Battle report: Renegades versus Space Marines

I recently had the first game with my new Renegades force. As I have not yet finished assembling the army, I agreed with Jean-Claude, my opponent, to play a 1.500 points game.

My list included:

Arch-Demagogue (Master of the Horde) with Command Squad

2 Infantry Platoons: 2 20-strong and 1 30-strong units per Platoon.

3 Chaos Spawn

4 Thudd Guns

3 Sentinels with Multiple Rocket Pods

3 Sentinels with Autocannons

3 Rapier Laser Destroyers

3 Rapier Laser Destroyers

Aegis Defense Line with Quad Gun

  The complete army. Rather a lot for 1.500 points

Jean-Claude played Ultramarines. He ran:

Tigurius (who went all in on Telepathy)

3 Grav Centurions with Missile Nipple Guns

3 5-strong Tactical Squads in Drop Pods, 2 with Meltagun and Combi-Melta, one with Flamer and Combi-Flamer

1 5-strong Tactical Squad with Meltagun and Combi-Melta in a Razorback with Lascannon turret

6 Bikers with 2 Grav Guns

3 Scout Bikers with Grenade Launchers

Thunderfire Cannon

Sicaran with 2 Lascannons and Ceramite Plating

As he had taken an all-comers list just like me, he was slightly mismatched against my force, having a lot of anti-tank weaponry and grav guns. But I guess that is the risk of an all-comers list and an advantage of mine, attacking the meta at an angle by having more bodies than the other side has bullets.

We played Cloak and Shadows, a Maelstrom mission where players keep their objectives secret until resolving them. As usual, we agreed to immediately discard and replace any cards that would be impossible to fulfil.

I won the roll to deploy first and put everything in a long line. The guns all went centrally behind the Aegis, with a 30-strong unit between them and a smaller unit behind them to avoid Drop Pod assaults from the rear.

My Warlord Trait let me Infiltrate three units of infantry, which was a blessing as I had a lot of models to put into my deployment zone. Note the unit of Delaques with cloaks next to objective 3. They held that objective twice for two easy Victory Points.   

On the other side, we have 6 Bikers, a Thunderfire Cannon and Tiberius leading the Centurions.  The Bikers started a tradition of Jean-Claude rolling poorly on armour saves and they failed 6 out of 12 armour saves when targetted by the Thudd Guns turn 1, netting me First Blood and Take No Prisoners, as well as removing one of his most mobile units right off the bat. 

Turn 1, I ran forward with all my men. The Rapiers turned out to be just out of range of the Sicaran, which wisely decided to stay out of their range for the rest of the game. Apart from the Bikers being massacred, nobody died on his side. I got First Blood, Take No Prisoners (destroy any unit to get a point), Objective 3 and Objective 2 next to the Sentinels in the back, so I was off to a 4-0 lead. In his first turn, the Thunderfire got unlucky and only killed two Cultists in the large red unit, though one of them was the Sigil bearer. He dropped two pods, the flamer unit torched 9 dudes in the large unit guarding my artillery and the other one melta-gunning some crew men of my Thudd Guns, but not enough to force a test. He also made the Centurions Invisible, as well as scoring 2 points for Objective 6 and killing a vehicle (a Sentinel).

In my second turn, my dark blue unit on the top left managed an 11-inch (9 plus obstacle) charge and overran the Thunderfire Cannon. The turn after, they are wiped out by the Centurions and the Scout Bikers coming in from reserves. I also wipe out both Drop Pod units thanks to a lot of unlucky save rolls and cause the front Drop Pod to explode.  My Sentinels ping the Razorback. I score another point I think. As mentioned above, he wipes out my blue unit, which fails their 5+ roll to be put in reserves. He also drops the last Drop Pod behind my Thudd Guns to do some more damage on them. However, as he has drawn the Kingslayer card, he combines the fire of the dropped unit and the two Drop Pods to try and kill the Warlord, but I drop into cover and only a single Disciple dies and the Demagogue takes two wounds. He scores some more points for wiping out my unit and holding Objective 6.     I advance on his castle. The Drop Pods and the last Tactical Squad deployed from them are also destroyed. However, my Thudd Guns fail to leave a mark on the Razorback and the Centurions are Invisible again. My Spawn fail to reach the Razorback and take some fire in return. 
  The Spawn fail to charge the unit that has disembarked from the Razorback while the rest of his army castles in the corner. I get a bit nervous as he has actually managed to catch up on points by drawing cards that help him more (I was lucky early on, so it balances out). The red squad is slowly whittled down and fails a charge on the Tactical Squad hiding in the ruin. The red squad ends up being wiped out too. 

At the end of the game, we have a sort of armistice where I cannot reach his units in the castle and his units cannot kill enough of my stuff. The Thudd Guns rain fire on the Centurions and actually manage to bring them down to one and Tigurius after a few rounds, but not having my Rapiers in range hurts a lot.   

His Scout Bikes charge a unit of Renegades, but both units mostly handbag each other and they stay locked in combat until the game ends. In hindsight, I should have removed the Sigil bearer in a melee phase in one of his turns to wipe them out in my next turn. As I had two full units and the Thudd Guns nearby, killing three Bikers would have been eminently feasible. 

In the end, we play 6 turns until the game ends and we manage an 11-11 tie as I had Linebreaker and First Blood as well as 9 Objective points, whereas he had 11 Objective points, 3 coming from a single card. It was a really fun game as our lists were so radically different and I love the way my army plays, just shoving waves of peons closer to the opponent and removing my own models by the bucketload. It helped of course that Jean-Claude is a very nice opponent and he even had a Warhammer soundtrack running in the background to set the mood.

I am going to have my two-months summer holiday coming up and will be painting the rest of the 2.000 points army, as well as hoping to get some games on.


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