Playing Infernals during The Longest Night

In the last post, I showed off my newly painted Infernals army and as I mentioned there, I wanted to take them to a local group´s The Longest Night event. The event´s storyline was the final confrontation between the Infernal invaders and the Grymkin, who attempt to throw them back into the Abyss. The scenario featured a table for each side that would grant a small bonus to models in 3 inches of their Luminal Space, a 5 inch template on their side of the table.

Game 1: Agathon vs Viscount Kozlov (50 points)

My list was: Agathon, 2 Tormentor, 2 Foreboders, Infernal Gate, 2 units of Cultists (one with Midwinter2), Runewood2, d´Vyaros, Regna, Eilish2, Wretch.

The opposing list was Kozlov, Destroyer, Devastator, 11 Assault Kommandos (1 Flamer), Lord Longfellow (due to the scenario), Carriage, Sorscha0 with a Rager

Deployment: My gate deployed on my Luminal Space
Khador goes first and pushes forward. I turn Runewood into a Tormentor, drop a Shrieker and advance.
The Gun Carriage rams one of my Tormentors but does little damage. The rest of the Khadorans advance. Kozlov feats for more speed and Unyielding. As his special scenario rule dealt d3 damage to each model casting a spell in 12″ of one of his models, I felt so much on the backfoot that I decided to go for a spell assassination here (after the game, we realised that it would only do d3 to the first model casting each turn, so not that penalising). Eilish put up Puppet Master, Orin killed two Cultists for rerolls, d´Vyaros used Harmonious Exaltation and one Foreboder flew into two inches of the good Viscount, then the other one flew behind the first one after a Tormentor threw away the ARM25 Devastator. Agathon then drops a Hellmouth, killing the Foreboder but pulling Kozlov closer and then executing him with Dark Fires.
The second game was 75 points vs Hexeris2 with a Mammoth, Zaadesh1 with two heavies and some Cataphracti.
I begin, advancing and summoning a Desolator.
My opponent advances slowly and crucially decides to only advance the Mammoth and shoot with it instead of running to threaten my centre, so it does negligable damage and is out of position.
I advance and tie up the Mammoth with an Umbral Guardian. The rest of my force spreads out. He charges in with an Ancestral Guardian and the Gladiator, eating two countercharges on the way in. Poor die-rolls mean that my heavies survive, though the Desolator is almost crippled.
Agathon does his thing, putting Curse of Shadows on the Mammoth and killing Zaadesh with a boosted Hellmouth. He also summons a second Desolator out of Roget. The Cultists heal the Desolator that was almost killed by the Gladiator, then it charges the Mammoth, sprays it and heals some damage to it. The Guardian causes a decent amount of damage too. The next turn, the Mammoth kills the Desolator and Hexeris takes control of Tiberion, but the game is essentially over, the second Desolator kills the Mammoth and the two Tormentors that had absorbed the shooting and melee of the Incendiarii walked into them and wiped them out. Even Tiberion fell when faced with two Tormentors and Hexeris was on his own, so chose survival over valour.
For game three, I played Omodamus with 3 Tormentors and a Lamenter in 50 points against Mackay with a Vulcan, an Interceptor and some other models. A ton of shooting against a pure melee force, but on the other hand the scenario asked for three models of any kind in the zones, so my force had better chances of scoing than a force with only 9 models. I go first and make a fourth Tormentor.
He moves up and shoots me, but Deceleration putting the heavies at ARM21 made damaging them very hard, so I could heal most damage with the Cultists. I summoned a Desolator.
The next turn, he scored a point and shot me some more, but crucially wanted to score his zone, which put Mackay within 11 inches of two Tormentors, so I just had to move Omodamos up, my Tormentor charged the Vulcan and the Desolator charged through the building thanks to the feat to spray Mackay, but couldn´t reach her in melee. Still, with Synergy at 1 and -2 ARM from the spray, the first Tormentor dented her and took all her focus and so the second one killed her with two attacks.


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