Toro, Toro, Toro! Lt. Crosse, Resistance Fighter vs Bane Witch Agathia (Solo Machine)

Greeting, wargamers! In today´s episode of Solo Machine, I am playing the Bunkers scenario and the two lists facing off are the new and improved Bane Witch Agathia in an unconventional list and Lt. Crosse, but not as a Mercenary warcaster but as an Infernal warcaster in the Hearts of Darkness theme.

Agathia is in a strange list that does something Cryx can rarely do, with the possible exception of Asphyxious 3, namely to present an armour skew. I had fiddled around with the list a bit when I came across this build by either Tim Bossuyt or Blake Hooper on the Facebook Warmachine General page. As it was close to my version (I had it originally in Black Industries, but agree that the MAT and damage buff from Scourge is worth losing a bit of resilience against guns), I decided to merge them.

Bane Witch Agathia with Satyxis Blood Priestess, Barathrum, Inflictor and Deathripper, Darragh Wrathe, Severa Blacktide, Asphyxious the Sanctified with 2 Toros, Bane Knights (max) with Officer, Black Ogrun Ironmongers.

The Gastonne list was more mixed arms, bringing some Steelheads to have cheap Shield Guards that can recur and also serve as sacrifices for Regna (though I cannot recur those Steelheads), some cavalry to punch through the enemy, Howlers as secondary beaters and a solo package.

Lt. Crosse, Resistance Fighter with a Mariner, a Toro and a Talon, Anastasia di Bray, Alexia, Mistress of the Witchfire, Valin Hauke, Fallen Knight, Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye, Hermit of Henge Hold, Great Princess Regna Gravnoy, Umbral Guardian, Eilish Garrity, the Dark Seeker, Steelhead Halberdiers (max), Steelhead Heavy Cavalry (max), Howlers (max).


Cryx won and decided to go first. The Infernals chose the side with the building in the deployment zone to shield the caster and support staff and also dropped Lifebound on the Halberdiers and Dauntless Resolve on the Cavalry before the game started.

Cryx deployed in a deathball in the centre, trying to overlap Death Shroud and Mortal Fear.

The Infernals mirror the deployment to bring their melee models into combat as soon as possible.


Agathia and the Banes used Apparition, she then cast Deathwrought on Barathrum and Vanished a bit further up. Barathrum advanced and Dug In. For the rest, all Cryxian forces ran their full distance to claim board space.

The Infernals run forward, trying to stay out of charge range or line of sight of most models, though the Howlers on the side moved a bit further up to lure out the Toros under Asphyxious. Regna summoned a Shrieker and for the rest, people just go further up.


Severa Blacktide tried to open a gap for Barathrum to trample through, but the first shot is intercepted by the Umbral Guardian, so she attempted to shoot it again, only for that shot to be taken by a Halberdier. The soul goes to Alexia as she is closer than Gastonne, then Severa uses Gun and Run to run to the flag.

The Bane Knights charged in, killing the Umbral Guardian and a Halberdier. The Umbral also killed a Bane with its Defensive Strike. One of the Banes ran to engage the Toro on the side. The Bane Knights then repositioned and the Officer used the Mini-Feat to give them Defensive Strike.

The Toros charged and killed three Howlers, even after Tough checks.

Barathrum was fully loaded by Agathia, who also cast Ghost Walk on it. It then trampled over two Halberdiers (giving one soul to Alexia to fill her up and then another one to Gastonne). It then hit and killed Alexia thanks to the Gang Fighter bonus from the Bane Knight and finished its activation by killing a Cavalryman. It then used Drag Below to retreat and Dig In.

The Inflictor stayed behind to score the home zone and the rest of the Cryxian forces moved in to block the progress of the Infernals. Darragh put up Mortal Fear and stayed behind a cloud Asphyxious had dropped. Both Darragh and Asphyxious can be shield guarded by the Inflictor.

Between Vengeance attacks, the Hermit Whispering at the Gate, a boosted shot by the Mariner and some charges by Halberdiers and two Heavy Cavalrymen, one Toro went down and the second one dropped to 9 boxes, though crucially the Shield still functioned. Gastonne had to cast Ghost Walk on the Halberdiers to let them disengage from the mini-feated Bane Knights. He also shot at the Toros for some damage.

The Talon switched to the flank to free up the Toro, which then ran back to the centre where it should have been round one to be honest.

Anastasia ambushed behind the Deathripper and easily hit it, but only dealt 4 damage despite rolling 4 dice to damage. It evened out the good damage rolls on the other flank I guess.

Valin Hauke also charged into the second Toro but had a mild case of rubber lance syndrome, dealing 0 damage on a charge at dice-6 due to Darragh. The Shrieker boosted a shot into some Bane Knights, but the shot and the leaps also bounced off the Bane Knights. Dice really went cold here after some great rolls early in the turn.

The Defensive Strike mini-feat really hurt the Halberdiers, as they couldn´t advance into the Bane Knights, being potentially hit on 5s and automatically dying to the strikes.

The Mercenaries score their zone, the forces of Cryx score their zone and the central flag with Severa.

Cryx 2 – Infernals 1


Asphyxious allocated two to the Toro, then his Annihilation Servitors charge the Halberdiers, killing two. Asphyxious and Gastonne split the souls evenly due to proximity.

Agathia feated and fell back into the zone as the Inflictor was needed elsewhere.

The Deathripper bit off Anastasia´s head and then teleported three inches due to the feat.

The Bane Knights dropped three Halberdiers, then repositioned to open charge lanes for Robert Barathrum and Darragh Wrathe.

Barathrum charged the Toro, thanks to Ghost Walk from the feat, and brought it down to eight damage boxes. Unfortunately, the Shield system held all the way to the last attack.

The Inflictor dropped a Heavy Horse and a Howler, then feat teleported to the side.

After getting repaired by the Ironmonger, the Toro killed another horseman and the last Howler, but unfortunately left Valin Hauke on one damage box.

Darragh rode down the last Halberdier and put up Mortal Fear before repositioning 3 inches.

The writing was on the wall as Cryx scored two to nothing for the Infernals.

Cryx 4 – Infernals 1

The Hermit Whispered again and the Mariner Threshered down the Toro and an Annihilation Servitor, then went ham on the Inflictor, leaving it on 8 boxes.

The Shrieker disappointingly only killed one Bane Knight with its Shriek, so Regna had to move in and kill another one.

Eilish cast Puppet Master on Gastonne, then Gastone loaded up his soul-powered gun and spent three souls to make it go full Voltron. He shot Asphyxious three times, dealing moderate damage each time even after the focus reduction for the damage. Before the fourth shot, Asphyxious was on 9 boxes at dice off 7 thanks to Darragh´s aura. Turns out the dice wanted him to die. ´I guess I drop the five then.´ (Yes, I realised after the game that Asphyxious would have had Stealth due to Agathia´s feat, but it didn´t really change the outcome of the game).

Hauke tried to kill off the Inflictor, but left it on three boxes and with that, the game was over as the Infernal forces could not clear their zone (the Toro dealt massive damage to Barathrum, but Hellwrought´s ARM buff kept it going), not to mention the Bane Knights all around it) and Cryx scored another two points.

Cryx 6 – Infernals 1



The selling point of the Cryx forces was to be an armour skew and I never really managed to bring the full -4 swing into play. Nevertheless, both the warjacks and the Bane Knights absorbed far more damage than I would have expected from Cryx models. It was a fun list and one I will probably keep in the back pocket for the time after the VTC.

Gastonne´s list still looks robust and losing Alexia to a trample was a hard blow, as was being caught off guard by the Bane Knights´ mini-feat as the Halberdiers are perfect targets for it.


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