Return to Solomachine: Durgen Madhammer vs Omodamus, the Black Gate (King of the Hill)

As Covid restrictions have once more forced us to go into lockdown mode, it is back to Solomachine, which gives me an opportunity to try out a few casters I have always wanted to play, one of them being Durgen Madhammer. After some deliberation (and because I really wanted to play more games with Infernals), I decided to have him face off vs Omodamus, the Black Gate.

My Durgen list was:

Durgen Madhammer + 29

  • Reinholt, Gobber Speculator: 4
  • Ghordson Earthbreaker: 35

Stannis Brocker: 0 (7)

Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire: 0 (7)

Sergeant Nicolas Verendyre: 4

Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord: 4

Anastasia di Bray: 3

Steelhead Gunner: 3

Steelhead Halberdiers (max): 11

Steelhead Halberdiers (max): 11

Steelhead Halberdiers (max): 11

Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (max): 18

Steelhead Cannon Crew: 0 (6)

(Soldiers of Fortune)

The list tries to leverage the Primed spell to get mileage out of Steelhead Halberdiers and Cavalry while also having a credible assassination threat with the Earthbreaker´s knockdown torpedoes, buffed by the theme bonus which gives all solos Mark Target. Finally, Alexia and Dr. Nick give the list some recursion.

Omodamos, the Black Gate +28

  • Lord Roget d´Vyaros: 4
  • Tormentor: 12
  • Tormentor: 12
  • Tormentor: 12
  • Tormentor: 12

Infernal Gate: 12

Umbral Guardian: 0 (6)

Great Princess Regna Gravnoy: 0 (6)

Hermit of Henge Hold: 0 (5)

Alain Runewood, Lord of Ash: 5

Eilish Garrity, the Dark Seeker: 5

Valin Hauke, The Fallen Knight: 7

The Wretch: 4

Cultist Band (max): 7

  • Master Preceptor Orin Midwinter: 4

Cultist Band (max): 7

(Dark Legacy)

It is Omodamos with a horror brick and just as subtle as the aforementioned brick.

Thanks to the theme force reroll (both sides had a +1 bonus to go first) and after both sides rolling the same result three times in a row, Mercenaries won the roll-off and decided to go first.

Deployment: both armies and a view from the side.

Round 1

Durgen puts Redline on the Earthbreaker and charges the Infernal Gate.
The rest of the force runs up, staying just out of shooting range of the gate. The Earthbreaker is zipping across the field with Speed 7 and is going to try to kill the Infernal Gate next turn.
Eilish Garrity runs up…
… and turns into a Soul Stalker.
Regna summons a Shrieker. Cultists fuel up both summoned Horrors.
Omodamos also puts up Synergy and Locked Horns, after Roget has put Harmonious Exaltation on him. I summon a Soul Stalker here because I need Synergy and Locked Horns and am thus somewhat limited in what Horrors I can summon without going to 0 camp.
End of round 1. Both sides are moving up aggressively.

Round 2

Wary of the Countercharge threat, a Halberdier runs to engage a Tormentor…
… and promptly gets countercharged. Luckily, Set Defense keeps him alive.

After the Steelhead Halberdiers move in, three Cavalrymen charge and kill the Tormentor.

Anastasia does Anastasia things and murders Runewood.
Rest of the turn: the Earthbreaker easily drops the Gate to 3 boxes and mauls a Tormentor, though unfortunately it misses once and thus doesn´t kill the Tormentor. Durgen shoots the Gate, but the Umbral Guardian materialises to take the shot, promptly dying to the shot. Thanks to Reinholt´s Reload ability, Durgen finishes the Gate off regardless.
Casualties sans the Infernal Gate.

The Soul Stalker kills the three Halberdier that ran to engage it.

The Tormentor shrugs off two free strikes from the Halberdiers and kills both Cavalry warriors, then snacks on them to heal the few wounds it took from the free strikes.

Regna kills a Halberdier, then takes a rider out with a free Hellfire.

The Wretch uses Fly´s Kiss to kill a Halberdier, which then explodes and kills his mates.

Roget uses Harmonious Exaltation and moves up, Omodamos then turns him into a Tormentor for free and casts Locked Horns for two before attacking the Earthbreaker. This also brings the Synergy count to its maximum of 3. The Tormentor then finishes the colossal off.
A lot of casualties on the Mercenary side.
Erm, also the three poor Infernalists who got sacrificed for the cause.
Bottom of two view: the shiteth hath hitteth the faneth.

Score 0-0

Round 3

Durgen feats after receiving a Reload from Reinholt, then drops a Carpet bomb on top of Orin and Regna. Regna has to burn through three transfers and Orin kills off two Cultists with Self-Sacrifice. Durgen´s second shot is an Incendiary round that kills Regna and sets Orin on fire., killing a third Cultist, plus one that is hit and killed along with him.
Alexia summons three Thralls and gets in position to collect more souls. The Thralls charge Valin, but only one hits and so Valin stays alive on two boxes.

The Halberdiers duly provide her with more souls.

The leftmost Halberdiers charge the Soul Stalker, but leave it on three boxes due to Locked Horns. Anastasia sighs, rolls her eyes and charges it in the back to kill it. On the right, the other Halberdiers and the last Cavalryman kill a Tormentor and severely damage another one.
End of turn. Still no scoring but both sides have been depleted.
Thanks to the souls gained by his Horrors last round, Omodamos has a ton of essence this turn.

The fire on Orin goes out and he uses Annihilation and a liberal use of soul tokens to blow away the last rider, Dr Nick and a few Halberdiers to gain more souls.

The Tormentor eats a few Halberdiers to raise Synergy by one.

Omodamos activates, feats, throws three Breath of Corruptions into the Halberdiers that killed the Soul Stalker with Anastasia, then moves forward and uses Flashing Blades to kill even more dudes. Synergy count: 2

The bottom Tormentor kills two Halberdiers and shrugs off the Primed damage. Synergy count: 3
The Wretch is still surprised to have reached turn three without being turned into a Horror and kills two members of the Cannon Crew with Fly´s Kiss. Due to Take Up, the Cannon survives.
The final Horror has been healed back to the middle circle by Omodamos and thanks to Ghostly and +2 Speed from the feat, it can walk up to Durgen without taking a free strike.
With MAT 10, dice+3 damage and rerolls from Orin, it is no surprise that even 4 focus points cannot save Durgen and he dies.
Other casualties of the turn.

A bloody game with few survivors and many wild dice swings, though the ending was somewhat of an anticlimax.


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