Monthly update: Chaos Cultists army project, part 1

Hi there!

Last month has been quite hectic for me as private life struck very hard, but more on that in a later post. Hobby-wise, I have been working on two fronts, painting and building a new Chaos army for Warhammer 40k and playing my first Warmachine tournament.

The Chaos army I have been working on is something I have been mentioning before, but have taken my first steps towards really building, a Lost and the Damned Chaos Cultists army. Avid readers might remember that I recently played against a version of this list and the discussions I had with Thierry before and after the game influenced some of the choices I have made. I have also been bitten by the painting bug recently, so I have managed to churn out units at a steady pace, which is also kind of essential in an army that will number about 250 miniatures in the end. In fact, we have been joking about using it in a tournament just to annoy the die-hard tournament players out there, because there is no way you can get a game beyond turn 2 in 2 hours if you have to deploy and move that amount of miniatures each turn, especially if some of them can even return to the game after being destroyed.

I have so far managed to paint the HQ, an Arch-Demagogue and his Command Squad, as well as two Enforcers, so I can tick the HQ box as finished.

The Arch-Demagogue will be kept light and simple as far as equipment goes, he is just a simple human after all, so there is no point giving him expensive gear as any serious assailant will murder him. He will be given a Covenant of Tzeentch, because that unlocks Chaos Spawn as non-compulsory troops choices and also lets his unit snapshot on a 5+, so it will give me some anti-flyer tech. He will also receive the Master of the Hordes devotion that lets me field units of up to 30 instead of capping at 20. In addition, any unit of Heretics with a starting strength of 15 or more goes into reserves on a 5+ if they are destroyed or flee off the table, so I could get another wave of warm bodies after the first one has been destroyed. And with T3 and no armour saves, they will drop in swathes. His Command Squad will have a Grenade Launcher, simply because I had one in my Necromunda gang.

The Enforcers are also taken from my Necromunda gang. They are attached to units and give them +1 Ld (maximum of 10) and a re-roll to all failed Ld-checks by shooting a model to make an example of it, as they are in essence  the Chaos version of the Imperial Commissar. In addition, they each have a Combat Drugs Injector that gives their unit Rage, so they can actually overwhelm superior-quality units by virtue of dogpiling them with superior numbers. They also each have a Power Axe, as I could not find a more fitting equivalent of the gigantic chainsaw one carries.

As you notice, all these models are taken from the Necromunda Redemptionists range, as I used to play that gang back in the days. Furthermore, I wanted to make sure my Enforcers match the visual style of my Command Squad, as I see them as the hard core of the heretics, whipping the rest of the army into a frenzy. As the Enforcers will join other units, they should also have a unique visual quality that makes them stand out from the models around them, just like the black-coated Commissars stand out in units of camo-wearing Cadians and Catachans.

A unit of Cultists with 2 Autocannon weapon teams. All models are taken from the Necromunda Delaque range, but I initially bought and used them as Cultists for my 4th edition Alpha Legion army. I have another 10 with another Autocannon team and I plan to run them as a 30-strong unit with the Covenant of Tzeentch, Milita Training and a Chaos Sigil. With the Covenant, they have 3 BS2 Autocannons to down flyers and Militia Training makes them WS and BS 3 for all other shooting. Finally, the Sigil lets them ignore the first failed Ld-check per game turn. They will be sitting behind an Aegis Defense Line and form the fire support of my army.  And should the opponent manage to dislodge 30 cultists from behind a Defense Line they can cower behind at will (being able to still hit on a 5+ even when pinned), they might still return on a 5+.

These two batches will be combined to form two 20-strong units of Cultists with melee armaments. Each unit will contain a Chaos Sigil (the guys with the Chaos symbols in the unpainted batch) and 3 flamers, as I can have one special weapon or sigil per 5 men in the unit. Their job will be to run screaming at the opponent and pray to their dark goes that at least some survive to get there. The flamers will offset their BS2 and also provide overwatch fire if necessary. Once I am done painting the second batch, I will start a final 30-strong melee unit with a Covenant of Khorne (Shred in the first round of each combat) that will be joined by one of the Enforcers.

And these guys will form yet another melee unit or become my artillery crews. I haven’t decided yet.

These Beastmen are the first batch of 10 of my 50-strong Mutant unit.  I have dug through my bits box to find las and stub pistols and I will scatter the pistols all throughout the unit. In addition, I will get some Ungor boxes, as they actually have some ranged weapons (bows) on their sprues, so I get a wide mix of weaponry that can count as pistols and melee weapons in game. The whole unit will be led by a Champion with the Covenant of Khorne and a Power Axe, as well as an Enforcer, so it will have a staggering 207 attacks with Shred on the charge. Admittedly, they will never all make it, but it will take some effort removing them all for most armies. As the whole unit with Enforcer is only 220 points, I guess I will be the winner either way.

My first Heavy Support unit, two Thudd Guns with mutant, erm, Squat crew.

I have actually managed to get hold of most of the units I want for the army, it is now simply a question of painting them all up. As this will keep me busy over the next few months, I will keep you posted and update my blog regularly, at least I hope.


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