Solomachine: The weapon (masters) of choice: Goreshade the Cursed vs General Ossrum

In this week´s battle report, I wanted to face off an old classic of MkIII competitive Warmachine, General Ossrum, against a caster that hasn´t really made his mark on MkIII so far, Goreshade the Cursed, or Goreshade2 as he is colloquially known. One reason is that I am playing a lot of Mercenaries right now and also have just painted quite a few Riot Quest models, as seen in last week´s game, so Ossrum and his new friend Stone Lord Guvul Godor (or Stone Lord GG for the cool kids) would be a perfect fit for that. I have also just finished painting quite a few Cryx warcasters, one of which was Goreshade2.

Ossrum´s list was: General Ossrum with a Driller, a Gunner, a Blaster and a Basher, 2 Hammerfall Siege Crawlers, Harlowe Holdemhigh, 2 Artillery Corps and two max units of Forge Guard, one of which has the Stone Lord.

It is a classical Dwarf list, lots of heavily armoured weaponmasters backed up by recursion, even more now with Guvul Godor, and some high-powered artillery.

Goreshade brought: 2 Deathrippers, 2 Stalkers (the 28-point special), Bane Lord Tartarus, 3 Machine Wraiths, a Soul Trapper, two max units of Bane Knights with Officer, one max unit of Bane Warriors with CA and a max unit of Bane Riders.

MOOOAR BANEZ! with a solo package that can alternatively be summoned or sacrificed for the feat.


The Dwarves won the roll-off and decided to go first, what with Ossrum having three upkeeps. I forgot the two inches of extra deployment for them, but simply added plus two inches to their first turn move.

The Dwarves being imaginative and deploying in a straight line. Each unit has a Battle Engine nestled into the formation and each Engine could also reinforce the other side´s unit if necessary.

The Banes deploy very symmetrically after putting down their two four-inch clouds to block off the centre. The Stalkers stalk forward without a care in the world because who is going to hit a Stealthed model turn 1?


Ossrum drops Fire for Effect on the right Siege Crawler and Snipe on Harlowe.

The Dwarves run forward, their heavies trample and then reposition to be faster than if they ran. The left engine uses its Periscope to remove Stealth from Stalker II and Harlowe moves up and tries to shoot it, but unfortunately he missed 3 times and does only 3 damage the one time he hits.

Apparently the Cryxian force moves so fast that I completely forget to take detailled pictures and also shake the camera too much. What should be said is that Goreshade puts Mirage on the Bane Warriors, which hide behind the central clouds to use Apparition to place into them and then charge through them next turn, and Curse of Shadows on the Siege Crawler on the right of the photograph. For the rest, the Banes brace for impact as Ossrum´s Dwarves can be deceptively fast for SPD 4 models.


The Crawler with Fire for Effect and Curse of Shadows charges the Deathripper that arced the Curse onto it. It then lets rip into the Bane Knights in front of it and kills 4.

Ossrum toggles Fire for Effect to the second engine, feat and sits on one focus point, having upkept two spells.

The Spray Bunny sprays down three Bane Knights and the officer loses his lance when he sees that.

The Gun Bunny shots a Bane Knight on the left, then Stone Lord GG and his gang go in, thanks to his Desperate Pace battle plan. One of them gets knocked down and one dies to a Defensive Strike as those Banes activated their mini-feat last round.

They end up killing three Knights in return, Set Defense actually preventing a hit that would have slammed a Bane into the rear lines.

Harlowe moves to the flag and shots the Machine Wraith on the extreme left flank. The Siege Crawler moves up and kills more Bane Knights, though crucially one of his shots misses and scatters onto a Bane Rider, dealing one damage to trigger Vengeance.

Both heavies run into the Bane Warriors to face tank their attacks at ARM22 and the Forge Guard on the Dwarven right screen off their home square zone. The Artillery Corps both tragically miss and scatter into empty areas or ARM18+ models that don´t care about blast damage.

Thanks to Mirage, the Bane Warriors can actually step back from the heavies, then gain momentum to charge them and the Crawler with Curse of Shadows together with a Stalker with three focus and the last few Bane Knights on that flank. Tactician Bane is a godsend here as it lets each Bane charge into a position where they have moved at least three inches to gain boosted damage. The Deathripper disengaged and took a free strike that left it on two boxes (combined with the damage from the Siege Crawler´s charge and gatling gun) and only Movement still intact. The combined Banes and Stalker kill the Siege Crawler despite it having 40 boxes and ARM23 during the feat.

With a little help from Goreshade and Bane Lord Tartarus, the two heavies also fall to the Banes´ cursed blades. Goreshade also puts Curse of Shadows on the second engine and camps one, but stays behind the clouds.

The Bane Knights open a gap into the Dwarven line, then elegantly reposition out of the way.

A single Bane Warrior tags the engine to apply Dark Shroud (and do some charge damage), then the Bane Riders and Stalker charge in and put down the mighty Siege Crawler too.

The Cavalry repositions to contest Harlowe´s flag as well as engaging the Artillery Corps and neither side scores a point.

Mercenaries 0 – Cryx 0


The Gun Bunny braves a free strike, then shoots and kills the Bane Rider engaging the artillery.

The Stone Lord sadly only brings back one Forge Guard, but they still mess up a Rider and some Knights.

On the Dwarven left, the one Bane Knight engaging six Forge Guard and the Banes´ Defensive Strike mini-feat blunt the efficiency of the Forge Guard unit but they still kill a few more Banes.

Harlowe drops another Rider and damages the Stalker severely. This also frees his flag.

The Artillery Corps wipes out the rest of the Bane Riders to avoid feat shenanigans. Harlowe scores his flag, nothing else is scored.

Mercenaries 1 – Cryx 0

The Bane Warriors start killing Forge Guard on the Cryxian left. They also damage the two light warjacks, but the great damage grids of the Rhulic lights leave their systems mostly intact. The Stalker also jumps in and kills two Forge Guard.

The Machine Wraiths charge and one kills a Dwarf while the other one hits the Blaster and turns it around to unengage the models around it.

On the right, a full loaded Stalker jumps behind the Forge Guard, killing Harlowe and two Forge Guards, then the Bane Knights finish off the other from the front. The Deathripper chills in the zone to score it.

Goreshade has a short but efficient feat turn, turning a Machine Wraith that was in a bad position and the Soul Trapper into two Machine Wraiths, one of whom appears onto the flag on the right that the Banes have just cleared and the other one pops up close enough to the other flag that the Stalker has freed for it.

Cryx now controls both flags and the square zone on their right, giving them 3 points to nil for the Dwarves.

Mercenaries 1 – Cryx 3


Ossrum charges the Stalker, gets a double 4 for the Critical Decapitation and one-shots the Cryx light. He then casts Stranglehold to kill the Machine Wraith as Warcasters don´t contest, so it would have scored a point otherwise.

The Forge Guard fight on bravely, killing the Stalker, the Machine Wraith and a Bane Warrior.

Despite the best efforts of the Dwarves, there are still too many Banes left and Cryx scores the right square again.

Mercenaries 1 – Cryx 4

The Bane Warriors mini-feat to replenish their ranks, then go on a rampage, killing both light warjacks and more Forge Guard.

Goreshade activates, casts Curse of Shadows on Ossrum, then uses Abyssal Gate to kill the left Artillery Corps.

The last two Bane Knights charge Ossrum, but very anti-climactically both miss him.

Nevertheless, the Deathripper that has been on two boxes since round 2 limps into the now empty left zone, the left flag is uncontested once more and the right Deathripper scores its third consecutive point.

Mercenaries 1 – Cryx 7



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