Suffer not the Bane Witch to live! High Exemplar Cyrenia vs Bane Witch Agathia (Solo Machine)

Another week, another game. Well technically two weeks as I missed last week due to playing quite a lot on Wartable to prepare for VTC in a month.

As I really enjoyed Agathia last time, I wanted to play her again. To oppose her, I brought a Cyrenia list with a big unit of Idrian Skirmishers and a bucketload of Paladins. The plan is to push up with Idrians, fuel up all the solos and jacks with their souls and their deaths, then smack the Cryxians hard. Agathia´s plan was to sit it out with high armour and up to -4 to enemy damage rolls.

The forces were:

Cyrenia with 2 Sanctifiers and a Dervish, High Paladin Dartan Vilmon, a Paladin, 2 Champions of the Order of the Wall, 2 Menite Archons, Hand of Silence, a Wrack, a min Choir, a max unit of Idrians plus CA, 2 units of Initiates.

Agathia brought the same force as last time.


Cyrenia rolled a 4 to Agathia´s 3 and decided to go first. Agathia chose the side with the building to hide behind.

Cyrenia deployed behind a screen of Idrians, with strong solos on each side and trying to ensure that all of the models that benefit from a model dying have multiple Idrians in effect range.

Agathia deployed in a solid ball of death with the Bane Knights poised to absorb the first charge.


Cyrenia put Inviolable Resolve on the right Archon, then cast Dash on herself, advanced, put up a Rock Wall and repositioned thanks to her Special Order battle plan.

Thanks to Dash, the Menite forces rushed up the table and threatened to alpha really hard next turn.

Agathia and the Banes used Apparition, then cast Hellwrought on Barathrum. She moved up to extend her Death Shroud more aggressively than last game. Darragh cast Mortal Fear, then repositioned further up.

The Banes used their mini-feat then moved forward. All in all, the Cryx forces still stayed in a compact formation. Only Severa ran to a flank.


Cyrenia upkept Inviolable Resolve on the Menite Archon, moved up a bit, raised a new Rock Wall, cast Dash and feated. She also took a Focus from the Wrack, which didn´t explode. The plan was to ram her forces as deep into the Cryxian lines as possible.

The Archon with Inviolable Resolve charged the blue Toro and ate a Countercharge from the turquoise one and a Defensive Strike from the rearmost Bane. Turns out that DEF15 is not that great and they both connected, doing 11 damage to the Archon. It then swung its flail, killing a Bane Knight and doing moderate damage to both Toros.

Seeing as they were hit by a -4 debuff on damage, the Idrians decided that they were most useful as sacrificial lambs, so 4 of them died to Defensive Strikes from the Banes, which let the heavies behind them move closer and also made both Menite Archons angrier and filling up Hand of Silence with souls.

The Menite Archon killed 3 Bane Knights and even dealt some damage to Barathrum, but the damage reduction hurt its output a lot. Hand of Silence sprayed into the melee, setting Barathrum, Darragh Wrathe and a Bane on fire. Well, actually it was Agathia but she Suckered it to the Bane.

Don´t put Baby, erm I mean Agathia, in a corner. The Menite forces constricted the Cryx forces in their own deployment zones.

Seeing how the flag Severa wanted to take was now contested by three Initiates of the Order, she aimed at the Sanctifier, shot it twice, then hit it with the Chain Attack Vortex and pulled the Archon and Idrians in, killing the Idrian grunt and the Chieftain. The Archon and warjack were fine.

Agathia allocated to both the Inflictor and Barathrum, then feated to give the whole force Stealth and Ghost Walk. Both Toros were allocated Focus and the blue one walked around the Archon, then started wailing on the Sanctifier, surprisingly killing it with its 5 attacks.

The second Toro killed the Menite Archon with a boosted attack and also killed an Idrian.

Asphyxious hung back on two focus, while his Annihilation Servitors killed two more Idrians.

The Inflictor spent all three focus to kill off the second Menite Archon. It then teleported to the side.

Barathrum killed the Sanctifier and teleported forward.

The Cryxian counterpunch had hit hard. Both sides controlled their zones, scoring a point a piece.

Cyrenia 1 – Agathia 1


Cyrenia put Positive Charge on the Dervish and allocated two to it. The Paladin solos and Initiates start clearing out the last Banes with their Vengeance and regular attacks.

With its way open, the Dervish moved through the Cryx lines and ended up killing Darragh Wrathe to improve the Menites´ odds of killing some heavies.

The Champions and Dartan charged bu,t even with Mortal Fear being gone, the heavies shrugged off their attacks for the most part.

Plenty of Cryx models were removed from the table, but they still had 4 functioning heavy warjacks. Both sides again score their home zones.

Cyrenia 2 – Agathia 2

Barathrum, aided by the Satyxis Blood Priestess smashed the Dervish and then murdered Dartan Vilmon as an encore.

The Toro murdered the Champion of the Order of the Wall to make room for Asphyxious.

The second Toro killed the Paladin on the rightmost flag.

Asphyxious used the gap opened by the Toro to claim the soul of Hand of Silence and all the other souls that the Hand could no longer protect.

The Inflictor unhorsed, then killed the Champion on the right, though he managed to pass his Tough check twice before dying.

With Severa on the leftmost flag and both sides again scoring their zones, the score went to

Cyrenia 3 – Agathia 4


The Choir ran to engage the Toros to keep them from Countercharging.

In spite, Cyrenia tried to at least kill Asphyxious, but to no avail.

Cyrenia 3 – Agathia 6

Asphyxious unceremoniously dispatched the upstart High Exemplar, even surviving her Dying Breath attack.

Cyrenia 3 – Agathia 8



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