‘Lasciate ogni speranza voi ch’entrate’ or How to lose friends and alienate people.

Agathon, the Voice in the Darkness (Infernal Master): The message on the scroll is not safe for work or sensitive American readers. No, I am not bitter about being banned for a week from the PP Facebook site for telling someone to fuck off to 40k. At all.

So, I recently sold my Crucible Guard army because they were just not doing it for me anymore. While the army was still ok power-wise, their focus on shooting and the dominance of Syvestro as the best option in the faction made them wear out their welcome very soon. I hope their new owner is having more fun playing them than I had the last few times I ran them.

But that left me with a bit of spare cash to burn and having played against quite a few Infernals lists to prepare for the VTC, I was intrigued and also curious about whether there were people who already wanted to sell their Infernals after less than a year. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it took about an hour for someone on the German forum to reply to my ad in the marketplace subforum and all of a sudden I owned one of everything in the faction for less than I got for the Crucible Guard. A few additions later and here I was with a ton of unpainted resin and pewter.

So while I was wracking my brain on how to paint them up quickly as I had been invited to a Longest Night event three weeks later and as it would wrap up the story of the Grymkin and Infernals conflict, having an Infernal army would make sense, I noticed that a) I only had white primer left and b) I had never used contrast paints to paint an entire army and I had some purple contrast paints staring right at me. Huzzah! And here is what I managed to paint since then.

I am really happy with the results, as the army looks good on the table without taking ages to finish.

Omodamus, the Black Gate (Infernal Master) and Nicia, Hound of the Abyss (Solo): Actually the last models finished before the event and thus the first picture in my file.
Zaateroth (Infernal Master): Painted this morning and finishing off the trio of Infernal Masters.
Four Foreboder Lesser Horrors: Agathon wants to run at least three and Regna might want one too. Also, they come in packs of two anyway. They remind me of something, not sure what. It will come to me, I guess.
Shrieker Light Horror: Mostly there to be attached to Princess Regna if she doesn´t need an arc node Foreboder to take out enemy Asphyxious4 or other problem solos.
Lamenter Light Horror: It will find a place with Zaateroth as it can provide a hit penalty to stack with her feat. It is also a good filler or suicide attacker with Regna.
Tormentor Heavy Horror on the left and Desolator on the right. The core models of my battlegroups. The Desolator can debuff armour and thus support the Tormentors, which will do the main can opening as well as providing board control with Countercharge. There are three more Tormentors and a second Desolator on the pictures below.
Soul Stalker Heavy Horror: Useful to take souls in matchups where I need them. Also with higher DEF and immunity to knockdown in case that ever becomes relevant, for example with Zaateroth.
Alain Runewood, Lord of Ash and Great Princess Regna Gravnoy: The two first solos I painted as they are vital to the army. Runewood gives +1 to the roll-off for first turn, which is important as Infernals want two or three turns before engaging to summon more Horrors and gain an attrition edge. Speaking of summoning, Regna can summon a light or lesser horror each round without needing to sacrifice a solo for it. She also has Deceleration which makes Horrors extremely hard to kill off at range.
Roget d´Vyaros and Eilish Garrity, Dark Seeker: Roget is the caster attachment and has Harmonious Exaltation to make casting cheaper and he can also be a free sacrifice one round as summoning a horror off him costs no Essence. Eilish has Puppet Master and Hex Blast, while his Gatewalker ability combined with Reposition 5 gives him great mobility while casting spells, to score flags or be a sacrifice at a convenient location.
Wretches: cheap utility solos that usually end up being the first to be summoning victims.
The opposite of the Wretches, Valin Hauke is a centrepiece model that has Tactician (Faction) and is thus the glue that keeps the list together without an order of activation nightmare each round.
Umbral Guardian: Ninja Shield Guard that can be stay in reserves until a model gets shot at, at which time it can jump out of reserves and take the shot.
The Infernal Gate makes summoning cheaper, has a great boostable gun and can TK friendly models in 5´of it.
First unit of Cultists plus Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter: Utility unit that keeps the army going by healing Horrors or giving them Essence points. They also get sacrificed to refuel the Master and Regna with Essence points. Orin collects his unit´s souls to get rerolls or deny spells with Arcane Vortex.
The second unit of Cultists with a Dark Sentinel attachment. Not sold on the Dark Sentinel as it is 2 points for not much more than a regular Cultist, but it might be a good filler as nothing else in the list is less than 4 points, so having a throwaway model to fill the last two points might come in handy.

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