My cousin Vinnie: Vice Scrutator Vindictus vs Durgen Madhammer (Solomachine: Spread the Net)

As the pandemic is still keeping us locked down, this week´s game will be another game of Solomachine. As Durgen didn´t get to show off his skills last time, he would be up again this time, facing off versus a caster I have been using on Wartable a bit recently, Vinnie D.

Here are the lists I used:

Vice Scrutator Vindictus + 29

Sanctifier: 14

Reckoner: 16

Menite Archon: 8

Menite Archon: 8

Hand of Silence: 7

Champion of the Order of the Wall: 8

Champion of the Order of the Wall: 8

High Paladin Dartan Vilmon: 0(6)

Wrack: 1

Choir of Menoth (min): 4

Holy Zealots (max): 12

Monolith Bearer: 3

Holy Zealots (max): 12

Monolith Bearer: 3

Initiates of the Order: 0 (7)

Initiates of the Order: 0 (7)

(Faithful Masses)


Durgen Madhammer: + 29

Reinholt, Gobber Speculator: 4

Earthbreaker: 35

Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord: 4

Steelhead Gunner: 3

Anastasia di Bray: 3

Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire: 0 (7)

Stannis Broker: 0 (7)

Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye: 4

Steelhead Cannon Crew: 0(6)

Steelhead Halberdiers (max): 11

Steelhead Halberdiers (max): 11

Steelhead Halberdiers (max): 11

Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (max): 18

(Soldiers of Fortune)

Deployment from both sides. Durgen rolls higher, but decides to go second because otherwise Vindictus could use his feat bottom of one to timewalk right into the scoring part of the game. This also gives the mercs a better side.

Vindictus puts Defender´s Ward on the centremost Archon and Penitence on the Zealots on the right.

The Menite forces run forward to take up space.

Durgen puts Primed on the cavalry and Redline on the Earthbreaker after it has activated.

Both sides have taken up space but try to stay out of threat ranges.


Vindictus upkeeps both spells, casts Admonition on himself, advances behind the forest, then feats and considers his work done.

Turns out that just out of threat range is not that important when lobbing tons of AoEs at the opponent. With Fervour, the Zealots kill on 6s regularly and 4s if there is an Archon nearby.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is b7d778f7-d348-44b3-9e87-dc876f3d0050.jpeg

Top of two view.

Top of two casualties.

Anastasia comes in behind enemy lines to contest the flag. Unfortunately, she needs to run to contest.

Alexia uses three souls to create three Thrall Warriors, which then move to engage the Archon. One of them actually connects and deals five damage.

Some Halberdiers are volunteered and run into enemy lines, then Durgen and the Cannon use them to drop AoEs into the frontlines of the Zealots. One of the shots scatters onto the Menite Archon and kills two Thralls.

Bottom of two. Neither side scores a point.

Menoth 0 – Mercenaries 0


The Champion rather humourlessly rides down Anastasia, then repositions back to the flag.

Having dispatched the last Thrall with its Swift Vengeance attack, the Archon flies up and kills more Steelheads with a Thresher attack, then the Initiates charge in to kill more of them.

After replenishing their numbers with Greater Destiny, the Zealots on the right rain more firebombs into the Steelheads, who really started reconsidering their life choices. This clears enough space to let the Reckoner toe into the zone to hold it.

(There should be a picture here, but there isn´t one, obviously) On the left side, the Zealots also replenish their numbers and drop more firebombs into the enemy rearline, killing the cannon crew and more Halberdiers. This clears the left zone and the Sanctifier moves in to score it.

In the centre zone, there aren´t any mercenaries left, so with Vindictus toeing the zone in the rear, it is controlled by the Menite forces. This gives them a huge scenario lead.

Menoth 4 – Mercenaries 0

The Steelhead Cavalry ride down some Zealots and contest the left zone. However, the one tasked with killing the Champion jamming the Earthbreaker fails to kill him, so Stannis Broker needs to finish him off, barely managing to do so. Alexia summons three more Thralls, one of whom moves over to control the left flag, while the other two charge into the centre.

The Gunner sprays down two Zealots.

The Earthbreaker kills off the centremost Menite Archon.

The last Halberdiers and Sergeant Nic endeavour to kill the other Archon, but fail to kill it.

Deciding that now is as good a time as any, Durgen feats and blows apart most of a Zealot unit with a Carpet Bomb shot.

The turn´s casualties.

As the zones are all contested and both sides control a flag, points don´t change much.

Menoth 5 – Mercenaries 1


The right Initiate kills the penultimate Halberdier to free up the other unit of Initiates.

They then try to kill off Reinholt to be able to score that zone again, but roll a three on their Combined Attack and miss him.

The Choir sings the Hymn of Battle on both warjacks. The Reckoner aims and fires a boosted shot into the Earthbreaker. The Sanctifier turns two souls into focus and due to Hand of Vengeance and Hymn of Battle, it pummels the Earthbreaker nearly into submission, so Hand of Silence charges it, riding down the last Halberdier as an afterthought, then destroys the Earthbreaker with his charge attack.

With the colossal down, the Menite forces simply run in to contest the right flag, then win by scoring the left flag.

Menoth 6 – Mercenaries 1



I wanted to give Durgen another go, but unfortunately he disappointed again. I guess the list wasn´t doing him many favours, as he couldn´t really use Primed and Redline to good effect. He is quite fun to play, but maybe it is the hallmark of lower tier casters that they cannot cope as well with changing circumstances, such as Vindictus´s feat denying charges and shooting for a turn.

Vindictus did his job well, but didn´t really do much other than timewalking the enemy. I guess ´only ´timewalking the enemy for a turn is pretty decent for a second tier caster, but I find him rather boring to play to be honest. I might give him another go in the Exemplar Interdiction theme with a truckload of medium-based Exemplars.


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