Battle report: Moth-Ra versus Godzilla or Eldar versus Knights

I had a game with my Eldar last week, the first since the new codex got released, so I wanted to take them for a spin and as Ulf had just completed his fifth Knight, we took this would be a good opportunity for a 2.250 points game.

I ran: Seer Council with 2 Farseers and 5 Warlocks, CAD with Farseer, double Windriders, Fire Dragons in Wave Serpent, 2 Fire Prisms and a Lynx, CAD with Autarch, Windriders, Rangers and Wraithknight.

He ran: 2 Knight Errants, 2 Knights Paladin and a Warden, one had the triple missile launcher and the other one the Icarus canon on their carapace. Militia Tempestus Detachment: Commissar, Tempest Scion Squad with Volleygun, Taurox Prime. His Knights were in a formation that gave them Counterattack, Overwatch on their non-blast weapons and +1 to all Ion Shield saves to the front. He also had one Knight promoted to Baron, who had +1 to all Ion saves and WS&BS 6, as well as re-rolls in challenges (not that I went anywhere near that guy).

We played a Maelstrom mission, the one where you draw as many new objective cards as you control objectives each round.

I made a lot of pictures, so I will tell the story through them.

Five Knights versus one.

Tempestus Scions hiding on the flank.

Lynx chilling on the bastion (we agreed that he could either charge the Bastion and swing at it until it exploded, then allocate all other attacks on the Lynx or charge with -3″ to reach it straightaway.

Look carefully at that Wraithknight because it failed 6 out of 6 cover saves (some at 3+ as shots were taken through a ruin during Nightfight) and died like a little bitch.

My counterattack kills a Knight when the Seer Council goes to Strength 4 (7 for the Autarch with his Lance), then rolls a ton of 9+s on 2d6. The other one is down to one hull point after the Fire Dragons and Swooping Hawks have a go at it. Next round, it rolls triple 1 on his ‘to wound’ rolls on the Swooping Hawks with his Sword, but breaks them after stomping on one.

Knights advance, but fail to reach the Lynx by rolling snake eyes.

Windriders cheekily grap an objective from behind a Knight, then get stomped in return. Oh well, it’s a man’s life in the Windriders.

5 Guided Fire Dragons in 2 shield arcs of a Knight on 1 Hull Point. Enough said.

I need to kill a unit each in my psychic, shooting and close combat phase for d3+3 VPs and kill every unit within 12″ of objective 1, which is in the building behind the Taurox. Easy, right? Unfortunately, the Commissar passes all 3 4+ armour saves and I cannot get off Mind War as I need all my other psychic shenanigans to stay alive (first world problems), so I only get kills in two phases and as I fail to kill the Taurox, I also need to wait a round for my other objective card.

Knights advancing, but again rolling too low to reach the Lynx, which then promptly rolls a 6 to one-shot a Knight, the only one it rolled in 4 shooting phases by the way.

The Council has finally purged every enemy in 12″ of objective 1 and decides to chill there until the Knight population has been dropped. No need to get cocky.

Windriders grabbing an objective.

The last Knight murdering lesser troops after killing the Lynx in melee.

In the end, I was down to the Seer Council, an immobilised Wave Serpents and two Windriders, while he still had a single operational Knight. In terms of objectives however, I was on 12 points to his 7, mostly because of my Windriders having Objective Secured and being obscenely fast. I had two units in reserves that came in and immediately scored an objective on the other side of the table. That and the two failed charged won me the game hands down.

Regarding the new Eldar, I cannot say much about the Knight as it died turn 1 without firing a single shot. If it had lived, I might have healed it up to 2 wounds, then used it to shoot and charge another Knight, but as it has no D melee attacks and only 2 shots, it would not have been that great against Knights with 3+ front shields. On the other hand, the Seer Council is even stronger now, harnessing Warp Charges on a 3+ and being able to re-roll any number of dice once per psychic phase for each Farseer is amazingly strong. I only rolled up Runes of Fate and Divination powers because I find Telepathy retarded, so I can only imagine how evil those guys are with Invisibility in the mix.

The new Imperial Knights were very funky and it was a blast playing against them. Granted, facing 5 if you are not prepared could be problematic, but as we had agreed to play with those lists, it was no problem. They are powerful and tough, but also many eggs per basket, so each one you lose is painful.


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