy objective also gives you a victory point if you destroy it. It also used Kill Box, so if your Warlock is completely within 14” of a table edge at the end of your turn 2 or later, your opponent gains 2 VP. As usual, 5 points win you the game. We both chose the Arcane Wonder objective.

He won the roll and elected to choose sides, taking the one with an extra pond, which is great for Gatormen as they can move through it without penalty, being Amphibious. I went first and deployed my Hex Hunters and Nephilim close to my zone, the Warbeasts and Vayl centrally and the Spawning Vessel and Blackfrost Shard on the other flank. He spread out equally, but put the Sacral Vault closer to my zone and Rusk behind it, with a Posse and a Witch Doctor on each side and the Shamblers going towards this control zone.

As I had first turn, I advanced the Hex Hunters, the Nephilim and an Angelius to threaten the Posse near the pond and the Scythean and Ravagore centrally with Vayl, whilst the pot, Blackfrost Shard and the second Angelius moved towards the enemy zone. The lunch ladies punched each other and killed three of them to spawn a Shredder for Tenacity. I put Refuge and Tenacity on the second Angelius, Tenacity on the Scythean and Ravagore, as well as Occultation on Vayl just because.

He moved cautiously forward, making both Posse units Tough and Undead and putting Admonition on Rask and Fury on the Posse in his control zone (henceforth the right). The Vault gained 3 souls from its own special rule (d3 souls if it has none). He also dropped his feat and his whole army was invisible, barring one Gatormen on the left and the Croak Hunter on the right. Right, so much for my alpha strike.

My plan had been to charge the left Gatormen with my Angelius, killing the first one with a boosted Armour Piercing attack, then overtaking to punch a second one, but without Armour Piercing, then charge that one with the Bloodseer before charging in the Hex Hunters to kill off some more of them, then casting their POW13 shots to finish off the rest. On the other flank, the Refuged Angelius should have killed off a few Gators, then get the fuck out of Dodge again. Now they were without target, so I had to improvise. I wanted to avoid getting alphastruck by him next turn, so I decided to back off with the Blackfrost Shard to the extreme flank to keep them going but without exposing them. The Refuged Angelius could see the Croak Hunter who was not in feat range, so charged him, killed him and overtook into the Gatormen. Without Armour Piercing, it could not kill them with a single swing, but just managed to do enough damage to kill one before Refuging away. Then the Shredder went rabid and engaged the rest of that unit before the Ravagore cast its animus and shot it in the back, because that’s what you get for being a Lesser Warbeast, everyone bullies you. The Shredder exploded and the Gatormen went to a wound each (actually we removed them, then noticed that they have +2 ARM as they were engaging the Shredder), but on fire, which killed the unit leader in his turn. On the left, I could not charge the Gatormen, so I only ran the Bloodseer to get all the Gatormen in 5”, then advanced the Hex Hunters and cast some spells on them, only killing one. The Angelius and Scythean advanced cautiously to threaten his Vault without being exposed themselves. I dropped some Tenacities before the Shredder got killed, as well as putting Admonition on the Angelius in the centre.

In his turn, the Sacral Vault dealt ten damage to the Bloodseer, before the Gatormen in the pond went into the Bloodseer and Hex Hunters, killing the Bloodseer and 3 Hex Hunters, who passed their Terror test. This netted the Vault more souls to go to its maximum of 5. The three surviving right Gatormen tried to charge the central Angelius, but I played it cool and waited until he had used his prayer to get a re-roll to hit instead of +1 DEF and Terror and then moved the first two within reach, only using my Admonition (which was marked by a large counter, so no foul play involved) on the last one to get out of range. The Spitter missed its shot and Rask moved to the side to stay behind the Vault, only barely being within the killbox. The Shamblers moved up, but could not do much. Overall, that could have been worse, but the Bloodseer was down and the Hex Hunters were probably dead.

Time to get some damage in and maybe score a few points. His control zone was now rather empty, as the Posse had charged out of it to get the Angelius, so he had only the Shamblers in there. The Posse was also out in the open and even without Tough as the Witch Doctor had been too far away. So in the end, I moved up the Blackfrost Shard and they shot the three Shamblers in front of the Bokur, then the Refuged Angelius charged the Bokur, killed all the Shamblers on the charge attack, then finished off the Bokur with the third attack. So the zone was empty except for the objective. The Ravagore charged it and murdered it with 4 blows, luckily surviving the POW10 hits it causes. Then the Shepherd went in and took off the Angelius’s fury, because Blight Makes Right. Vayl used her feat, but ended up doing not much as the Vault kept most of his guys safe. She had to waste her double Obliterates on the Witch Doctor, but rolled snakes eyes on the first one and not much more on the second one, so he survived on one wound. Vayl also switched Refuge around on the Angelius on the left. She then walked into the now uncontested zone to dominate it.

The Scythean, having stayed centrally last turn, now had the 3 Gatormen who had failed their charge on the Angelius right in front of it in walking distance, so it walked over, did a perfect 7 damage on the first one with the first scythe, hit it and killed it with the second one, then chain attacked one dead and one on a few damage boxes, so two additionals later, they were all dead. He had been out of range for the Witch Doctor’s Zombify, but as I still had Focus left, the Scythean could have used its Animus to ignore it. This way I could also reload my Spawning Vessel to 3 for a Lesser next turn.

On the left, things did not go so well, the Hex Hunters managed to get a few charges in (he had charged the Bloodseer with 3 Gatormen, two of which having no other models in melee range, which is why he had only killed 3 Hex Hunters in his turn) but only killed a single Gatorman and dealt some damage to the others, so there were still 3 left (one had died when they Hexbolted it the turn before). This meant that there was one in front of the Angelius, threatening a free strike if it charged the Sacral Vault. As they had Fury on them, that could have hurt a lot, being dice -1 on 3 dice. So I had to bite the bullet and ignore the Vault this round. The Angelius therefore charged the Gatorman, hoping to kill it and then Overtake into the next ones after the Hex Hunters had hurt them. However, I missed my boosted armour-piercing charge attack and had to buy two extra attacks to kill one Gatorman, then Refuging behind my objective on full fury. That was when I realised that I had already activated the Shepherd on that flank and could not pull the fury off it, so I would have a problem next turn with Vayl still camping 2 Fury and my Warbeasts having about 10 on them. Still, I went to 3-0 for dominating the enemy zone and killing his objective, so he had to contest the zone or kill Vayl to win.

The Feralgeist that had spent the first two turns centrally without doing anything, ran towards Vayl, triggering her Admonition, which she used to move deeper into the zone, further away from his army. He then moved the Witch Doctor into the zone as well to contest it, but then realised that he had no other model to do so, so cast Sacrificial Strike on the Feralgeist to hit Vayl. She took it like a pro, only suffering a bit of damage and waiting for the Spitter and Sacral Vault to hit her. He moved the Swamp Gobbers past my Scythean to take free strikes, as this would get his Sacral Vault up to 5 Souls, but it only hit one of them. Then the Gatormen went on a killing spree and between them and the Witch Doctor, 6 Hex Hunters died. The leader passed his massive casualties check. Rask moved up close to the Gatormen and killed my leftmost Shepherd to further reduce my fury management and force me to leech from the Angelius as it would otherwise have had to attack my objective and most likely kill it.  The Sacral Vault moved closer to Vayl, ending exactly 10″ away from her to shoot her, rolling 2 shots. Luckily, she yelled ‘No’ and threw a snowball in its face to cancel the first shot with her Quick Draw ability. The second one dealt a massive 14 wounds to kill her outright, but she transferred it, then also transferring the boosted hit from the Spitter, that would also have killed her outright. At least that solved a bit of my Fury problem. We were still 3-0.

In my fourth turn, I leeched from the Angelii and the Ravagore (Vayl took one off with Serenity), leaving only the Scythean on two Fury. It promptly failed its check and attacked the Sacral Vault, dealing 9 damage. As I was curious how much damage I could deal, or mean according to our audience, I first moved the Blackfrost Shard up to kill the Witch Doctor in the enemy zone as well as casting Kiss of Lylyss on the Spitter. Then the Ravagore lit it on fire and dealt some damage to it before the right Angelius finished it off. Vayl Obliterated the last Swamp Gobber and camped Fury. The last Hex Hunter moved around the Gatorman to attack Rask, but missed him. Finally, the left Angelius charged the Sacral Vault and took it apart with one strike. I ended my turn and won 5-0 on scenario.

In the second game, right after the first one, I played against a Retribution army led by Ossyan. This was my first game with Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight and I made a few rookie mistakes during the game. I ran:

Absylonia, Daughter of Everblight







Blighted Nyss Shepherd

Blighted Nyss Shepherd

The Forsaken

Strider Deathstalker

Objective: Effigy of Valour


He ran (if I recall correctly):

Lord Arcanist Ossyan



Mage Hunter Strike Force with UA

Mage Hunter Infiltrators with Eyriss3

Stormfall Archers

Stormfall Archers


Mage Hunter Assassin

Objective: Arcane Wonder (?)


We decided to use Two Fronts again and he won the roll, deciding to take first turn. Overall, he had a very mobile force with lots of models with Advance Deployment, as well as the potential to wreck multiple Warbeasts during the feat turn. On the other hand, I had a clear advantage in terms of heavy units and would be able to kill off his heavies easily enough if I could get a good feat turn. If I managed to weather the storm of arrows long enough, I should be able to turn it into a game of attrition where my higher ARM values and especially Psycho Surgery would give me a clear advantage.

As I said, he went first, Ossyan, the Magister and the Warjacks went centrally, able to dominate or control either control zone based on how I acted. The Stormfall Archers took the flanks. I concentrated most of my force towards my own control zone (the left henceforth), but with the possibility to swing to the right if necessary. The Scythean, one Angelius, the Forsaken, a Shepherd and the Shredder stood close to my control zone, whilst Abbie, Zuriel, a Shepherd, the other Angelius and the Ravagore were in the middle or oriented to the right zone. Then he deployed the Infiltrators opposite my control zone and the Strike Force close to his zone, with the Assassin going to the extreme right. I dropped my Deathstalker opposite the Strike Force and Assassin, where she could move on top of a hill to be DEF19 if necessary. I did not expect her to do a lot as she could not ignore Stealth, but she would be a good deterrent.

He ran most of his force forward, casting Quicken on Hypnos who ran 16 inches and ended up next to his objective with its Imprint on, making itself and the Strike Force around it immune to blast damage. The Daemon advanced less fast, as did the Archers behind the Mage Hunters. Ossyan and the Magister still stayed close to the middle, whilst the Assassin rushed forward to engage the Deathstalker next turn.

I advanced more cautiously to avoid taking the alpha strike in the face. The Deathstalker fell back to sit on the hill and avoid melee with the Assassin. I shifted my force away from the Mage Hunter Strike Force, moving all my Warbeasts except for the Ravagore close to or into my control zone. Abbie cast Fortify on Zuriel, as well as Tenacity on herself and the left Angelius. Because I felt like experimenting, I also dropped Return Fire on the Ravagore (good idea) and Zuriel (bad idea), which meant that Abbie had no transfers. I mean, what can an Ossyan army do to hurt her? She then charged forward towards the left Stormfall Archers, ending her movement on the rear edge of my control zone. The Scythean and one Angelius ran in front of her, the second Angelius was slightly behind them and closer to the centre after killing an Infiltrator with a boosted shot. Zuriel flew up to shield Abbie, before the Shredder moved behind Zuriel to give it Tenacity. The Shepherd hid in the forest on that side to avoid being shot. The Forsaken moved behind the Scythean and absorbed its 4 fury (I had riled it up to maximum fury). The Ravagore cast its animus, then shot a boosted shot straight at Hypnos, but did only a few shield points’ worth of damage, it also set a few Infiltrators on fire. The right Shepherd hid behind it and took off the fury. All in all, I did some damage and kept my force compact whilst still being able to threaten enough of the field if necessary.

Then Ossyan called Feat. Ups.

He moved up and just barely got Abbie into feat range, but also in range of his gun, which he boosted to hit her and drop her DEF by two, as well as doing some damage. Then the right Stormfalls moved up and shot their sniper shots at her, luckily only hitting her directly once. The left Stormfalls could not see her, but they and the Daemon killed off the front Angelius and dealt some damage to the Scythean. At this stage, my opponent rolled really poorly and I should probably have lost both heavies at this stage. Fortunately, my shift to the left had put most of the Strike Force out of range of Absylonia and she only took two hits from them. Nevertheless, she was at 3 wounds left after all that shooting and had been rather lucky. The rest of the Strike Force shot the Shepherd on the right, before targeting the Ravagore. The first shot did some damage to it, but it retaliated with Return Fire and although the shot missed the elf I targeted, it landed perfectly on top of three that had not shot yet and melted all of them. Hypnos fired at Zuriel, clipping Abbie as well, but did not deal any damage to her and only a bit to Zuriel as it was currently on ARM 22 with Fortify and Tenacity. Zuriel used Return Fire on a group of Infiltrators, but only killing one as RAT 5 is not that good without Predator’s Instinct or boosts. The Assassin tried to engage the Deathstalker but she was an inch out of reach outside of his activation. The Magister moved forward.

So how did Abbie survive that? Pure, unadulterated luck. Note to self: ALWAYS KEEP AT LEAST TWO TRANSFERS UP! Time to counterattack and feat, I guess. Abbie began the turn after leeching all fury and not upkeeping Fortify. She cast Psycho-Surgery, called feat, going back to 5 wounds and healing most of her beasts back to full. She had a nice group of three Infiltrators nearby, so she charged them, needing 7s to hit (of course, I could have cast Predator’s Instinct here to be sure but who needs that?). All her initials and two extra attacks later, she had missed all of them and I had to Teleport her away to keep her safe. Still without transfers, because I am a numpty. The Forsaken walked into the group of 6 Infiltrators in my control zone (the 3 Abbie had missed and another trio) and blew them all away. This opened a charge lane for the Scythean to charge the Daemon and it wrecked it easily enough thanks to the +2 Strength from the feat. The Scythean also blocked access to Abbie by putting itself in a position where it would engage anyone from the centre who tried to move in range to shot Abbie. Zuriel activated and cast Predator’s Instinct (and at latest then I should have remembered that Abbie could also cast it) before flying up close to the Scythean to create a wider zone where the enemy could not move through. It also sprayed into the Stormfall Archers, the Magister and Ossyan, dealing a bit of damage to the two characters and killing two Archers. The right Angelius went for Hypnos, punching straight through its shield and its right arm before the Ravagore went in to wreck it. The Deathstalker backed away from the Assassin, moving over a wall to block line of sight from the Assassin to her, hit the first Strike Force member and moved two inches, then missed the second elf she wanted to kill. I scored a point because Abbie dominated my zone. The Shredder cast Tenacity on Abbie and the Shepherd took off its fury.

In his turn, the left Stormfall Archers aimed as they were in snipe range of Abbie, but fortunately all missed and failed to wound on their scatters, needing 9s to hit and 11s to wound on indirect hits. They however managed to kill the Forsaken. The Magister punched Zuriel twice to open a gap, but did not hurt it much. Ossyan moved into the gap and shot Absylonia with his cannon, but only caused two damage to her, but dropping her DEF by two. The right Stormfall Archers and a few Mage Hunters were in shooting range of her, but also all missed or scattered away. The Assassin charged the Ravagore for 6 damage thanks to its Decapitating Strike. The fact that he had lost both heavies and that my 4 heavies engaged a number of his Strike Force reduced the firepower he could bring to bear on Absylonia and it was clear that he could only win by assassination at this stage as he could not clear his zone and only send a token force to contest mine, so I would inevitably win by scenario, but with Abbie’s low health, I would have to keep up the pressure on him to avoid a lucky hit. I went to 2 points to 0.

In my turn, the Scythean frenzied and engaged Ossyan, but missing him. Zuriel did not frenzy on 3 fury, which would have been great as it could have killed the Magister and got rid of its fury if it had done. As it was nearly full on fury, it cast Predator’s Instinct and attacked the Magister, but could not kill it. At this stage, both of our dice were rather crap. The Shredder cast Tenacity on Absylonia, then went rabid and charged the Magister, also failing to hit him. Absylonia healed herself up to 6, as well as removing most of the damage from her beasts. Due to Ossyan’s gun, she could not charge, so instead advanced to the middle, then teleported towards the back of his control zone with two transfers and just barely managing to engage a Mage Hunter to get +4 DEF against shooting. The Angelius killed the Assasin with a boosted attack to free up the Ravagore, which then had an aimed boosted shot into an Archer next to Ossyan, killing the Archer and setting Ossyan on fire. The Deathstalker finally remembered that she was a DEATHstalker and moved over closer to my control zone, killing a Stormfall Archer in the left group, moving into the zone with its Swift Hunter move, then missing the second one. We stayed 2-0, but Abbie was rather safe as barely any elf was unengaged and she felt safe at DEF 20 in melee.

I feel that this was the moment where my opponent made a mistake, as he sent the last few Mage Hunter Strike Force soldiers into melee with Absylonia and the Angelius instead of sacrificing the one who engaged her by moving him out of melee. As he could only move the unit leader to hit her, he could not really hurt her and she kept the DEF bonus. Ossyan (who had lost his fire token on a 1) moved out of melee, taking a bit of damage, then shot her and actually hit her, but I shunted the damage to the Scythean to punish it for failing to kill Ossyan. The remainder of the force could not do much damage, though the Archers still valiantly chipped away at my heavies. The Magister pummelled Zuriel some more. 2-0 and I had a matchball.

I leeched some fury, then had the Shredder frenzy and finally murder the Magister. Zuriel still did not frenzy, so the Shepherd moved over to take the fury off, then Zuriel went in and killed most of the remaining elves with fire sprays. Absylonia still didn’t remember Predator’s Instinct, so needed all her attacks after casting Psycho Surgery to kill the two elves in melee with her. I hope it will be a lesson to me. In the words of Homer Simpson: Es mi dia primero. Fortunately, the Scythean had no such problems and a boosted attack (now with MAT8 as Absylonia finally managed to kill something) later, Ossyan was very flat and very dead.


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