´I like my models like my steak, medium rare.´ The High Reclaimer vs Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Seas (Solo Machine) (King of the Hill)

This week, I am going to try a new layout, so I am curious as to how you respond to the new layout or whether I should go back to the old format.

The premise of this battle report is to use some of the less played models that would otherwise rot on the shelf, especially medium base infantry from the Protectorate and Cryx that rarely see the table. Hence the groan-inducing pun in the title.

Menoth wins the roll-off and goes first.

Menite deployment

The list is: The High Reclaimer with a Hierophant and a Judicator, a Bastion Seneschal, High Exemplar Gravus, a Wrack, min choir, 2 max units of Exemplar Cinerators with CA, a max unit of Exemplar Bastions.

Cryx deployment

Cryx is bringing: Rahera with a Kraken and a Blood Priestess, Axiara Wraithblade, Ragman, 2 max units of Black Ogrun Boarding Crew, 2 max units of Black Ogrun Smog Belchers, a unit of Black Ogrun Ironmongers and a unit of Sharde Dirge Seers.

Side view
The High Reclaimer puts Hand of Fate on the Judicator, then the whole Menite army pushes forward.
Rahera casts Escort and Rough Seas.
The Ogrun and the Kraken rush to the centre to take up shooting positions.


The Judicator gets full focus and has the Hymn of Battle sung on it, then goes to town on the Kraken, even with the range penalty from Rough Seas.
The Exemplars take up screening positions and get ready to weather the storm. Both Cinerator units use their mini-feats to get Reposition 5 and Shield Wall.
Rahera feats and the Ogrun go to town..
One of the Cinerators unfortunately gets dragged into melee with Ragman, who has put up Death Field…
At the end of the feat attacks, the whole right unit of Cinerators has been killed. The one in melee with Ragman is unceremoniously dispatched by Axiara Wraithblade. Rahera then repositions backwards than to the Special Orders Axiara has given her. The orders probably are: ´Don´t die!´
Rahera hasn´t had any charge targets, so she cannot cast Manifest Destiny. This makes the odds of the Kraken being able to kill the Judicator very bad, so it instead walks into the five remaining Cinerators on the left and kills them all, finishing off the last one with its Kill Shot ability. The Ogrun Ironmongers repaired it for 8 boxes before going in.
No side scores any points.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 0


Even after allocating and upkeeping Hand of Fate, the High Reclaimer still has a pile of focus points left.
The Shrine shoots the Ogrun twice, killing one on the second shot. The spray misses two Ogrun but kills a Dirge Seer.
The Bastions charge and bring the Kraken down to 5 boxes, as well as killing a Boarding Crew Ogrun.
The Bastion Seneschal then finishes it off.
Casting Ashes to Ashes twice, the High Reclaimer kills two Ogrun and another Dirge Seer, then puts a cloud in front of himself.
The Choir Master sings the Hymn of Battle again and the Choirboys kill each other and the Vassal Mechanic to put some soul token on the Shrine after it shot.
The Judicator sprays and shoots rockets at Rahera, killing the models around her thanks to Sucker! until a lucky rocket deviation hits the Blood Priestess, so Rahera has to take the last shot to the face, taking 8 damage even with Escort up and focus reduction.
No side scores a point, but there is a Judicator-sized problem facing down Rahera.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 0

Ragman casts Death Field again. The Boarding Crew charges the Kraken, then all the Smog Belchers light it up. In the end, it is the humble Deathripper that brings it down.
The Ogrun who is engaged in melee kills a Bastion.
Still no scoring happens.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 0


The High Reclaimer casts Hand of Fate on the Bastions. The Bastion Seneschal heals the Bastions, who have taken a bit of damage at this point, and kills the Ogrun engaging them. Yes, technically they only heal when they activate, but that will happen right now.
The Bastions charge the Deathripper and the Smog Belchers. The first one deals 14 damage to the Deathripper, but not destroying its movement, so the second one manages to actually miss it with the roll above…
… they also put down a Smog Belcher, though she toughs on the first attack.
The Murder Church kills an Ogrun and deals spray damage to the rest of them.
Still no scoring and both sides start running out of models.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 0

The Dirge Seer charges to eat the Defensive Strike.

One Boarder (?) harpoons a Choir member, the other one shoots the Hierophant and drags him closer, but cannot hit him in melee, so the Deathripper finishes him off.

Rahera charges the last Bastion, loses 5 boxes after focus reduction of the Defensive Strike, but kills the Bastion in return. She puts up Rough Seas and sprints behind the wall.
The second unit of Smog Belchers have also done something this turn, but I am not sure what. However, there are finally points being scored as the Boarding Crew scores the central zone.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 1


Gravus charges a Smog Belcher, but the Impact does not deal enough damage and the Ogrun toughs against the charge attack.
The Choir Leader charges Raggedy Mandy in the rear, hits her, then fails to roll high enough to kill her.
The Shrine of the Lawgiver kills one Ogrun and another one with the spray attack.
The High Reclaimer goes ham, killing the Deathripper, Raggedy Mandy and the last member of the Boarding Crew.
He also returns all the dead Choir boys as there is no point not feating.
As no unit is completely in the zone, no points are scored again.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 1

Rahera puts Black Spot on the High Reclaimer to reduce his DEF, then shoots him with her handcannon. Axiara shoots him too, as does the last Smog Belcher on the right. Finally, the Smog Belcher charge the High Reclaimer and kill him.

Protectorate 0 – Cryx 2



2 thoughts on “´I like my models like my steak, medium rare.´ The High Reclaimer vs Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Seas (Solo Machine) (King of the Hill)

  1. DerManni says:

    Cool das du mal die verstaubten Minnis ganz hintem im Regal auf die Platte gestellt hast. (Wobei das ja deutlich stärker auf die Crxy zutrifft). Eine komplette Oger-Liste hab ich bei Cryx noch nie gesehen : D

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