Weekly update: Who needs skill when you can have luck?

I have been making quite a bit of progress with my Renegades army, having recently finished another 20-strong unit of ranged Renegades with 2 Heavy Stubbers. As a matter of fact, I am only one unit of 20 away from filling my second platoon and thus all my Renegade platoons. The only infantry remaining at that stage will be the Mutants, of which I have 10 built, 10 waiting in their box and another 30 that I need to acquire at a later stage. I have also made a bargain on a couple of Squat Thudd Guns, so I will use four of those instead of two. At 120 points for 16 S5 AP5 blast templates, they pack quite a wallop for their cost.


I have also recently finished my first Sentinel and I am planning to build another two over the weekend or on Monday. The three of them will be armed with Multiple Missile Pods to rain more pie-plate death onto my enemies. The three remaining ones I picked up will be given autocannons and will form a 5-strong unit with two I have yet to acquire. The good thing is that I have also got the Kataphrons I intend to use as Rapier Laser Destroyers, so I am actually seeing light at the end of the tunnel. Light of course being a bit of an optimistic term, considering I have nigh-on a hundred miniatures left to paint at this stage, some of which are not even built, let alone bought. Well, something to keep me busy over the summer I guess.

So the plan for the next week is to build the other two Sentinels and the Thudd Guns and paint these up. The last unit of Renegades is primed and ready on my desk, but right now I can’t bear the thought of having to paint another unit of infantry, so I will do the artillery first to avoid hobby burnout. I have also ordered some parts for Warmachine models, namely the sword arm of Alexia 2 that broke off when I got her online and the head of Lord General Stryker (Stryker3) that I lost when I dropped Stryker after basecoating him. That should give me enough hobby diversity before diving back into the last 70 infantry of the Renegades army.

UPDATE: I managed to build, base-coat and paint the two Sentinels, the Thudd Guns, as well as building, priming and inking the first unit of Rapier Kataphrons, so I hope to have that unit finished by the end of the week as well. I have also tentatively scheduled a game for Saturday in two weeks, as I should have 1.500 done by then, in fact, I am only missing 3 Sentinels and the second Rapier unit to do so.

IMG_0616 IMG_0615 IMG_0618 IMG_0617

I also managed to get a game in yesterday, playing Chris’s Cryx with my Legion army. I have become a bit bored with Absylonia2, as she is very good at what she does, but also very linear. This means that a clever player can figure out her threat ranges and when she is going to most likely feat to increase her threat ranges, so they can try to reduce the impact of her alpha strike by not putting anything too valuable in her extended threat range. And as she is really all about the alpha strike, that does hurt her a lot. But as she was my high-ARM drop to go with Vayl2, I would need another armour-cracking list to replace her. So after some perusing of the forums, I have decided that the best caster to complement Vayl is Vayl, namely her first version, Vayl, Disciple of Everblight. Unlike Vayl2, who is primarily a control caster that specialises in hit-and-run strikes to chip away at the opponent until the key models no longer have anywhere to hide so she can spell-assassinated them with an Icy Grip dropping their DEF followed by a double Obliteration, Vayl1 is an aggressive caster with a spell suite that can augment her beasts to turn them into murder machines, with a hit-and-run feat to make sure they survive their first attack run and can go for the beta strike after the alpha strike.

Long story short, I mostly played like a muppet, which I guess is par for course for me with a new caster at this stage, but I nevertheless managed to have an out by going for the jugular after losing half my army to Asphyxious 3 and his army. As Gaspy can generate a free spell each round with Blood Boon by simply killing an enemy model and it was the turn after his feat, he was sitting on full health and 5 camped focus, so had 18 damage boxes and 22 ARM. The models I had left to kill him were some Hex Hunters, Vayl1, a Spawning Vessel with 3 corpse tokens, a Seraph, a Ravagore and a Scythean that was too far away from the main battle. Gaspy was in the open and there were a Bane Rider, a Bane Knight and a Nightwretch threatening free strikes. So that was a bit of a puzzle, but I tried to go for it. First, Vayl advanced to be within 9 inches of Gaspy, then cast Incite to give a +2 to hit and damage to her battle group to models within her command, then she dropped a boosted Hoarfrost that actually dealt 6 damage to Asphyxious on dice -6. Then the Hex Hunters activated and tried to kill the Bane Knight and maybe even the Bane Rider to reduce the number of free strikes I would take. No dice as they all rolled terribly. Not good. Then the Ravagore activated and shot Gaspy in the face, doing another 6 damage thanks to Incite and setting him on fire. Only 6 to go, but only the Seraph and the pot were left. I foolishly decided to activate the pot first, spawning a Shredder and having it go Rabid before moving up to Gaspy. It missed its first boosted attack, needing an 8 on 3d6, then hit with the second and at dice -10, it dealt an amazing 5 damage. Wow! Now if only the Seraph could charge without taking all those free strikes. But wait, I have the Scythean who can trample over some Raiders, then buy additional attacks to kill the Bane Knight engaging it, thus freeing it up to shoot Asphyxious with the Incite bonus. Well, it turned out that the Raider Captain engaging the Scythean snuggly rolled a Critical hit on her free strike to knock it down, so no trampling for the Scythean. On the other hand, the Seraph had DEF15 with Tenacity and ARM 17, so it might just survive a MAT6 (8 with back strike bonus) POW13 boosted Weapon Master free strike. Not if your opponent hits and does 16 damage on 4d6 -4, knicking out its mind and reducing it to 1 attack dice (2 with boosting). As Gaspy was in melee due to my order of activation mistake, it unsurprisingly failed to hit him at all, leaving Gaspy on one damage box. But he was on fire. So I pass the turn, Christian fails the roll to have the fire go out and I roll a 6 for the fire damage, resulting in exactly one point of damage, killing Gaspy with exactsies! Yay!


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