Battle Report: Blood Angels versus Crimson Fists

A few weeks ago, I played a game against the Crimson Fists with my Blood Angels. It was a 2000-points game using the Tactical Objectives from the Maelstrom of War missions. We rolled a 1 for the mission, so played the basic Maelstrom mission. Here are some pictures of the game.

2015-07-18 15.41.26

My Sicaran parked on objective 1, where he spent most of the game.


Thanks to the Veritas Vitae, I had two Warlord Traits, one being Move Through Cover (ruins) and Stealth (ruins), the other one allowed me to infiltrate my Warlord and three units. Two of them were the Death Company and Lemartes, seen here threatening the enemy’s right flank.


The other part of my deployment. The Sicaran was at the bottom, the Vindicator in the middle and the Baal on top, with an Assault Squad with my Warlord in front of it.

2015-07-18 15.58.22

Turn 1, I drop two pods with Melta units. They manage to blow up two Rhinos containing Sternguard Veterans, 10 in 1 and 5 in the other. In total, he had 25 Sternguard and Pedro Cantor to grant them Objective Secured. My Death Company moved up, but stayed in cover to gain a 3+ cover save.

2015-07-18 16.14.46

My Melta squad is wiped out by the disembarking Sternguard and the third unit of Sternguard disembarking from their Rhino. More importantly, he drops a unit of Centurions with Gravguns and they unload on the Death Company, but cover saves mean that I only lose 4 in total. The Assault Squad with my Warlord is also mauled by the Sternguard on top and the Devastators in the ruin on the right.

2015-07-18 16.39.042015-07-18 16.39.06

In turn 2, the Death Company charge and overrun the Centurions. My Tactical Squad lands in front of the two Sternguard units near the building and torches 4 in one combat squad and one in the other. My Assault Squad wipes out another combat squad in front of the building whilst the disembarked Assault Squad from the Drop Pod ties up the last member of the other combat squad of that unit.


The Tactical Squad is in turn killed by the remaining Sternguard before the Death Company rip them apart. A Stormtalon arrives from reserves, but does not do a great deal.

2015-07-18 17.13.33

A unit of Scout Bikers outflanked behind the Baal Predator to fire 6 Krak grenades in its rear, but they roll poorly and it is only glanced once. The next turn, a unit of my shotgun-wielding Scouts outflank near them and they and the Predator wipe out the Scout Bikers.

2015-07-18 17.13.30

On the other flank, a unit of Scouts outflank behind the Sicaran, trying to grenade it, but it turns around and guns them down despite losing 2 wounds to a Meltabomb and a lucky Krak grenade.

2015-07-18 17.13.472015-07-18 17.27.28

A last unit of Scouts outflanks behind the Stormtalon, which once more fails to do much of an impression on the Death Company. Annoyed enough, the Death Company turns around and charges the hovering Storm Talon before ending their reign of terror by killing the Scouts.

     2015-07-18 17.13.40

Pedro Cantor and his Honour Guard arrive late in their Storm Raven. They disembark and kill the Vindicator, but fail to reach the Sicaran, so they end up in the middle of nowhere.

Overall, I got luckier than my opponent with my objective cards, though it has to be said that I was more mobile in general, so I could fulfil more cards than he could. Furthermore, rolling the Infiltrate Warlord trait was an important part of my plan, though admittedly I have 4 chances to roll it up each game (two Warlord traits thanks to the Veritas Vitae and the possibility to re-roll each one due to having a Combined Arms Detachment). Nevertheless, it was a fun game and a bit of dice luck on my opponent’s part could have cost me my Warlord’s unit or the Death Company early on, which would have made it very difficult for me to take the game home. A re-match is definitely in the cards.


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