If its ears are / aren´t (delete as applicable) round, put it in the ground: Major Beth Maddox vs Garryth, The Blade Of Retribution (Solomachine)

Welcome to this week´s battle report! After the VTC, I decided that it was time for a new faction and as the new elves looked quite cool and there was a used lot for sale in my meta, I thought why not? While it was tempting to start straight off with Garryth2, Issyria and the new hotness Falcir, I felt more compelled to look at the freshly-updated Garryth1 as my starting point. Facing off against them will be a Beth Maddox list in Heavy Metal that I was using quite a bit recently.

NOTE: The Arcantrik Force Generator is a proxy for a Trident, as mine are still somewhere in America and estimated to arrive by the end of the month.

I decided to use more 3D terrain, let me know if you like it or not.


The Cygnaran forces won the die roll and decided to go first because they had 4 upkeep spells they wanted to put in play early on. The army consisted of: Beth Maddox with a Squire and two Stormclads, Archduke Arlan Strangewayes, two Morrowan Archons, Anastasia di Bray, Grand Master Gabriel Throne, Journeyman Warcaster with Firefly, 2 max units of Sword Knights with Officer and Standard, min unit of Field Mechaniks. It is all in the Heavy Metal theme.
The Retribution forces: Garryth1 with Sylys Wyshnalyrr, Phoenix, Manticore, Chimera and Moros, Elara, Tyro of the Third Chamber with Gorgon, 3 Arcanist Mechaniks, House Shyeel Artificer, Scythe, House Shyeel Arcanists, Cylena Rafyll and the Nyss Hunter (max), Trident in the Forges of War theme.
Side view


Beth Maddox put Assail on the right Stormclad and Snipe on the left one, then Dauntless Resolve on the right unit of Sword Knights. Runewood gave that unit Pathfinder.
Throne gave the other Sword Knight unit Pathfinder too and the Journeyman cast Arcane Shield on them. The rest of the Cygnar army ran forward. The Archon nestled in each unit to cover them with their aura and make them virtual DEF17 in melee.
The Chimera got loaded up with Focus for its Phantasmal Field ability, then ran forward. It even got place another two inches forward by the Trident after the Trident repositioned back. The Trident kept one power token for next round. Sylys told Garryth an Arcane Secret and then he cast Crippling Grasp on the left Sword Knights. He then cast Mirage on himself and repositioned forward.
Elara cast Silence of Death on herself. The Trident had a Force Barrier up.
The Artificer cast Force Wall on the Nyss, who then ran forward, staying out of the reduced threat range of the Sword Knights. The Manticore put up a Covering Fire in front of the right Sword Knights.


Despite being DEF 15 against shooting, the Chimera took a boosted shot from the Firefly, followed a lucky hit from Throne, who also gave the left Sword Knights Tough, which took out the Generator and thus the Phantasmal Field. The Stormclads advanced a bit, getting a free focus activating next to Maddox thanks to Accumulator Storm Knight, then shot the Chimera down easily.
Never one to miss an opportunity for a cheap kill, Anastasia tried to shiv the Artificer, but fell one short of killing him.
The Sword Knights on the Cygnaran right shuffled forward due to Crippling Grasp, whereas their colleagues on the left ran around the Covering Fire and into the round zone.
The Artificer staggered around and walloped Anastasia, killing her with one swipe of his Megamittens.
The Gorgon sprayed over three Sword Knights, hitting two, but one toughed. It then moved back thanks to Speed of Death.
Scythe and the Nyss unloaded into the Sword Knights. There are some lucky Tough rolls and the Archon also took a shot in the process, but in the end only four Sword Knights were still alive.
The Trident got back to three Power Tokens, moved forward and dragged the Phoenix forward into charge range of the left Stormclad, then fired all its guns into the Archon, leaving it on two damage boxes. It then repositioned back.
The Arcanist squad of doom fueled up the Phoenix and gave it Concentrated Power, as well as pumping focus into Moros. The Phoenix charged the Stormclad and left it on for damage boxes, but knocking out everything but the Cortex. Moros moved to the centre and shot the Archon with a fully boosted shot, banishing it back to Morrow´s realm (the shelf, Morrow´s realm is the shelf). More repositioning happened.
Garryth took out the Stormclad with two boosted handcannon shots. The Manticore threw down a Covering Fire in front of it, as the Sword Knights had fanned out all over the zone to limit good Covering Fire placements. They also regretted not having a jack nearby to procc Flank of.

No points are scored this round.

Cygnar 0 – Retribution 0


The Sword Knights tried to avenge the Archon and killed two Nyss Hunters.
The Stormclad managed to score five telling blows onto the Phoenix, leaving it nary a box, so Throne took it out.
The Morrowan Archon charged the Manticore, but not doing much more than denting its Power Field. The Firefly took two swings at Moros, but DEF14 made it hard for the Firefly to land a telling blow.

No points are scored again.

Cygnar 0 – Retribution 0

The Manticore was fully loaded, braved a free strike from the Archon into its reloaded Power Field to walk behind the Archon and kill it, but then could not hit the Sword Knights around it.
The Nyss Hunters killed every Sword Knight bar the leader, who remained standing on one damage box. They also dealt some damage to Throne and a Stormclad.
The Artificer cast Magno Bolt on the Officer, pushing the Nyss in melee away before dealing damage, so only the Officer died.
The Gorgon wounded Throne severely, but had to kill a Nyss Hunter to get the shot. Scythe also shot Throne, but missed him on the second shot.
Sylys told Garryth another secret (´Don´t miss now or you are fucked!´) and he cast Crippling Grasp on the second Stormclad, then shot it with his two guns before moving back 3 inches. The Trident then does Trident things, charging the Firefly to slam it into the house, then shooting it with its right guns, as well as taking huge chunks out of the Stormclad from the other two sides. Happy with its work, the Trident fell back.
Moros used a focus point to activate its Fleet ability, then walked over the Firefly, cut down the Stormclad with two swipes, stabbed Throne with its third strike and then carved a bit out of the objective as an encore.
Seeing how the Firefly could get back up again and potentially kill Garryth, Elara charged over the objective and finished off the Cygnar light.
The Nyss Hunters scored the left zone.

Cygnar 0 – Retribution 1


Seeing how there is no point holding back, Maddox feated. The Journeyman put Arcane Shield on her and Maddox camped six to be as safe as possible (oh well, Garryth´s feat being Garryth´s feat and all…)
Aided by the feat, the Sword Knights cut the Manticore apart.
Runewood ran into the zone to contest it. The Gobber Mechaniks initiated Operation Gobber Shield. The Sword Knights scored the left zone.

Cygnar 1 – Retribution 1

The Trident charged into the Sword Knights, placing Garryth forward with a Telekinetic Wave.
It sprayed all around itself, killing four Sword Knights in total.
The Nyss Hunters killed Runewood and began scoring the zone again.
Elara put Ghost Walk on Garryth.
The Gorgon and Moros used all their attacks to kill the objective.
Scythe cleared out all four Mechaniks in one fell swoop.
With all the swagger in the world, Garryth charged Maddox, used his feat to prevent her from reducing the damage and then went to town on her, but ended up not killing her! Oh the shame! Retribution scored the middle zone, the left one and got a point for destroying the objective.

Cygnar 1 – Retribution 4


Turns out that without being able to spend focus, Maddox had no chance to hit Garryth and the Sword Knights could not destroy the Trident, so the Journeyman and the Squire had to run to contest and nothing else happened.

In the Retribution turn, the Trident killed another six Sword Knights, with only the Officer surviving. The Gorgon killed the Journeyman and the Nyss scrapped the Squire.

Wanting to end it all, Moros charged and paralysed Maddox before Garryth finished her of on the last attack as she now had seven focus points to prevent damage.

Cygnar 1 – Retribution 6



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