The Sturgening: Sturgis1 vs Sturgis2 (King of the Hill)

The time has come for the final showdown to determine which version of the best warcaster is truly the best… Yes, it was time for a Sturge-off!

I first wanted to replicate their old theme forces, but Sturgis2’s theme brings a ton of Mechanithralls and if Cygnar can do one thing, it is easily remove a ton of fragile infantry, so I decided to go for more modern forces.

Sturgis1 brought a Storm Division list, because nothing takes two Arcane Shields better than two units of Storm Lances. This would also allow me to finally play Sir Dreyfus and Gwen Keller (one of whom is not like the other). A Stormclad is a big beatstick and now a point cheaper and the Cyclone’s Covering Fire combos well with Sturgis’s feat.

Commander Dalin Sturgis – WJ: +30

  • Squire – PC: 0
  • Stormclad – PC: 17 (Battlegroup Points Used: 17)
  • Cyclone – PC: 13 (Battlegroup Points Used: 13)

Sir Dreyfus the Storm Knight – PC: 0

Lieutenant Gwen Keller – PC: 4

Major Katherine Laddermore – PC: 8

Major Katherine Laddermore (Continued)

Journeyman Warcaster – PC: 4

  • Firefly – PC: 8

Stormblade Infantry – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9

  • Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0
  • Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner – PC: 2

Storm Lances – Leader & 4 Grunts: 20

Storm Lances – Leader & 4 Grunts: 20

(Storm Division)


For Sturgis2, I decided to go with a wave of Banes. They hit hard, interact well with the Desecrator (each side got a jack with Accumulator, can you feel the fluff?) which also combos with Sturgis’s feat and should be able to withstand the Cygnaran firepower better than Thralls.

Sturgis the Corrupted – WJ: +31

  • Desecrator – PC: 14 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)
  • Nightwretch – PC: 7 (Battlegroup Points Used: 7)
  • Slayer – PC: 10 (Battlegroup Points Used: 10)

Bane Lord Tartarus – PC: 0
Machine Wraith – PC: 0
Machine Wraith – PC: 0
Machine Wraith – PC: 0

Bane Knights – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

  • Bane Knight Officer – PC: 4

Bane Knights – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15

  • Bane Knight Officer – PC: 4

Bane Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16

  • Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 0

Bane Warriors – Leader & 9 Grunts: 16

  • Bane Warrior Officer & Standard – Officer & Standard: 5

(Dark Host)

Cygnar rolled a 6 to Cryx´s 5, so obviously the dice knew it was on too. Cygnar decided to go first because Sturgis1 wants to cast at least two upkeeps.

Cygnar deployment


Cryx deployment

Round 1:


Sturgis put Snipe on the Stormblade Infantry and Arcane Shield on the left Storm Lances, then teleported forward.


The Journeyman Warcaster put Arcane Shield on the other Storm Lances.


The heat was on, Cygnar ran mostly forward to claim the middle of the board.


Sturgis dropped Parasite on the left riders through the Nightwretch.


For the rest, the Cryxian forces ran up, setting a skirmish line to take the first charge, then counterpunch with the second wave. Both units of Bane Knights triggered their mini-feats to gain Defensive Strike next round. The Desecrator fired a really clutch shot that scattered unto a Lance (dealing one damage), but more importantly putting a 4″ template in front of the Stormblades that would deal an automatic point of damage if they ran through it, thus timewalking them.

Round 2:


Sturgis took a focus from the Squire and upkept both spells.

The Cryxian forces set up a solid defensive line to absorb the Cygnaran charge. If only there was something that could disrup that line… The Cyclone put down a covering fire wall in front of the left unit of Bane Knights, then Gwen Keller hurled a Voltaic Grenade into their direction which scattered beautifully in the centre of the circular zone. The Squire ran up to extend Sturgis´s control zone, then advanced, cast a Lightning Storm into the right unit to kill one and leave a hazard, then feated. It was brutal.


The unit getting dragged through the Covering fire almost evaporated, 8 out of 11 died. The other unit lost quite a few models to the two hazard templates. The photo above shows the casualties of the feat only. Sturgis then teleported away. 


The Storm Lances went in, leaving the Slayer on six boxes, the Nightwretch on ten and the Desecrator on 13 boxes.  For some reason, no systems were crippled. They also killed a few Banes with Electro Leaps. The Firefly and Laddermore used the Machine Wraith to kill three Bane Warriors with Lightning Generators.


Total casualties of the turn. That was brutal!


The Desecrator got full loaded up, but failed to do much, missing two attacks and rolling poorly on another one, so it only dealt 3 damage to one rider in total.


The right Bane Warrior CA used its mini-feat to return two Bane Warriors.


The Bane Warriors waded in and killed two Storm Lances.


Tartarus tried to show his might, but only killed one Storm Lance, leaving the other one on one box.

Sturgis2 charged into the fray and feated, being able to drag in three Storm Lances into damaging race. But as you can see, his dice were cold too and at dice -5, no Lance died. Disappointed, Sturgis made his two initials, but still not killing a model, so he teleported back behind the cloud.

The Slayer threw one Storm Lance into another, but surprisingly only one of them died. The Bane CA on the left used his mini-feat to return one model, then the unit killed two Storm Lances. The Machine Wraith on the left ran into the square zone on that side and the one on the right did likewise. 


The total Cygnaran casualties of the turn.

As all elements were contested, no points were scored.

Cygnar 0 – Cryx 0

Round 3:


The Slayer had taken four damage by standing in the Lightning Storm template, so it was down to 2 boxes and without Movement boxes, so the Journeyman, never missing an opportunity for a cheap shot, boosted its shot and killed it.


Between its regular attacks and electro leaps, the Stormclad killed four Bane Warriors and knocked one down, that got ridden down by a Storm Lance later on.


The Cyclone killed the last two Bane Knights and the Nightwretch. This opened a gap for Laddermore, who charged Tartarus, killing a Bane Warrior with an impact attack, but unfortunately missing her Assault shot, so while she killed Tartarus with her lance, she didn´t take any Bane Warriors out with her Lightning Generator. She then repositioned into the square zone.


The left Storm Lances killed the Desecrator, knocked down one Bane Warrior and leaping into another one to kill it.


Gwen Keller killed the Machine Wraith, who had failed to hit the Storm Lance in the centre. The Stormblades ran in and shot a few Bane Warriors.


Sir Dreyfus leapt onto the flag and Sturgis stepped into the zone too, daring his counterpart to come at him.

Cygnar 2 – Cryx 0


The Bane Warriors decided it was now or never and killed Laddermore (both mounted and dismounted) and a Storm Lance. The Machine Wraith then ran into the circular zone to contest it and the flag.


Sturgis2 charged Gwen Keller, but needed a disappointing three attacks to kill her, as the charge attack missed. As he gets two attacks for one focus, the ´free attack´ he got killed another Stormblade, before he killed another two with another focus.


He then teleported behind a cloud with his two soul tokens.


The Bane Warriors on the right also killed two Storm Lances and the Officer took a huge chunk out of the Stormclad.

All elements were contested, so no scoring took place.

Cygnar 2 – Cryx

Round 4:


Sturgis1 decided to make an aggressive play, charging and killing the Machine Wraith.


The Cyclone shot 4 Bane Warriors.


The Firefly tried to kill the Bane Warrior Officer, but it toughed.

The Journeyman Warcaster put Arcane Shield on Sturgis1, then hid behind the building.


The Stormclad laid into the objective, fortunately rolling low on its first two attacks, so it got three automatically hitting attacks into the objective and killing two Bane Warriors with electro leaps, while also knocking down the Officer with its fist.


The Storm Lances killed the last two Bane Warriors.


Seeing that only Sturgis and a Machine Wraith (on the left) were still alive, Sir Dreyfus leapt onto the enemy caster, but failed to hit him.


The Squire ran unto the flag and with that, Cygnar scored 3 points and won the game. In hindsight, I should have activated differently so Sturgis´s attacks would have happened after the Stormclad had killed the objective, then teleport him unto the central flag and control it, showing who was the true king of the hill.

Cygnar 5 – Cryx 0







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