Prepare the rubber glove: Goreshade, Lord of Ruin vs Karchev the Terrible (Invasion 2)

And we are back after a bit of a lockdown-enforced break. Not that I got to play against an opponent in real life this time, but I spent a good part of the last few weeks keeping some tiny land mammals from killing themselves, which does take up a bit of time.

So the fight this time uses two casters I have always liked the look of, but didn´t really get around playing before the lockdown. I have played both of them a few times during that period, but haven´t put them into battle reports on the blog. Before the game, I was also a bit worried that it would be a lopsided game as Cryx vs jack-heavy Khador used to be a terrible game for the latter.

My lists were:

Goreshade, Lord of Ruin with two Deathrippers and two Slayers, Asphyxious 4 with a Shrike, 3 full units of Mechanithralls with 3 Brute Thralls and a Skarlock Commander each, 2 Necrosurgeons with Stitch Thralls. 2 Machine Wraiths, Hellslinger Phantom in the Black Industries theme.

I call this list ´Undead Sex Magic´ and the idea is to return as many Thralls as possible each round until the opponent has either clocked themselves or run out of models to kill them with. With 42 models with Advance Deployment or Ambush, it can take space early on and then refuse to give it up again. The incorporeal models are usually there to contest or score flags, Asphyxious is the trouble shooter / wrecking crew and Goreshade provides another Dark Shroud, can single out solos, especially juniors, and keep the feat in his pocket to threaten assassinations.

Karchev the Terrible with two Kodiaks, two Devastators, a Marauder, a Juggernaut and a Greylord Adjunct, a Widowmaker Marksman, Kovnik Apprentice Kratikoff with a second Marauder, Underboss Vizkoya, Yuri the Axe, 2 units of Kayazy Eliminators in the Jaws of the Wolf theme.

I really want to write a nuanced tactical essay here, but the list is basically just ´Shove ARM 20 models with 34 boxes into the opponent with Countercharge or Road to War until they can´t kill ARM 20 anymore.´ It does that very well though and subtlety is hard to do when playing versus yourself.

Neither list got to have Ol´Grim as I didn´t want to proxy him twice. A Kayazy Underboss played Underboss Vizkoya in this game.


Cryx wins the roll-off and goes first, deploying one unit of Thralls in Ambush and otherwise just presenting a wall of necrotic flesh and rusted steel.

Khadorans deploy more centrally as a wedge of steel to ram into the Cryxian forces. As one of my 5″ templates is still with the person I last played against in real life, only one forest is put down before the game.

They all look like toy soldiers from up here.


The McThralls run forward. The Stalker on the left then advances and jumps in the middle of them, stabbing one of them in the back. The Necrosurgeon collects its corpse. Goreshade then puts Infernal Machine on it and casts Mockery of Life to return the killed Thrall.

Goreshade then puts Scything Touch on the Stalker on his right.

The rest of the undead army moves forward to put pressure on the enemy.

Faced with a pile of Mechanithralls coming closer and closer, Karchev puts up Battle-Charged and the warjacks advance to just outside of their threat ranges. The solos and Eliminators all stay behind them, except for the ones on the right which run a bit forward. The flanking models are all turned to face the sides, should the Ambushing Thralls come in.


The Thralls come in on the left side.

One of the Brute Thralls actually manages to roll the 11 to hit and kill one of the Eliminators.

The Cryxian forces push further up, staying just out of charge range of the Khadoran heavies.

Karchev goes first and switches Battle Charged for Road to War, he then sprays down three Thralls, which lets the Kodiak on the right move forward. I will be using the three inch widget under the Kodiak for all the Road to War moves.

Someone (not sure at this point) shoots another Thrall and the leftmost Devastator also advances 3″.

The Kodiak then charges into the wall of Thralls, making a Steam Cloud to kill a few of them, then punching the Brute Thrall it charged into the face to let the Devastator move 3″ forward.

The Devastator then charges forward and uses Rain of Death to blow even more Thralls to smithereens.

The Devastator on the left hurls itself into the gap Karchev has made, then uses Rain of Deat, killing multiple Thralls as well as two Brute Thralls. It also injures the Necrosurgeon but rolls too low to kill her.

The Marksman shoots the Necrosurgeon, now that all its Sacrificial Pawn targets have died.

The Juggernaut, being moved by Road to War, then charges into the gap on the right and kills the other Necrosurgeon as well as another Brute Thrall. And just like that, eighty percent of the recursion engine is gone.

On the right, the Kodiak charges into the Thralls that came in from Ambush last turn and kills a few (after the Eliminator ran away from them), while the Marauder wades into the right zone and kills even more Thralls.

Both sides hold a flag.

Cryx 1 – Khador 1


The Deathripper walks behind the Eliminator, then boosts an attack and kills her.

The Stalker with Scything Touch on it engages the Marauder and Devastator, but does little damage. The remainder of the left unit charge in and do a bit more damage. The Ambushing Thralls then charge and kill the Kodiak that charged them, as well as damaging the Marauder. It remains standing on two damage boxes. The Caine Wraith then shoots it and sets it on fire, but twice fails to break its armour.

The left Machinewraith charges the Juggernaut and actually dings it up for quite a bit, then has it move around and attack the Kodiak. The Stalker, the Shrike, Asphyxious and his gang all go in and kill the Kodiak, as well as contesting the flag.

Cryx still control their flag, Khador has theirs contested.

Cryx 2 – Khador 1

The Marauder doesn´t die in a fire and the Devastator and Marauder kill the Stalker and more Thralls.

The heavies on the right kill more models, including the Stalker.

Crucially, the Juggernaut misses Asphyxious twice and leaves him on 11 boxes despite using three focus points on him. Underboss Vyzkoia tries his luck at killing him, but misses the attack to pull himself closer to Asphyxious. The Marauder uses Combo Smite to slam the Devastator into Goreshade, but it comes up short. However, the slam flattens more Thralls and the Deathripper.

The Marksman kills the Hellslinger Phantom after it revealed itself to shoot the Marauder.

At the end of the round, neither side scores a point.

Cryx 2 – Khador 1


The Shrike does what Shrikes do and tramples over Underboss Vizkoya and the Kayazy next to him, then misses Yuri the Axe with its beak.

The Thralls finally drop the Marauder and then also do a bit of damage on the Devastator.

The Machine Wraith makes the Juggernaut hit the Marauder with its Ice Axe.

Together, Goreshade and Asphyxious kill the Juggernaut and Marauder. The Devastator is still going strong, but knocked down and out of control range.

Neither side scores any points this round.

Cryx 2 – Khador 1

The öast Kayazy kills the Machine Wraith. The Devastator gets up, but does very little. Yuri hacks a hole into the Scavenger.

Karchev and the Devastator clear out the left zone.

Khador scores the left square zone.

Cryx 2 – Khador 2


The Deathripper moves back into Goreshade´s control area and he uses a boosted Syphon Bolt to kill Sorscha.

Goreshade and Asphyxious join forces and together, they kill the Kayazy and the Devastator. The light kills Yuri and sprints over to the zone.

Cryx scores the right zone.

Cryx 3 – Khador 2

Karchev easily kills the Deathripper and the Marksman runs to the flag, scoring two for Khador.

Cryx 4 – Khador 4


Goreshade rides to the flag and uses Mockery of Life to bring back two Stitch Thralls. That unit moves to the south to be able to contest next round. Asphyxious and his Murder Monkeys move to the centre to charge in next round.

Both sides score two points.

Cryx 6 – Khador 6

Same deal on the Khador turn as neither side can contest each other.


Asphyxious charges the Markman and Devastator, finishing both of them off.

Cryx scores two, Khador zero.

Cryx 10 – Khador 8

With no way of killing Asphyxious and keeping Goreshade from scoring at the same time, Khador concedes.



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